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RIP Valentin Mogilny

The elegant Valentin Victorovich Mogilny (USSR), who won more than a dozen World and European medals between 1985 and 1990, passed away following a heart attack Sunday, according to the Russian Gymnastics Federation. He was 49. …

Coached by Alexander Alexandrov, Mogilny also won World gold on Parallel Bars in 1985 and silver in the All-around in 1989, and helped the Soviet men to the World team title both years. He closed out his career in style, winning the European All-around title in 1990. …

FIG – Valentin Mogilny, five-time World gold medallist, 1965-2015

I was a huge fan as were most coaches of that era.

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planche pendulum swings

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home made floor Pommel mushroom

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World Pommel Champion Max Whitlock


1. Max Whitlock GBR (7.3 + 8.833 = 16.133)
2. Louis Smith GBR (7.2 + 8.833 = 16.033)
3. Harutyun Merdinyan ARM (6.7 + 8.8 = 16.500)
… to Rio! :-)
full results
3. Kaya Kazuma JPN (6.8 + 8.7 = 16.500)

Two fantastic routines for the home fans. I like the final ranking.

Louis Smith certainly got the job done in Glasgow. Respect.

Louis Smith

strong BBC TV ratings for Worlds


… Barbara Slater, head of BBC Sport, represented Great Britain as a gymnast.

For the past four nights, audiences of up to 1.8 million have been tuning into BBC Two’s coverage. …

Gymnastics, it could be argued, is the ideal sport for the modern age. The bite-sized routines, which never exceed 90 seconds, are consistent with our dwindling attention spans. Yet the athletes still manage to pack in plenty of beauty and drama, not to mention physical risk. …

Perfect 10 for BBC as gymnasts help to beat cuts

As often as I question whether GBR should be naming Louis Smith to their A-team, there’s no denying he’s a superstar in the U.K. We need more gymnasts with his level of charisma if we want recognition with the general public.

I’d love to see Louis win a Pommel medal at home.

Louis Pommels

USA Men’s Team Final

USA counted no falls in the team final. One. Tough. Team.

I admire this guy’s fight in particular.

American athletes are more often than not (in all sports) the best psychologically prepared to compete at the highest level

With a healthy Sam Mikulak they will be medal contenders in Rio.