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Nastia in China

The Olympic Champion from Beijing has arrived. As if on cue, as she stepped into the arena this morning, the organizing committee played the American National Anthem. A rehearsal. :-)

Yang Wei in Nanning

The 2008 Olympic Champion was the last man to beat Uchimuara in the AA.

Boguinskaia and Chusovitina

How’s this for gymnastics history?

41yr-old coach Svetlana Boguinskaia stretching 39yr-old Oksana Chusovitina.

(via Rewriting Russian Gymnastics)

Nikolay Kryukov: “Live 100 years, learn 100 years”

Both The Liukin and RRG linked to a suddenly unearthed translation of a 2011 interview with the current Jr National Coach of Russia, the 1999 World Champion Nikolay Kryukov.

It is superb.

Nikolay Kryukov:

— Who was at Round Lake then, do you remember?

It was 1989. I saw Dima Bilozerchev, Valeriy Liukin, Vitaliy Marinich … and Sergey Kharkov — all the workhorses in gymnastics. They showed great class in their work. I’ll never forget how I watched Igor Korobchinskiy and Vitaliy Shcherbo train. They were competing in routines. Korobchinskiy would get on the apparatus and Leonid Arkayev would give him a 9.75. And Shcherbo would respond: “That’s kind of weak. I’ll do a 9.8″. And Igor would say, “go ahead, try!” And Shcherbo would get up and do it. Perfectly. I was struck by that — how sure people could be of their own work and be sort of playing around, but so good! That was the pinnacle of class.

… In the regions for example, coaches working at high levels still have to have beginner groups to make a normal living. A lot of them don’t even want to be in the national team. They coach kids up to that level and that’s it. I ask them, “Are you coming to training camp?” “No.” “Why not?” “Because I have two other groups and I’d lose the money.” And I ask, “So what are you working for then?” I know you can’t feed a family on your enthusiasm. Let’s come up with a solution with the directors of sports schools, so that they help talented coaches with initiative. …

— The head coach also has to be a good teacher. Do you feel “lucky” to get to work with the junior team that is the hardest age to work with (13-18 years old)? Are you strict with the guys at camp?

I give them a bit more freedom then we had. …

On Pommels:

… Without fear. Without any fear of falling. And do your routine with soul. …

Nikolay Kryukov: Character and principles

1392-3-15 Kyyukov Pic



Battleship Gymnastics

You may be able to see another image like this here.

Fabian Hambüchen 8x Champion


The bad news is that Germany is not in good shape for Worlds 2014. Most of the other top guys are hurting.

Schmidt Youth Olympic Tramp Champ

Makes history for New Zealand.

New Zealander Dylan Schmidt won his country’s first ever Olympic Gymnastics gold medal in Trampoline at the Nanjing 2014 Youth Olympic Games Trampoline competition. With 57.340 points he outscored Liu Changxin (56.935) of China and Pedro Ferreira (56.040) of Portugal. …

Dylan Schmidt wins first Olympic Gymnastics gold for New Zealand

YOG 2014 Nanjing: SCHMIDT Dylan/NZL + LIU Changxin CHN + RIBEIRO FERREIRA Pedro/POR

Kyle Shewfelt 10yrs later

lengthy interview with Nadia

On defecting from Romania:

I didn’t tell my mum. I thought she’d have a heart attack. I told my brother Adrian, who was my best friend and still is. I took him and my sister-in-law close to the Hungarian border with me. Then me and the six other gymnasts walked over the border into Hungary and from there to Austria. I went to the United States embassy and they provided me with a flight to New York. I’ve never talked about it before. It was hard that night. …

read more on the Daily Mail

Nadia with fellow Tumble judges (L-R) Craig Heap, Louis Smith, Sebastien Stella

Tumble Judges

The BBC Reality TV show starts Sat Aug 9th.

Mia Hamm runs like a girl

That’s a 10. That’s a 10.

Today marks the 30th anniversary since Mary Lou Retton became the first American woman to win an individual Olympic medal for gymnastics…and not only a medal, but the all-around gold, something that wouldn’t be repeated for twenty years. …


Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

It truly was a 10 for that era.

The Soviet Union and most of the other East Block nations had boycotted Los Angeles.

NCAA Rings in the 1970s

Dave Demanty:

Third in a series of video slideshows centered around the young men performing intercollegiate gymnastics in the years 1973-78.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

I am a gymnast …