Pommel Horse in the rubble

Nick Blanton:

This photo is really quite powerful in the emotions it sparks…. What do you think?

Pommel Horse

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UPDATE: As I feared, that’s a Gym in war torn Yemen. See more photos. :-(

Max Whitlock – 7.4 Pommels

Max is looking better than ever.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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Krisztian Berki training

Olympic Champion Krisztian, age-30, missed European Championships. But he’s looking good in the lead up to Glasgow.

Click PLAY or watch a recent training session on YouTube.

I’m hoping he finishes top 3 at Worlds 2015 so he’ll have a chance to defend in Rio.

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Yoder / Naddour – Pommels

It’s likely Team USA will select one Worlds 2015 team member for Pommels. My guess is Alex Naddour as he has experience and might contribute on some other apparatus, as well.

Click PLAY or watch Alex Naddour on YouTube. 15.100 (6.8, 8.300)

Not his cleanest routine.

Young Alec Yoder had the highest final Pommel score on day 1.

Click PLAY or watch Alec on YouTube. 15.600 (6.5, 9.100)

Sean Melton went 14.900. Donothan Bailey 15.050. Michael Reid 15.050.

Nancy Armour points out just what a difficult time the U.S. Men’s selection committee is facing.

@StickItMedia has been following the selection procedure. He feels this is simply wild speculation. We need to wait for day 2 scores before trying to fit together the team jigsaw puzzle. :-)

Magyar/Silvado conditiong

Baz Collie. Physical preparation for Pommels at the 2015 EUG training camp in Tirrenia, Italy. 25 gymnasts from 12 nations. 26 coaches from 13 nations.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. Drill at the 16min mark.

Keep watching for swing handstand conditioning from 1 pommel. And more.

Bboy Kill

Slow mo Air Flare variations.

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Asian Championships Men’s Apparatus Finals


1- SHIRAI Kenzo JPN 16.450 pts
2- HAYASAKA Naoto JPN 15.650 pts
3- SHAULOV Eduard UZB 14.575 pts

1- KAYA Kazuma JPN 15.600 pts
2- XIAO Ruoteng CHN 15.575 pts
3- JAMEI Abdollah IRI 14.675 pts

4- KEIKHA Saeed Reza IRI 14.575 pts

Congratulations to Iran on their Bronze medal! And for taking 4th place on this apparatus, as well.

Iran Pommels

1- YAMAMURO Koji JPN 15.525 pts
2- CHEN Chih-Yu TPE 15.450 pts
3- KUDRATULLAYEV Azizbek KAZ 15.200 pts

1- SHEK Wai Hung HKG 15.162 pts
2- SHIRAI Kenzo JPN 14.575 pts
3- KIM Hansol KOR 14.562 pts

Parallel Bars
1- HE Youxiao CHN 15.625 pts
2- ZHU Xiaodong CHN 15.550 pts
3- KAYA Kazuma JPN 15.275 pts

Horizontal Bar
1- TANAKA Yusuke JPN 15.550 pts
2- SHEK Wai Hung HKG 14.500 pts
3- LEE Junho KOR 14.175 pts

full results

Uchimura sat out this meet and the All-Japan individual event championships in June with a shoulder injury. He wants to be healthy for Worlds.