Lee Woolls – stepping up to a Pommel

Lee cut down a standard pair of Pommels to make it easier to step up. Great idea.

See them on instagram.

Tomomasa Hasegawa – Pommels

More handstand work than any other routine I can recall.

Click PLAY or watch it in training on YouTube.

(via Sakho Siradeghyan)

Ellis Mannon – Big 10 Pommels

2014 NCAA PH Champion and Nissen-Emery Award winner 2015, Ellis Mannon from Wisconsin, unfortunately fell in the 2015 Final.

Click PLAY or watch one of his hit routines on YouTube.

Note that he wears no wrist supports. And it’s nice to see a routine with significant difficulty in Flare. More gymnasts should use flares.

Alberto Busnari – Pommels

European Championships 2015
1. SMITH Louis (GBR) D:6.9
2. MERDINYAN Harutyum (ARM) D:6.7
3. BUSNARI Alberto (ITA)D:6.8

Click PLAY or watch Busnari on YouTube. (G and F flare back to flare skills)

King of Gymnastics has all the Finals routines with a difficulty breakdown.

Thanks Ono.

Matvey Petrov – Pommels

See the photo on Tumblr.


Kohei Kameyama 7.2 Pommels

I’d been counting Keatings Pommels the best in the world. When he hits.

But 2013 World Champion Kohei Kameyama, age-26, is even better.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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Courtney Tulloch training Pommels

For a Ring man, Courtney swings quite well. :-)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.