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Hideous Choreography Montage

This classic edit from 2010 is being shared on Facebook. It’s worth watching again. :-)

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Very few can agree on what’s artistry. But pretty much everyone can agree on what’s not. :-)

dolphin enjoys gymnastics


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Gym or my boyfriend?

Simone Biles – Cheerleader?

saturday morning practice hype????????????

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anti-gravity device

If you drop a bunch of neodymium magnets down through a thick-walled copper pipe, an effect called eddy current braking will slow the magnets’ fall even though there’s no direct magnetic attraction between the copper and the magnets. …

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Click through to Kottke for details.

I’m wanting to make a magnetic suit so I can drop slowly to Earth through a giant copper tube.

BEST Gym Halloween costume EVER

Coach Marc from Club Aviva. :-)

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gymnastics on public transit

French comedian Remi Gaillard shows you how.


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(via gymnastika)

how gymnasts get into bed


A gif from Buzzfeed linked by wogymnastika.

getting into bed

the Olivia Vivian show

This is good. :-)

8 memorable Nanning moments

Tsuk the Pain linked to some funny GIFs.

theres a bee

Nanning bee on Yahoo news

The biggest story from World Championships 2014 is a bee chasing Simone Biles. :-)

Nanning bee

related – Chicago Tribune version of the same story

(via Korbut Flip)

a bee in your bouquet

At the time I had no idea what the mad antics on the podium were all about.

Seems there was a bee enjoying the flowers. :-)

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related – Bee Chasing Champion Gymnast Off Podium Is Clearly Just Jealous

Stop-Motion Parkour

This edit reminds me of the Cirque show KÀ. :-)

We can’t actually do flips and tricks in real life, so we applied a bit of video magic.

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Thanks George.