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Acrobatic gymnast – great balance

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hand balancing – walking on air

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handstand on a ball

Wowser. This is extreme.

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best handstand resource

There are plenty of good resources for teaching handstand. The best of the best is a 60 page booklet edited by TumblTrak’s Carrie Spender Lennox.

TumblTrak gives away the booklet when you purchase a piece of handstand training equipment.

perfect handstand

At USAG Congress 2014 Carrie and Michelle Kocan presented on the topic. Here are their Powerpoint slides.

1-arm handstand calisthenics


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Shang Chunsong – missing handstands

Shang Chunsong is my favourite of the current Chinese Senior Team. Right now she’s worried about her future after disappointing performances on Bars in Nanning.

I was shocked to see a Chinese gymnast miss handstands like this.

Shang Bar handstand
photo posted by ALX BLACK

Chinese coaches put very high priority on saving handstands.

Why Can’t Susie Control Her Handstand?
Leonard Isaacs – saving handstand

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