Oksana Chusovitina montage

Now age-40, Oksana is still going strong. Still improving.

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Raducan not reinstated as 2000 Olympic AA Champ

Retired Romanian gymnast Andreea Raducan, who won the 2000 Olympic all-around title but was stripped of the crown later in the Sydney Games after testing positive for a banned substance from cold-medicine pills given to her by a team doctor, will not be reinstated as the gold medalist, an International Olympic Committee spokesman said after Raducan met with IOC president Thomas Bach on Thursday. …

Raducan was not stripped of her 2000 Olympic gold medal with Romania in the team competition, before she took the pills. Nor was she stripped of her 2000 Olympic silver medal on vault, three days after the all-around final.

In the all-around final, Raducan led a Romania medals sweep. When she was stripped, Simona Amanar was upgraded to gold, Maria Olaru to silver and China’s Liu Xuan to bronze. Amanar, Olaru and Liu reportedly said they considered Raducan the deserving champion.

Andreea Raducan will not be reinstated as 2000 Olympic all-around champion after meeting with IOC president

Andreea Raducan

I certainly consider Andreea the rightful Olympic champion.

Kerri Strug interview

Anna Rose Johnson posted a new interview on Inside Gymnastics.

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Stay hollow? … Is that something like “pop the clutch“?

40th birthday Gymnastics celebration

Scott Chandler will take to the gymnastics mats just one more time, a day after his 40th birthday and three decades after first appearing in competition.

He’s even organized his own event so he can say he competed into his forties.

“I’m the only guy out there that’s losing his hair I can tell you that,” Chandler said with a laugh, “and the only guy out there that doesn’t have an eight-pack under his tights.” …

Scott Chandler, P.E.I. gymnast, retires at 40

farewell 40

It’s also the 40th birthday of someone named Oksana.


Unlike Scott, she’s no quitter. :-)

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Shantessa Pama, Ana Porgras, Darling Hill, Madalina Blendea

Gymnasts we wished had longer careers. :-(

Chatty Gymnast did some research on these fan favourites – THE ONES THAT GOT AWAY: PART TWO

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Olesya Dudnik interview

Olesya Dudnik … gymnastics coach and former artistic gymnast who competed internationally for the Soviet Union between 1988 and 1990. She was the world champion on the vault in 1989 and is regarded as one of the greatest gymnasts ever on the balance beam. …

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She now coaches in Cairo, Egypt at the Al Gezeera Sporting Club.

Hristakieva (Def) on Bars

A full twisting Gienger is a very difficult release on uneven bars. A small number of famous bars workers have done this skill. …

Cha Yong Hwa of North Korea
Cha Yong Hwa of North Korea

Named after: Snezhana Hristakieva of Bulgaria (1991)

WOGYMNASTIKA – Meet The Originators: G Rated Full Twisting Gienger Release On Uneven Bars

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