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future of U.S. Men’s Gymnastics

Donnell Whittenburg.

Young. Strong. Improving.

He’ll be a mainstay on the American Team for years to come.

Click PLAY or watch his Floor on YouTube.

He’s only going to get stronger on Rings. Much stronger.

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Men’s Pan Am Finals 1

1. Gonzalez CHI – 15.70
2. Hypolito BRA – 15.625
3. Zanetti BRA – 15.075

1. Daniel Corral 15.250 (MEX)
2. Marvin Kimble (USA) 14.775
3. Alexander Rodriguez (PUR) 14.725

1. Arthur Zanetti (BRA) 15.800
2. Brando Wynn (USA) 15.450
3. Juan Rafo (CHI) 15.200

Men’s YOG Finals day 1

Regini – Moran G (GBR) 14.766
Yuasa K (JPN) 14.133
Lim M (KOR) 13.766

Nagornyy N (RUS) 13.966
Hryko V (UKR) 13.933
Kadirov T (UZB) 13.800

Nagornyy N (RUS) 14.000
Ma Y (CHN) 13.866
Hryko V (UKR) 13.533

NCAA Rings in the 1970s

Dave Demanty:

Third in a series of video slideshows centered around the young men performing intercollegiate gymnastics in the years 1973-78.

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van Gelder, Chen Yibing, Zanetti

The Lords of the Rings video has been updated with 3 more legends, two of them still competing. The NEW section starts at 4min 35sec.

4:35 Yuri van Gelder – the most beloved ring strength man over the internet. He brought new strength standards in the discipline of still rings and a big controversy after being caught with coke. Maybe worked towards his popularity :)

6:51 Chen Yibing – the man with the smoothest transitions and a learning book type performances. His signature routine with high diversity of elements, executes in smoothest flow, brought him dozens of gold medals in the discipline of still rings.

8:52 Arthur Zanetti – the one who changed the meaning of “clean execution”. It is just e great experience editing his videos and seeing the hold time of his strength elements to hit 3 seconds each time. Maybe in the Brazilian translation of the Code of Points they changed “2s” with “3s” and so long does he freezes every time like having a Swiss stopwatch in his ears.

I’d rank Chen Yibing the best all-time. For his era.

Rings – Morgan, Lytwyn, Purvis

Canada goes 1-2 on Rings.

Rings Final results
Morgan CAN 15.100
Lytwyn CAN 14.800
Purvis SCO 14.766

This is the first competition I can recall where RINGS is the best apparatus for Team Canada. :-)

CDN Championships tie - photo from Vali

CDN Championships tie – photo from Vali

Lords of the Rings

Over the coming weeks, Svilen Dimitrov is going to post some of the “most impressive and legendary routines” in history.

Week 1:

Yordan Yovtchev
Yuri Chechi
Albert Azaryan

Click PLAY or watch it on Vimeo.

Donnell Whittenburg – Vault

Dragalescu. Easy.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

I could see Donnell competing Rings, Pommel and Vault for USA at Worlds 2014. Maybe more.

Brandon Wynn – Rings

2014 Men’s National Qualifier

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Pan American Olympic Festival

1. Larduet Bicet Manrique (CUB) 89,120 GOLD
2. Henrique Medina (BRA) SILVER 83,770
3. Jorge Giraldo (COL) 82,260 BRONZE

Click PLAY or watch the AA Champ on Rings.

1. Yesenia Ferrera (CUB) 54,600 GOLD
2. Ayelen Tarabini (ARG) SILVER 51,950
3. Ahtziri Sandoval (MEX) 50.250 BRONZE

Yamilet Peña was 2nd on Vault.

Click PLAY or watch Ferrera’s Bars on YouTube. (13.475)

What a shame the Cubans so rarely compete internationally. :-(

See more videos on a nemovfan1 YouTube playlist.

The best results page I’ve yet seen is on Gimnasia Latina. (Spanish)

Red Panda – 5 muscle-ups

Easy. :-)

straight arm pull-up on Rings

My first attempt.

… Oh, that might have been Brandon Wynn. Not me. :-)

(via Gymnastic Bodies)

Robert Stanescu – Rings

Our Canadian National Ring Champion, former Romanian Olympian, talks about his goal of getting citizenship. Then making the team to the Olympics.

A long shot at this point.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

via GymFever