Dalton – new Rings dismount

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Varna World Cup Men’s FINALS

T Markovic CRO 14.833
J Hall GBR 14.667
Z Silc SLO 14.633

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I like this guy. But look what the Code had him do. The 1 1/2 and 2/1 twist line is silly. All those mini-stag jumps!? The awful ‘man wipe’. FIG simply has to fix the Code on Floor. Return the “overuse of one kind of element” deduction. Twisting.

C Tommasone FRA 15.533
O Stepko AZE 15.100
D Trefilovs LAT 14.700

D Pinheiro Rodrigues FRA 15.200
A Kudratullayev KAZ 15.067
I Colak TUR 15.067

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MAG Vault
P Bulauski BEL 15.050
O Stepko AZE 14.750
Thanh Tung Le VIE 14.700

P Bars
O Stepko AZE 15.600
F Arican TUR 15.333
A Onder TUR 15.100

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Two medals for Turkey. Congratulations. Actually, I prefer Arican’s routine. It’s much cleaner. Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

H Bar
N Cordoba ARG 14.867
A Batinkov BUL 14.500
J Hall GBR 14.300

Full Twist has full results.

Alex Diab – Rings

Some good work from a very young Junior. Men’s J.O. prelims

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See more videos on the USAG 2015 Men’s Junior Olympic Championships playlist.

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PETROUNIAS Eleftherios – Rings

Classy. Fingers extended on Crosses.

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1. Back Roll to Planche E IV
2. Lower Back Lever to Maltese E IV
3. Back Roll to Maltese F IV
4. Felge to Hdst C II
5. Back Uprise to Planche D III
6. Back Lever to Cross D IV
7. Whippet to Cross D III
8. Yamawaki Pk D I
9. Back Uprise to Hdst C II
10. Double Back 2/1 E V

D:6.8 + E:9.066
Score: 15.866

King of Gymnastics has all the European Championships Finals routines with a judging breakdown of each.

Thanks Ono.

Rings / Beam animation

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WU Guanhua – Rings

LJUBLJANA Finals. Interesting composition. Plenty of swing elements.

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Julia Sharpe 9th AA at Men’s NAIGC Nationals.

OK. Justin’s WAG floor was impressive.

But Julia, a regular competitor in Men’s competition, this year placed 4th on FX, 8th on H Bar a little over 3 months after giving birth to twins via c-section!

She admitted her “abs were pretty much dysfunctional”.

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