Flip-A-Day Challenge

Pat Graves:

On January 1, 2014, I decided to embark on a journey that consisted of doing a flip of some sort every single day of the year. …

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Pat Graves is the head tumbling coach at Mpact Sports in Brentwood, TN near Nashville.

On finishing his goal in 2014 he continued into 2015 and has yet to miss a day.

You can see EVERY flip day so far on Vine.


My aim with this challenge was to inspire as many people as possible to do something they love every day, along with generating interest in gymnastics. I believe that It’s more than a sport–it’s an art form. Flipping and twisting is my happiness …



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Happy Valentine’s Day

Workout is on. As usual. :-)

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Katelyn is funny

It’s great to see her back competing. :-) I had given up hope.

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It's eating meee😛

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Pets Interrupting Yoga


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2 million points on Pommels

I have NO idea what this is about.

Someone please enlighten me. :-)


Update. These are characters from the TV show American Dad. Thanks Hutch.

ban tobogganing – it’s too DANGEROUS

My home town Calgary is not quite as stupid as, for example, Hamilton. :-)

But we’re pretty stupid. Socialist nations like Canada have governments with enough spare time to invent city bylaws like: “those who slide outside the city’s 18 approved hills could face a $100 fine”.

Calgary’s media has made much ado about the city’s tobogganing rules in recent weeks — to the point where Mayor Naheed Nenshi blamed “bored journalists” trying to stir up controversy.

Now Rick Mercer has taken it upon himself to poke a bit of fun at (the) bylaw ..

(For the record, the city does not recall ever giving out a tobogganing fine. Ever.)


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Certainly no Calgarian I know pays any attention to tobogganing restrictions. We slide wherever we want. But with one eye out in case a Toboggan Cop shows up. :-)

related – Tobogganing Bans Or Restrictions Growing Across North America

Over protective restrictions on youth activity contribute to child obesity. We want kids tobogganing more, not less.