Sam Oldham demos muscle-ups

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U.S. Men’s National Team

Following 2015 Winter Cup.

Paul Ruggeri
Donnell Whittenburg
Alex Naddour
Sam Mikulak
Jake Dalton
Danell Leyva
John Orozco
Steven Legendre
Marvin Kimble
Donathan Bailey
Akash Modi
Kevin Wolting
Allan Bower
Alec Yoder
Brandon Wynn

Stick it Media has a good wrap-up – Ruggeri Wins 1st Winter Cup Title; Sr. Nat’l Team Named

Who will be competing Worlds 2015?

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With strong Rings and Pommels, many feel Marvin’s got a great future with the Senior team.

via USAG

safer Gymnastics anchors

The International Gymnastics Federation approves Bars and Rings with a single point of failure design.

FIG Bars collapse too often. :-(

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If you MUST rely on a single point of failure system, what are the best designs?

Worst is a single drop anchor. Especially those installed by amateurs. (like me)


Those can shear. Or pull out.

This is better. PULL is in line with the chain


This is better again. Two anchors are safer than one.


These systems are safer again:


Of course any failure to any of the 4 anchors, chains or attachments causes collapse. You need double the anchors to prevent collapse absolutely.

FIG could change specifications to require manufactures do so. And they should.

Leave a comment if you have an opinion on this topic.

Jessica O’Beirne on GymCastic was ranting :-) on this topic the other day. Prompting me to repost.

Félix Dolci – Rings

Typically one of the older guys at Canada Winter Games wins Rings, the strong man apparatus.

But in 2015 it was one of the little guys. Age-12 or 13.

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Foundation Georges St-Pierre sponsored Félix $2000. A good investment.

MAG Elite Canada Finals

1 Cournoyer, René
2 Morgan, Scott
3 Cachia, Damien

1 Clay, Zachary
2 Ikeda, Ken
3 Nabata, Scott

1 Morgan, Scott
2 Lytwyn, Kevin
3 Stanescu, Robert

1 Gazer, Wolfe
2 Gaudet-Pellerin, Samuel
3 Cournoyer, René

1 Lytwyn, Kevin
2 Stanescu, Robert
3 Nabata, Scott

1 Lytwyn, Kevin (6.8 start VIDEO)
2 Watson, Robert
3 Mah, Aaron

full results

Not many of the top guys tried to peak for this meet. But it’s a great opportunity for the up-and-coming guys to make an impact.

Though I’ve not yet seen any official announcement, I’ve heard that long time Team leader Nathan Gafuik has retired. He’s coaching at his home gym, University of Calgary.

Here’s 30yr-old Robert Stanescu competing Rings, a medalist at the 2008 Olympics for Romania. That’s his wife/coach Ruxandra lifting him. He’s now on the Canadian National Team.

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Scott Morgan (VIDEO) and Kevin Lytwin have the Canadian Rings lineup in good shape right now.

Here’s the Gymnastics Canada Facebook Men’s Finals post.

Mike Squires – Rings

The defending NCAA Ring Champion is not getting any weaker. He’s going to be tough to beat this season.

Alex Diab – POV Rings dismount

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