Mom’s house a ball pit

Funny viral video. :-)

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“It’s gymnastics. We look so happy.”

NAIGC National Association of Intercollegiate Gymnastics Clubs linked to this fun edit featuring Purdue gymnasts. :-)

I particularly like the reverse motion at the end.

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30min of Gym in 30sec

Manjak’s Gymnastics

Katelyn Ohashi at the UCLA meet


Just trying to fit in with my new team😁😉 #UCLABRUIN

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will coach for food


Airwheel – Damien Walters

We spent time putting these AirWheels to the test in the gym and this is the result!

Outtakes at the end. :-)

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trampoline aerobics comedy vid

If you think this looks goofy after hitting PLAY … watch until the end.

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