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Pommels: Berki, Ude, Tommasone


Great Pommel Final. Berki is a legend on Pommel Horse.

I’d called Keatings to win, but he broke form on Russian between the Pommel. As he did in prelims.

Keatings getting the job done

Dan has detractors. But far fewer than before Worlds 2014. :-)

His hard routine is the best in the world right now, I’d say. But in both prelims & Team final he had conspicuous form breaks. For the Pommel final he’ll need a set like the one he showed at Commonwealth Games to win.


Great day in the team final yesterday coming 4th???? now bring on the pommel final ???? #gymnastics #gb #china #worldchampionships #pommelhorse

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Krisztian BERKI – Pommels

I’d say Keatings is the man to beat in the Pommel Final. But he must hit perfect as this guy is not going to miss this time.

D:7.000 E:9.066 / 16.066

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Berki does the Magyar spindle properly. Some of the other guys do not complete it in 4 hand placements.

Men’s Worlds Apparatus finalists


Floor Results (PDF)
Ablyazin; Shirai; Hypolito; Kato; Zapata; Kosmidis; Kim Hansol; Dalton; Reserves: Deng Shudi; Purvis; Cheng Ran

Pommel Results (PDF)
Berki; Naddour; Bertoncelj; Ude; Tommasone; Seligman; Likhovitskiy; Keatings; Reserves: Merdinyan; Belyavskiy; Whitlock

Rings Results (PDF)
Liu Yang; Ablyazin; Petrounias; Zanetti; Tulloch; Ait Said; You Hao; Ignatiev; Reserves: Radivilov; Colak; Whittenburg

Vault Results (PDF)
Yang Hak Seon; Ablyazin; Ri Se Gwang; Radivilov; Shirai; Dalton; Shek Wei Hung; Sasaki; Res: Thomas; Kim Hansol; Hypolito

P Bar Results (PDF)
Leyva; Verniaiev; Tanaka; Deng Shudi; Kato; Cheng; Whittenburg; Kuksenkov; Reserves: Augis; Hambüchen; Bucher

H Bar Results (PDF)
Zonderland; Uchimura; Zhang Chenglong; Kuksenkov; Moznik; Wilson; Belyavskiy; Calvo. Reserves: Thomas; Verniaiev; Schroe

via @theallaround:

Only three gymnasts miss event finals due to country limits: Uchimura (FX), You (PB); and Zhang (PB)

USA #1 on Pommels

History was made today. :-)

Team USA finished first as a team on what’s traditionally been their weakest apparatus.

GBR at Worlds

I love this team.

after 5/10 Worlds subdivisions



GBR looked great. Team strategy seems to be slightly lower D scores, higher E scores. Nice to watch.

A highlight was the the 88.323 put up by 18yr-old Nile Wilson who looks a future AA podium threat.

Courtney Tulloch was added to help on their weakest apparatus, Rings, and will likely qualify to the Final.

Dan Keatings and Max Whitlock are, perhaps, the strongest Pommel routines here at Worlds. But both made some errors in prelims. Neither will qualify to the Final. :-(

Watch the GBR Pommel rotation. (VIDEO)

In a bigger shocker, Max Whitlock did not qualify to the AA Final. Both Nile and Daniel Purvis 88.706 finished ahead.

GBR could replace Nile with Max. I would. But that’s not likely. The days of that happening are long gone, me thinks.

Here’s the BG write-upSuperb start for the British men’s team


China WOWs in prelims

Subdivision 3

The arena was not full, surprisingly. The crowd was LOUD, however.


China’s Team score of 362.698 should put them ahead of Japan. And everyone.

Deng Shudi leads the AA with 90.630.

The bigger story was North Korea. Starting on P Bars the rotation was a disaster. H Bar got worse. One injury. On Floor only 3 gymnasts competed effectively eliminating them from the Team competition as 4 scores / apparatus count. That means, I assume, that North Korea cannot qualify to the Rio Olympics.

Ri Se-gwang couldn’t finish his Floor routine. I’d heard he was injured coming into this competition from Asian Games. :-(

Though he could barely walk, Ri Se-gwang somehow landed a pike Dragalescu and his eponymous Vault. He’ll make the Final. With a week recovery, he could yet challenge for the Vault title.

Epke nailed his easy (7.2) Horizontal Bar routine. As usual.

Both Croatians should qualify to the Pommel Final. Seligman CRO hits for 15.466. Ude CRO for 15.533.

USAG streamed the Chinese session for the USA only. Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Men’s Podium day 1


China, Canada, GBR …

Chiu Inside Gymnastics

Sam Mikulak – Pommel

In podium training USA started on their favourite apparatus :-)Pommel Horse.

Everyone HIT aside from Orozco who took one large deduction.

Click PLAY or watch Sam on YouTube.

@theliukin watched the USAG LIVE stream:

Overall not a bad training session. There were some good things and bad things, but mostly good things. Everyone has room for improvement.”

1st air flare on skates

What could go wrong?

Whitlock – 16.500 Pommels

Aggressive single pommel Russians!

16.500 (D:7.4, E:9.1)

Click PLAY or watch his London Open Gold on YouTube.

Max Whitlock is one of a handful of guys who have the chance to defeat Kohei Uchimura for the first time since the 2008 Olympics.

Max won the London Open with 89.70. Will Banthorpe points out he got that score competing only a safe 2/1 twist Yurchenko, with a fall on H Bar and putting his hands down on dismount. If Max hits, he could be close.

No doubt Kohei has harder routines prepared, waiting for the day he needs them.

(via gymnastikfabriken)

future American Pommel star

Daniel Corral Barron – Pommel

Gold medal at Pan Ams.

Click PLAY or watch it on Gymnastike.

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