WU Guanhua – Rings

LJUBLJANA Finals. Interesting composition. Plenty of swing elements.

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Julia Sharpe 9th AA at Men’s NAIGC Nationals.

OK. Justin’s WAG floor was impressive.

But Julia, a regular competitor in Men’s competition, this year placed 4th on FX, 8th on H Bar a little over 3 months after giving birth to twins via c-section!

She admitted her “abs were pretty much dysfunctional”.

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did I hold my Cross long enough?

Check the machine at European Championships. :-)

… in cooperation with the InnoSportLab, in S’Hertogenbosch (Bois.le-Duc – NED), will perform a series of tests with electronic timing for hold elements on rings. This experience is a continuation of the tests carried out in Sofia (BUL), at the EC 2014.

The objective is to measure the length of time holding during which the gymnast managed to stop his gesture in the performance when performing strength holding elements like a cross or a planche for example.

This study is conducted in cooperation with the FIG Men’s Technical Committee President, Steve Butcher (USA). The first results will be released after a coming evaluation. …

New tool for judging!

Smart Rings

Sam Oldham – Cross

A little high. Compared to me. :-)

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Van Gelder – Rings

Yuri Van Gelder (NED) Rings EF @ LJUBLJANA 2015

Nice. But only a C-dismount. That’s a 0.2 deduction.

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Courtney Tulloch training Rings

Part of the British national gymnastics team, Courtney Tulloch is already a rings specialist at the age of just 19. Seen here in training for the British Championships, Courtney has his sights firmly on the Rio Olympics in 2016.

… Courtney is trained by former international Ionut Trandaburu at the Pegasus Gym Club in Maidstone, Kent.

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Courtney won Rings at the British Championships (VIDEO).

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Sam Oldham demos muscle-ups

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