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Aliya – Ice Bucket Challenge

She was nominated by was nominated by Oleg Verniaiev.

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1st time on trampoline

In Senegal I watched a number of kids of different ages bounce on a tramp for the first time. It went something like this. :-)

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Woodward


Milheim Fire Co. brought 3,000 gallons of COLD water for a high pressure week 11 dousing.

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10 Signs You Are an Ex-Gymnast

4. When someone talks about going to the “gym” you still think of a gymnastics gym.

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see the rest on Gymnastike – 10 Signs You Are an Ex- Gymnast


The listicle has arrived on the gymternet big time. Especially on The Gymternet.

I’ll capitalize the new website. Use the lowercase gymternet to refer to the old gymnastics internet.

ride ‘em Cowgirl


Gymnast Crossing:

This was the last week of summer camp and the theme was “Welcome to the Wild West“. …

… “how fun would it be to play “bustin’ bronco” atop an octagon barrel by suspending it over the top of a pit? …

Welcome to the Wild, Wild Gym

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Honey Nut Cheerios – Trampoline

TV ad

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Savona training HIGH Beam

gymnasts in Summer

Sarah Chrane has a cute post on The Gymternet:


A sample …

9. Summer conditioning.

summer conditioning

My goal for summer training is to accomplish every skill we want to compete in the following season.

gymnast bored at home


Hot Shots – Millie Williamson

Millie Williamson is Oceania’s representative to the Youth Olympic Games.

She trains at Christchurch School of Gymnastics.

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Thanks Avril.

tackling Maroney


about this video …

I have no idea.


gymnasts say the darn’dest things