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Pom – Keatings, Whitlock, Smith

Pommel Final results
Keatings 16.058 (7.2 DV) SCO
Whitlock 15.966 (7.4 DV) ENG
Smith 14.966 ENG

Jac Davies WAL 14.800

@CordeliaGymFan notes the podium was a repeat of the British Championships Masters Final.

Easily the best Apparatus Final at Commonwealth Games.

No falls. Davies from Wales swings near as well as anyone in the world.

Note how many Pommel finalists are not wearing wrist wrap.

Whitlock, Keatings, Wilson

Consistently hitting the most difficult Pommel routine in the world.

Yurchenko triple twist.

Whitlock truly is a great gymnast.

Max Whitlock

1. Max Whitlock 90.631
2. Keatings 88.298
3. Nile Wilson 87.965

Purvis made mistakes today.

Scores were too high, I thought. Don’t expect those same numbers at Worlds.

I’m thrilled for Keatings. He aggressively nailed his final routine, H Bar.

I was very impressed with Nile Wilson, too. As is Max. :-)

Max Whitlock is age-21. Nile Wilson only age-18. The future looks bright for GBR. I’d rank them ahead of RUS for 2016.

USA Pommel history

Dave Demanty on Facebook:

Second in a series of short video slideshows set to music.

Gymnasts include Mark Adams, Glenn Seymour, Tom Weeden, Steve Hug, and Ted Marcy. …

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Donnell Whittenburg – Vault

Dragalescu. Easy.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

I could see Donnell competing Rings, Pommel and Vault for USA at Worlds 2014. Maybe more.

Japan names Worlds 2014 Teams

2013 World Champions Kohei Kameyama (PH) and Kenzo Shirai (FX) are included. Japan has enough AA fire power to be able to carry both specialists.

best Pommel bucket

I’ve always bragged that the Pommel bucket at my home gym (Altadore) was the best I’d ever seen. It’s was built and is maintained by Ed Vincent.

But the one at Unigym in Gatineau, Quebec is even better.

Twist belt. Hung from a swivel. Padded inside and outside. Very durable.

pommel bucket twist belt

pommel bucket padding

Leave a comment if you’ve seen one better.

Unigym has “over 3,000 members”. It’s in a huge multi-sport complex.

WAG, MAG, Trampoline Sports and more.

new – Vammen on Pommels

Helge Vammen: Tong Fei x 2 in series.

Thanks Kasper.

pommel horse fail

Justin Karstadt posted this in tribute to the gymnast, Aaron Mah.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

No two pommel falls are identical.

bboy Lazylegz

Talk about “relative” upper body strength.

Single pommel Kehres in series on Floor.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.


Luca Patuelli (born July 28, 1984 in Montreal, Canada), nicknamed Lazylegz, is a Canadian b-boy.

He was born with Arthrogryposis (multiplex congenital), a muscle disorder which affects his legs.

Patuelli performed at the 2010 Winter Paralympics opening ceremony in Vancouver

Ellen handed him $10,000 for his honeymoon. (VIDEO) :-)


Update – His goal is to walk 2.5km without crutches on July 26th, 2014 in old Montreal. (VIDEO)

CAN MAG Apparatus Finals

1. Morgan, Scott
2. Loran, Anderson
3. Smith, Hugh

1. Clay, Zachary 14,500
1. Cruz, Evan 14,500
3. Smith, Hugh

1. Stanescu, Robert 15,150 (6,800)
2. Morgan, Scott 14,550 (6,400)
3. Smith, Hugh 14,100 (5,800)
4. Lytwyn, Kevin 14,000 (5,700)

1. Morgan, Scott
2. Gazer, Wolfe
3. Cachia, Damian

P Bar
1. Gafuik, Nathan
2. Clay, Zachary
3. Mitchell, Taylor

H Bar
1. Paterson, Cory
2. Loran, Anderson
3. Lytwyn, Kevin

official results

Rings and Pommels are critical for Canada in future Team competitions.

Click PLAY or watch Scott Morgan’s Rings on YouTube.

Coach Vali told me Scott got 0.2 less in start score than they had hoped.

Click PLAY or watch Zachary Clay’s Pommels on YouTube.

Ken Ikeda, our Pommel man, was injured on Vault landing. Jackson Payne, another of our Pommel guys, is just returning from 2 years away in Korea. Anderson Loran has strong Pommels, too, but did not compete that apparatus this competition.

New National Coach Tony Smith will be fitting the pieces together to come up with the highest Team score. With potential for individual apparatus Finals.

Alex Yoder to YOGs

2014 Junior Olympic all-around champion (Junior Elite/16 years) Alec Yoder of Indianapolis, Ind./InterActive Academy, was chosen by the USA Gymnastics Men’s Youth Olympic Games Selection Committee to compete in the 2014 Youth Olympic Games, pending approval by the United States Olympic Committee. The 2014 Youth Olympic Games will be held Aug. 16-28 in Nanjing, China. …


Can he do Pommels?

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Yes. :-)

Marty Strech is the alternate.

No American girl will be sent. :-(

Comaneci, Smith, Tweddle on Reality TV

… “Tumble” will be broadcast this summer with two time Olympic gymnast Louis Smith and five time Olympic medallist Nadia Comaneci acting as judges. Also joining them on the judging panel will be Comonwealth Games gold medalist Craig Heap and reknowned choreographer and aerialist Sebastien Stella. Acting as a mentor is Britain’s most successful female gymnast Beth Tweddle. …

Full Twist


No doubt Louis will still have time to train his one apparatus for Commonwealth Games.

English teams will be announced May 30th. Here’s the appeal process, if Louis is not selected. :-)

Brinn Bevan – Pommel

GBR is set for Pommels for many, many years into the future.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

via GymFever