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Olympic Vault GOLD

1932 vs 2012

1973 Olga Korbut documentary

English subtitles.

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John Carlos and Tommie Smith carrying Peter Norman’s casket

This is one of the most famous moments in Olympic Sport. LIFE magazine and Le Monde named it one of the 20 most influential images of the 20th century.


Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised their gloved fists to express opposition to racism in the U.S.

But who’s that other guy? The silver medalist at the Olympics?

Australian sprinter Peter Norman.

… What you cannot see in the photo is that Norman was wearing a badge that read: “Olympic Project For Human Rights,” which he had borrowed from Paul Hoffman, a white member of the U.S. rowing team.

“I believe that every man is born equal and should be treated that way,” Norman told reporters after the ceremony.

You probably know that all hell broke loose after that. The IOC immediately suspended Carlos and Smith from the U.S. team and expelled them from the Olympic Village. The two men received much abuse when they came home — including death threats — and were ostracized for a long while. But, like I say, you probably knew that.

What you may not have known — what I did not know — was that Peter Norman also went through his own personal turmoil after Mexico City. …


That’s an incredible morality tale. One I’ve never known.


THE funeral service for Peter Norman ended with the theme music from Chariots of Fire and a scene no less dramatic than any in that famous film.

The two pallbearers at the front carrying Norman’s coffin from the Williamstown Town Hall were Tommie Smith and John Carlos …

‘Tell your kids about Peter Norman’

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Leonid Arkayev interview

This is fascinating. No doubt some of the key coaches in Soviet gymnastics history remember some of these stories differently.

Round Lake dry?

Legendary coach Leonid Arkayev talks about his personal gymnastics history, the success of the Soviet team and Simone Biles in this summary of a Sport Express interview. He also shares his opinion of the current Russian gymnastics regime.

Rewriting Russian Gymnastics – Leonid Arkayev : interview with Elena Vaitsekhovskaya



American Men’s University Gymnastics since 1898

Jerry Wright compiled a list of all American Universities that have “at sometime, since 1898, fielded a men’s varsity gymnastics team (some teams were probably club teams and not varsity)”.

See the list on CGA.RoadToNationals.com

College Gymnastics

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1978 Soviet documentary

Rewriting Russian Gymnastics – ‘You are in gymnastics’ – now with English subtitles

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50th World Trampoline Championships

Leigh Hennessy:

To celebrate this monumental occasion, the Federation of International Gymnastics (FIG) invited every World Champion to attend the 30th World Championships in Daytona to honor their achievements and contributions to the evolution of the sport. Nearly 40 World Champions attended to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the International Trampoline Federation (FIT) and the sport. …

The very first World Champions, Dan Millman and Judy Wills Cline were in attendance at the dinner as were the very first Olympic Champions, Alexander Moskalenko and Irena Karavaeva. …


Trampoline Pundit – Celebrating 50

related – FIG interview with G.I. Jane (a.k.a. Leigh Hennessy, USA)

Paris 1924 Olympics – VIDEO

A Danish Team.

Click the image or watch it on the Olympics YouTube channel.

Danish Gym 1924 Olympics

when girls competed Rings at Olympics

Dvora Meyers in 2012 posted an interesting and entertaining article on the history of Women’s Gymnastics:

… I spoke with Laddie Bakanic, 88, who had been a member of the 1948 U.S. women’s gymnastics team that won a team bronze medal at the Olympics and performed on the “flying rings” as they were known in her day.

“When I was on the flying rings and I had to leave go I was scared cause there was nothing there but a cotton mat on the ground,” she recalled, adding that there were male spotters hovering nearby just in case. …

Boys Club

Female Gymnasts Used to Compete on the Rings, But the Game Changed

Late 1970s at Santa Monica Gymfest in California, girls and guys were still training the long defunct Swinging Rings.

And Rings is NOT at all the only historical surprise. Here’s Olympic medalist and USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame artistic gymnast Clara Schroth Lomady, Captain of the 1948 U.S. Women’s Team. On the Parallel Bars.


related – Swinging Rings World Record 2011

Men’s Olympic Gymnastics history

When Floor Exercise was exercises on the floor. :-)

… from Leni Riefenstahl’s “Olympia” (1938)

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Olympic Bars Champions

1972 – 2008

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Munich 1972 – Karin Janz
Montreal 1976 – Nadia Comaneci
Moscow 1980 – Maxi Gnauck
Los Angeles 1984 – Julianne McNamara / Ma Yanhong
Seoul 1988 – Daniela Silivas
Barcelona 1992 – Lu Li
Atlanta 1996 / Sydney 2000 – Svetlana Khorkina
Athens 2004 – Émilie Le Pennec
Beijing 2008 – He Kexin

Hal Frey dead at 90

Hal Frey was the ‘indispensable man’ for Cal and USA Gymnastics,” said former Golden Bear Ron Bell (’79). “He was a powerhouse coach and motivator, a keen organizer, a visionary inventor and masterful showman and promoter of gymnastics. Dr. Frey, as we liked to call him, was as close as one could come to perpetual motion. He created an environment at Cal where young motivated men could reach their potential and beyond, where champions were inevitable.”

Frey served the Golden Bear gymnastics program for more than four decades, including 27 years as head coach from 1958-69 and 1971-83 …

“Dr. Frey came into the gym every couple of weeks during my first few months on the job,” said Cal head coach Brett McClure. “I could instantly see the joy he had watching the guys train and how proud he was of the team. We will continue his legacy as he had hoped and continue the excellence he created here at Cal. He will be deeply missed by the entire gymnastics community.” …

“Hal Frey was a great example for me,” said former head coach Barry Weiner. “Not only did Hal have an excellent record evidenced by his USAG Hall of Fame career, but his love of Cal was infectious. …

Former Gymnastics Coach Dr. Hal Frey Passes Away

Dr Frey
photo via Dave Demanty

Hal Frey was one of my first Gymnastics Summer Camp directors.

Rest in peace.

Stars of Gymnastics – Epke

An excellent mini-documentary. Posted just before Worlds 2014. He’d not yet won a World Championships title.

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