Lavinia Milosovici documentary

Some super slow motion training video. :-)

But a theme that puberty ruins potential to compete at the highest level. :-(

“Milo” … is considered to be one of Romania’s top gymnasts of the 1990s and one of the most prolific female all-around gymnasts of the decade, earning a total 19 World Championships or Olympic medals in a span of six years. She medalled in every single World Championships meet, Olympic Games and European Championships between 1991 and 1996 …

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Simone Biles 63.00 AA

day 2 #PGChamps

Is she the greatest gymnast all time?

I think so. :-)

Two day total:

1. Simone Biles 124.100
2. Maggie Nichols 119.150
3. Alexandra Raisman 118.550
4. Bailie Key 118.350
5. Gabrielle Douglas 117.950
6. Madison Kocian 115.950
7. Alyssa Baumann 115.700
7. MyKayla Skinner 115.700
9. Nia Dennis 115.200
10. Kyla Ross 114.550

All routines from night 2 are posted on this USAG YouTube playlist. (link fixed)

Kim Zmeskal on Regan Smith

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She explains Bailey’s leos. :-)

Keys leo

Bailie Key wore a recreation of Kim Zmeskal’s leotard from the 1991 World Championships. In Indianapolis.

Jon Horton – High Bar

The biggest happy surprise from day 1 #PGChamps was the veteran putting himself right back in the mix for Worlds 2015.

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He was the silver medalist on Horizontal Bar at the 2008 Olympics.

Valeri Liukin – Flyaway 1/1

Why we miss Olympic compulsories.

Easier skills done with maximum amplitude. One example from Compulsory Horizontal Bar.

Casey485 likes Kim Zmeskal competing the same skill.

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Nellie Kim article

I once saw – in person – Nellie compete a World Cup. In many ways she was even more impressive than Nadia, her great rival.

Who will succeed her as WTC Chair?

Kim, 58, was happy to reminisce about her own time in the sport. “As a gymnast it is a fantastic feeling to be able to do something that people consider impossible,” she says. “Now I think: ‘My gosh, I was able to perform those double saltos and all those rotations in the air’.” …

Kim – who has been involved in some capacity with every Olympics since 1976 – admits she never ceases to be astounded by the evolution of the sport with ever more creative and gravity-defying moves being introduced. …

Grandi claimed the gymnastics he saw at the 2014 World Championships in Nanning were “too much of its acrobatic part and not too much artistry” adding: “Gymnastics is artistic gymnastics, the definition I don’t want to lose.”

It is a subject Kim feels strongly about, but equally is keen to tread carefully on. “The artistry is a very difficult topic to discuss because it is very subjective,” she says. “As a technical committee we are trying to bring everyone as close as possible to our guidelines and give them examples to follow and understand how we think the artistry should be presented.” …

Gymnastics: the legend of Nellie Kim

via GymCastic

former gymnast ‘most influential’ in British sport

#1. Barbara Slater – BBC Director of Sport

Slater is responsible for 20,000 hours of global sports coverage across radio, TV and online each year. She orchestrated the BBC’s entire coverage of London 2012 – and has been instrumental in getting women’s sport more attention …


The 50 most influential women in sport: The full list

She carried the British flag at the opening ceremony of the 1976 Olympics.

Former gymnast Gabby Logan, Sports presenter, is #16.

Claudia Fragapane #29.

I’m surprised Beth Tweddle isn’t on the list.

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