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Skateboarding to the Olympics?

We’ve been hearing rumours for years.

Skateboarding exhibitions will be allowed during the Youth Olympics in Nanjing, China, in August, an opportunity presented by International Olympic Committee president Thomas Bach last year to a sport seeking Olympic inclusion.

Skateboarding was the only non-Olympic sport invited to host exhibitions at the event, said Gary Ream, president of the International Skatingboarding Federation (ISF), according to Sports Business Daily. …

Olympic Talk


Personally, I’m not much of a skateboard fan. I’d prefer aggressive inline rollerskating.

Tony Hawk:

skateboarding is “very likely to be in the 2020 Games”

Festival International des Sports Extrèmes

The FISE World Montpellier is the first stop of the first international extreme sports tour FISE World Series. …

… travel around the world with 4 amazing events. Montpellier in France will be the first one, then Andorra on June 27-29, Malaysia on September 4-7 and China on October 24-26.

Click PLAY or watch Montpellier highlights on YouTube.

Action sports seem to do a much better job than acrobatic sports at drawing sponsors and an audience.

(via Cirque’s Stacy Clark)

best of the web 2013

This tightly edited montage includes some of the best acrobatic clips of the year.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Here’s the list of 187 videos used for this compilation.

WIN a week at Woodward

Sunoco is offering a free scholarship for one lucky kid and three of their friends to attend Camp Woodward, a high tech action sports camp, for one week this summer.

To win the scholarship, kids ages 7-17 can submit a video about how they are fueled by their friends to become the best they can be. Once they post their video to Instagram, Vine or Tout with both of these hashtags: #FueledbySunoco AND #CampWoodward they’re entered to win!

Camp Woodward offers unique camping covering many specialties including gymnastics, cheerleading, skateboarding, bmx, inline skating, snowboarding & skiing and digital media.

The contest is only for a short time – the deadline to post videos is July 17th

full details on the contest

World Games 2013 Cali

The World Games of 2013 will take place in the city of Cali, Colombia from July 25 to August 4.

32 official sports and 4 invitational sports include:

Acrobatic gymnastics
Aerobic gymnastics
Artistic roller skating
Rhythmic gymnastics
Trampoline & Tumbling

Sport climbing

Click PLAY or watch a Gymnastics sports preview on YouTube.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uCaDkQ0Sp0&w=560&h=315]

official website

baseball/softball, karate and wushu, roller sports, sport climbing, squash, wakeboard

All possible new Olympic sports.

… a decision due at the IOC Session in Buenos Aires in September 2013. The IOC Executive Board will add another to the mix in February when an existing Olympic sport gets cut. …

… While baseball-softball, karate and squash have the finance to promote their bids internationally, some of the smaller federations don’t have the money to invest in promoting their profiles globally. …

Around the Rings – IOC Warns Sports Bidding for 2020 Olympics Against Lavish Spending

I’d wager on recently merged baseball-softball getting back in. Then roller sports.

Personally, from that list, I’d vote for sport climbing. :)


Skateboarding in the Olympics?

The Summer Olympic Sports of the Future

White pushing for Olympic skateboarding

(via sportsmyriad)

Camp Woodward SOLD

The 425-acre camp in Haines Township, and its offshoots in Wisconsin and California, along with its brand name and licensing rights, was sold last week to Powdr Corp., an investment group that owns nine ski resorts across the country.

Powdr CFO Jennifer Botter said her company is looking to build more camps both inside the U.S. and in as many as 30 foreign countries. …

Powdr’s interest in the camp was sparked by its purchase of Colorado’s Copper Mountain ski resort, where a Camp Woodward-licensed facility, dedicated to winter sports instruction for youth, opened in 2009.

“We became quite enamored of the people — Gary Ream in particular — and really became aware of what the camp was doing for the action sports industry,” Botter said.

Ream is the co-owner of Camp Woodward and the man behind its transition from a gymnastics-centered camp into an action sports mecca. …

Botter said Powdr agreed last month to purchase a majority stake in Camp Woodward from Ream and a few other co-owners, including Ream’s family members. Care was taken during the acquisition not to disrupt Camp Woodward’s summer season, she said.

Botter did not disclose the purchase price, but said Ream will remain president and his executive team will be retained. …

Firm buys Camp Woodward, vows to expand name

What does this mean for Gymnastics and Cheer?

Leave a comment if you’ve heard anything.

(via College Gymnastics Board)

Cirque open audition – Vegas

The Cirque du Soleil Casting team is hosting open acrobatic auditions in Las Vegas in September 2010 for the following disciplines:

Gymnasts – Tumblers – Trampolinists – Sports Acrobats – Divers
September 18 from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M.
Callback session for the above disciplines: September 19.

Professional Martial Artists – Inline Skaters – Extreme Sports – Rhythmic Gymnasts
September 20 from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M.


Normally athletes should be age-18 or older to attend. Ask permission from Cirque if they are younger or they will likely be turned away at the door.

Woodward China camp opening May 15th

Shawn Johnson will be there as a celebrity. And skateboard legend Tony Hawk.

China is making a big move towards improving their Action Sports.

Woodward Beijing is a Woodward partner facility located in Beijing, China. Scheduled to open in the spring of 2010, Woodward Beijing is Woodward’s first international facility. This camp will offer Skateboarding, BMX, Inline, dry land Snowboarding and Free Ski, Urban Dance, Digital Arts (Digital Photography / Video Production and Graphic Design), Music, Chinese and English language programs. …

official press release

I’ve seen reports online that Artistic gymnastics would be part of the program. Not true. But there will be Cheer.

official website

Camp costs aren’t posted yet. But they likely will be far lower than rates in the USA. A bargain, perhaps, for athletes who may be traveling to Beijing for other reasons.

This camp is intended to operate full-time, year round, different than the North American Woodward camps which are mostly seasonal.

The Chinese government paid the $4 million or so construction costs.

Watch a VIDEO of facility construction.

340jumperz.com – inline skaterz

The most under appreciated acrobatic discipline is inline skating.

There’s an amazing acrobatic team from France online at 340jumperz.com.

Jc Leroi

You can also see their stuff at 340jumperz on Facebook.

Thanks to Cirque’s Magalie Coleno for this.

Evian Roller Babies international version

The Evian Water babies have improved their skate skillz.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Thanks Brett MacAuley.

extreme Heelys

Originally posted on Gymnast.

I thought Heelys would be fleeting fad. But they seem to be persisting. (Shaq bought 6 pairs, so they must be durable, as well.)


Heelys Youth Glitter Skate Shoe – Amazon

Heelys are a brand of sneakers (marketed by Heelys, Inc.) that have one or more wheels embedded in each sole, similar to inline skates. Thus, the wearer can walk, run, or, by shifting their weight to their heels, roll. Generally, “Heeling” is a form of skating, and as such may not be allowed in some places, including schools.

Over one million pairs of the shoes were sold in their first year alone. Roger Adams invented and patented Heelys in 1998 while vacationing with family in California …


Needless to say, kids are taking Heelys to the vert ramp. (video)

But I prefer this innovative clip: Lawnmower and Heelys.

Yes, there are many injuries in these shoes. Pediatrics published one study in 2007. I wasn’t surprised with what they found:

… 56 girls and 11 boys with a mean age of 9.6 years. Upper limbs were the most common location of injury. Distal radius fractures were the most prevalent, followed by supracondylar fractures, elbow dislocations, and hand fractures. The majority of children suffered the injury while heeling or street gliding outdoors. Interestingly, 20% of the injuries happened while trying Heelys or Street Gliders for the first time, and 36% of the injuries occurred while learning (using 1–5 times) how to use them. None of the children used any sort of protective gear at the time of the injury. The majority of the injured children expressed their intention to continue heeling or street gliding after complete recovery from their injury. …

We’d better train kids to use them as we do with roller-skates. They are not going away.

video – Woodward East camp highlights

If you’ve never been to the original, famed Woodward East, this (slightly dated) video will give you a good overview. Gymnastics, Cheer, BMX Inline, Skateboard, Snowboard, and more.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Woodward East – official website

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