I Love Gymnastics, But There is That One Thing…

Brad Thornton talks about an athlete with a BIG aversion to one thing in Gymnastics.

Is it a female Artistic gymnast with a mental block on something backwards?


This time it’s a guy who can’t psych up to train Pommels:

1. Identity small problem areas within the major problem and develop a plan

2. Shoot for small victories within your problem each day

3. Tell yourself the complete opposite of how you normally feel about the problem

American Gymnast – I Love Gymnastics, But There is That One Thing…


Donothan Bailey – Pommels

Winter Cup prelims.

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Nice set for the former Cal gymnast.

Félix Dolci – Pommel

Pommel Horse is an apparatus for tall athletes.

Don’t tell Canada Winter Games medalists Félix DOLCI and Jesse TYNDALL, two of the shortest gymnasts in the arena.

Click PLAY or watch Félix on YouTube.

Al Fong on wrist wrap

He’s not a fan of Tiger Paws.

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Gymnasts do get dependent on Tigerpaws and other permanent wrist supports.

related – Full Twist on wrist taping for coaches

Marta Pihan-Kulesza – Mushroom

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Michael Reid – Pommels

Judges are instructed to deduct almost everyone for height on scissors. Very few guys (not named Berki) can get the lower hip high enough.

Michael Reid can.

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Stick it Media has a good wrap-up on where we’re at, so far, with the Men’s NCAA – Cal Posts School Record Team Score, Led by Wolting and Zemeir

youngest G Flop on Pommels?

Russian 1080 on one pommel connected to 2 single pommel loops is a G-value element, the highest in the Pommel code.

15yr-old Rhys Mcclenaghan competed it this weekend (VIDEO). Can you think of any younger guy to compete it?

He’s been training it since age-13.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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