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Happy Easter

Posted by Sandor. :-)

Easter Bunny Cross

Azarian to Victorian


Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

WS van Wijk – MAG Olympic highlights

Aussie Rock legends AC/DC are ending their 41 year career. :-(

In tribute I repost my favourite Men’s Artistic montage.

Thunderstruck. Brilliant editing.

Some of the best moments during the mens artistic gymnastics competition at the london 2012 olympics.

Click PLAY or watch it on Vimeo.

Mens Gymnastics Best of London 2012: Thunderstruck from WS van Wijk on Vimeo.

walk-on Michael Squires NCAA Champ

You’ve got to understand, he was not recruited by anybody,” Oklahoma coach Mark Williams said. “He was from Edmond, Okla. One of my former gymnasts coached him for one or two years, and he begged me to come see him. …

… On Saturday night, Squires, now a junior, defended his still rings title at the NCAA NC Men’s Gymnastics Championships in Ann Arbor. His score of 15.800 bettered second-place C.J. Maestas of Illinois by .075 points. One night earlier, Squires also put up the top rings score of 15.700 in helping Oklahoma take second place in the team competition.

“This never happens,” Williams said. “I’ve been doing gymnastics for 25 years at the college level, and nobody has ever done this. Somebody that is totally unheard of at the [Junior Olympic] level, never did anything as a ringman, and to improve the way he did in a year and a half is a testament to how hard he worked and believing in a plan and executing it.” …

NCAA – From unwanted to NCAA champ

Oklahoma’s former walk-on Michael Squires defends his rings title

I can’t find his NCAA gold medal routine, so here’s a 6.9 start from 2014 Winter Cup Challenge Finals.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Here are your 2014 Men’s NCAA champions:

Floor: Alec Robin, OU

PH: Ellis Mannon, Minn

Rings: Michael Squires, OU

Vault: Robin, OU

PB: Sam Mikulak, Michigan

HB: Jordan Valdez, Illinois

Sam Mikulak’s win tied him with two others for the most NCAA titles in history.

related – Syque Caesar goes from walk-on to three national championships:

Syque Caesar, a graduate student and co-captain of the gymnastics team, became the first Michigan athlete in 53 years to be part of three NCAA team titles (2010, 2013-14).

(via FIG)

Get a (gymnastics) Grip

GYMNAST CROSSING posted the best summary I’ve seen of the pros and cons of leather grips.

Al Fong:

There’s no doubt leather grips with dowels are a big advantage to those who can afford them.

no grips Dabritz

no grips Dabritz

There are fewer and fewer high level Bars gymnasts like Georgia Dabritz.

In another post, GYMNAST CROSSING lays out possible methods of getting chalk to stick to gymnastics rails, including my own:

I like supersaturated sugar water. I boil sugar water in a microwave for perhaps a minute. … It’s much less slimy than honey.

Click through to read about the more common methods – The Sweet Taste of Gripping the Bars

honey bear

Nakayama to V-cross

New skill?

Click PLAY or watch Ng Kiu Chung on YouTube.

working backward Ring swing

Nick Blanton.

Red Panda muscle-ups

All pandas love to do gymnastics. That’s my impression. :-)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

These pandas live in Panda World RESERVE in Fuzhou, China. …

(via Holy Cuteness and Aunt Joyce)

Bars chain snaps on Becky Downie

GymFever linked to this routine.

Craig Tilly:

You can hear the chain snap when she does the Pak.

Actually, the Bars themselves were OK. Something in the anchor itself failed.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Seems they moved the Bars to the Horizontal Bar tie down after the men’s competition.

She re-did the routine for 14.350.

Update from Susanne in the comments:

Becky didn’t re-do her routine. She was given the opportunity but decided against it as her score from the botched routine still put her in second place behind Ruby Harrold.

FIG specs for tie downs are not sufficient. Not safe.

When, oh when, will a safer mechanism be required for FIG meets?

Brooks, Whittenburg, Melton

1. Chris Brooks, Houston, Texas, 174.850
2. Donnell Whittenburg, Baltimore, Colo., 173.150
3. Sean Melton, Orlando, Ohio, 173.000
4. Akash Modi, Morganville, Calif., 172.200
5. Marvin Kimble, Milwaukee, Wis., 171.900
6. John Orozco, Bronx, N.Y., 171.350
7. Joshua Dixon, San Jose, Colo., 170.850
8. Jake Martin, Oviedo, Fla., 170.700
9. Danell Leyva, Miami, Fla., 170.550
10. CJ Maestas, Corrales, Ill., 169.600

2012 Olympic team alternate Chris Brooks of Houston/Team Hilton HHonors (Cypress), earned a two-day total of 174.850 in the all-around at the 2014 Winter Cup Challenge today inside the Riviera Hotel & Casino’s Royale Pavilion in Las Vegas to win the all-around competition. …


Melton and Whittenburg are young. :-)

Click PLAY or watch Whittenburg’s Rings on YouTube.

… On a critical note, numerous complaints were voiced throughout the evening about how hard it was to keep track of the scoring. First of all, many found it difficult to read the scores on the tiny scoreboard. More troublesome was the lack of ability to easily track the scoring on smartphones, tablets and laptops. Instead of displaying the evening’s individual scores, fans were given combined scores for the meet. It was necessary to either be a math whiz with a photographic memory, or to toggle back and forth on different screens to calculate the Day 2 scores. …

Stick it Media – Brooks Earns Winter Cup Title With Strong 2nd Day Performance

Invert Cross only a C-part?

Fred Turoff:

Many young gymnasts can do a Yamawaki, a C-skill, but can’t do a straight arm shoot handstand, also a C-value, and certainly can’t do an inverted cross, another C-value.

Where’s the logic?

When an inverted cross was devalued to C many years back, I, along with many others, asked “Did the evaluator ever try one?” And pressing out of an inverted was also valued as a C until this recent Code, when it was raised to D. That previous C-value was the most ridiculous value in the Code.

What the FIG MTC should do is regularly ask coaches and gymnasts to submit rating change suggestions, then correlate the answers and make changes. So far I believe Steve Butcher is listening, but he has to wade through red tape to effect change.

Dwight Normile – An Interview With Temple Coach Fred Turoff


related – Uncle Tim – Rings Primer: What the H is a Maltese (and other strength moves)?

Whittenburg – Rings triple double

Donnell Whittenburg. Remember the name. :-)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

His teammate Orozco wasn’t all that impressed. John claims he did a “triple double in Level 9″. :-)

(via FIG)

where’s Mark Davis?

Everyone’s heard of Mark Davis.

• 1st in the world to compete a Triple Fly-away High Bar
• 3rd in the world to compete Quad Fly-Away off swinging rings

… He started his career in the sport as a gymnast earning a full scholarship to southern Illinois University. In 1973 he studied men’s gymnastics in Japan on an exchange program.

He has coached at numerous gyms across the country including; California State University, Northridge 1973-78; Asst. Coach under Dan Connelley. SCATS Gymnastics 1980-88, where he assisted coach Don Peters an Olympic coach. At SCATS he helped coach Olympians Mitch Gaylord and Charles Lakes. Mark also coached for Kelli Hill, Hill’s Gym 2007-08. …

Today he’s USAG Boys Team Head Coach at Nittany Gym.

His comedy Ring routine starts at 1min 50sec. on this 1977 Santa Monica Gym Fest montage. :-)

related – Muscle Beach Swinging Rings video

Thank David Reilly for the update.