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Lords of the Rings

Over the coming weeks, Svilen Dimitrov is going to post some of the “most impressive and legendary routines” in history.

Week 1:

Yordan Yovtchev
Yuri Chechi
Albert Azaryan

Click PLAY or watch it on Vimeo.

Donnell Whittenburg – Vault

Dragalescu. Easy.

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I could see Donnell competing Rings, Pommel and Vault for USA at Worlds 2014. Maybe more.

Brandon Wynn – Rings

2014 Men’s National Qualifier

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Pan American Olympic Festival

1. Larduet Bicet Manrique (CUB) 89,120 GOLD
2. Henrique Medina (BRA) SILVER 83,770
3. Jorge Giraldo (COL) 82,260 BRONZE

Click PLAY or watch the AA Champ on Rings.

1. Yesenia Ferrera (CUB) 54,600 GOLD
2. Ayelen Tarabini (ARG) SILVER 51,950
3. Ahtziri Sandoval (MEX) 50.250 BRONZE

Yamilet Peña was 2nd on Vault.

Click PLAY or watch Ferrera’s Bars on YouTube. (13.475)

What a shame the Cubans so rarely compete internationally. :-(

See more videos on a nemovfan1 YouTube playlist.

The best results page I’ve yet seen is on Gimnasia Latina. (Spanish)

Red Panda – 5 muscle-ups

Easy. :-)

straight arm pull-up on Rings

My first attempt.

… Oh, that might have been Brandon Wynn. Not me. :-)

(via Gymnastic Bodies)

Robert Stanescu – Rings

Our Canadian National Ring Champion, former Romanian Olympian, talks about his goal of getting citizenship. Then making the team to the Olympics.

A long shot at this point.

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via GymFever

CAN MAG Apparatus Finals

1. Morgan, Scott
2. Loran, Anderson
3. Smith, Hugh

1. Clay, Zachary 14,500
1. Cruz, Evan 14,500
3. Smith, Hugh

1. Stanescu, Robert 15,150 (6,800)
2. Morgan, Scott 14,550 (6,400)
3. Smith, Hugh 14,100 (5,800)
4. Lytwyn, Kevin 14,000 (5,700)

1. Morgan, Scott
2. Gazer, Wolfe
3. Cachia, Damian

P Bar
1. Gafuik, Nathan
2. Clay, Zachary
3. Mitchell, Taylor

H Bar
1. Paterson, Cory
2. Loran, Anderson
3. Lytwyn, Kevin

official results

Rings and Pommels are critical for Canada in future Team competitions.

Click PLAY or watch Scott Morgan’s Rings on YouTube.

Coach Vali told me Scott got 0.2 less in start score than they had hoped.

Click PLAY or watch Zachary Clay’s Pommels on YouTube.

Ken Ikeda, our Pommel man, was injured on Vault landing. Jackson Payne, another of our Pommel guys, is just returning from 2 years away in Korea. Anderson Loran has strong Pommels, too, but did not compete that apparatus this competition.

New National Coach Tony Smith will be fitting the pieces together to come up with the highest Team score. With potential for individual apparatus Finals.

Rings: Ablyazin, Balandin, Aït Saïd

European Champions 2014. #EChSofia2014

1. Ablyazin RUS 15.800
1. Balandin RUS 15.800
3. Aït Saïd FRA 15.766
4. Tovmasyan ARM 15.700
5. Vahagn ARM 15.600
5. Petrounias GRE 15.600
7. Radivilov UKR 15.033
8. Van Gelder NED 14.208

Steve Butcher interview

Steve’s one of the best of the elected FIG leadership. Our new FIG MTC Chair.

Q: You said earlier that your goal as MTC President is to “make things better”. What are the issues surrounding Men’s Artistic Gymnastics that need to be improved?

Butcher: “You know, as with all sports the number one mission is to make sure that the athletes are on a fair playing field. …

… for example, one project that I’ve really worked on in the last few months is a revision of the FIG Judge’s Evaluation Programme (JEP). …

Q: What needs to happen to make Men’s Artistic Gymnastics more popular?

Butcher: “What the FIG Executive Committee is trying to do is arrange a competition schedule where other competitions factor into qualification for the Olympic Games. It wasn’t my idea, but I’m supportive …

Q: How do you feel about the current Code of Points?

Butcher: “People ask me about the Code of Points all the time. People say, ‘If you don’t like something, you need to change it!’

Well, I’m the new MTC President, and this Code of Points was decided before I was the President. Actually, a lot of the things in this Code of Points were decided before I was a Technical Committee (TC) member. So I always have to respect the work of the past committees. …

There will be no significant changes affecting the Code of Points for this cycle. Gymnasts and coaches have already made their plans through the 2016 Olympic Games and we do not want to disrupt their goals. …

Q: Twenty years from now, what do you want people to remember about your term as MTC President?

Butcher: “Great communication and improved fairness in judging. What angers me most is when a gymnast steps on the floor, when he’s from a certain country or has received certain high medals in the past, automatically the sense is that he’s going to get the benefit of the doubt. I want the judges to feel courageous …

FIG – A conversation with…Steve Butcher


During his recent sojourn in Lausanne, he worked with his counterpart, Women’s Technical Committee President Nellie Kim (BLR), on synchronisation of the men’s and women’s rules. The goal: making it easier for fans and spectators to understand what is going on during a competition.

God speed, Steve.


Janssen-Fritsen and the InnoSportLab ’s-Hertogenbosch are executing Measurements on Still Rings on the ECh MAG 2014 at the Request of the European Union of Gymnastics and with Approval of the International Gymnastics Federation.


3. For UEG it is a goal to develop an Aid for Jury Members to support their Judgements on Hold Time.


Like “air time” on Trampoline, having a computer calculate actual HOLD time on Rings would make scoring more accurate.

Yan Mingyong weds Ma Qiujing

China has the best wedding photos.

And these pics have been released MONTHS before the actual wedding.

wedding Cross

Gymnast Yan Mingyong releases early wedding photos of himself and his wife Ma Qiujing via his Weibo account on Thursday, May 8, 2014.

Yan, a multiple medalist in world gymnastics events who specializes in the rings event, is married to Ma Qiujing, a former trampolinist who now works as a gymnastics coach. Their actual wedding ceremony will be held at the end of 2014, according to Yan

CRI English

(via GymCastic)

straight elbows on Rings

I recall Edouard Iarov in 1994 explaining that beginners should do 2/3 of arm work bent, only 1/3 straight.


They need to develop strength across the elbow joint before putting too much load on the straight arm.

Gymnastic Bodies Chris Sommers goes into the specifics.

Coach Sommer:

The elbows and biceps need to be gradually prepared prior to beginning strenuous iron cross training. …

William Albert – Rings

Trinidad and Tobago gymnast William Albert Gold at the 2014 Commonwealth Gymnastics Invitational, Perth, Scotland.

This really strengthens his chances to qualify to Commonwealth Games.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Thanks Ricardo.