Donnell Whittenburg – new Rings dismount

Donnell already has the most impressive Ring dismount in the world. But he’s still working to upgrade it.

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Always strive for more !! Upgrade for worlds🌎 #usa

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Someone has competed triple twisting double tuck. Leave a comment if you can recall who that was.

Markku Vahtila – Ring strength

Crazy strong.

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Whittenburg, Wynn – Rings

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Best dismount in the world right now. Good chance for the Final at Worlds.

Former World’s medalist Brandon Wynn was awarded the same start value. But didn’t hit quite as well on day 2.

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Still, USA will not be lacking on Rings in the Worlds Team final.

Nile Wilson muscle-up drills

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WaterRings competition

August 8-9th, Lake Geneva, Montreux, Switzerland.

The concept is simple: Gymnasts build up momentum by swinging on the Rings and dismount into the water for what promises to be a splashy spectacle.

More than 50 male and female gymnasts from all over Switzerland have registered to be part of the inaugural WateRings contest. …


Waterings photo 1

Santa Monica flying rings 1970s

Video courtesy of Jeff Reid. Acrobatics/Gymnastics has been part of Muscle Beach since 1934. Glenn Sundby started coming here in the early 1930, and in 1963 he promoted Gymfest at the original Muscle Beach …

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I made it there myself once in the late 1970s. Swinging Rings landing in sand was definitely the most impressive highlight. :-)

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Tyler Yamauchi – Iron Cross

I doubt this is the longest Cross ever held. But it is a good one.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (University of Illinois Men’s Gymnastics 2008)

Thanks Irving.