bridge handstands

What gymnasts do in their spare time at National Championships.

Teague King, Joel Gagnon and Wyatt Tyndall.

no joke

Hal Halverson shared this one.

Acrobatic gymnast – great balance

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hand balancing – walking on air

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handstand on a ball

Wowser. This is extreme.

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best handstand resource

There are plenty of good resources for teaching handstand. The best of the best is a 60 page booklet edited by TumblTrak’s Carrie Spender Lennox.

TumblTrak gives away the booklet when you purchase a piece of handstand training equipment.

perfect handstand

At USAG Congress 2014 Carrie and Michelle Kocan presented on the topic. Here are their Powerpoint slides.

1-arm handstand calisthenics


Thanks Dian.