Manrique Larduet – one of the best in the world

Kohei Uchimura (and especially those chasing him) may have a bit more competition in Glasgow from an unexpected place – Cuba. Manrique Larduet … competed in all six events for a cumulative D score of close to 39 – which puts him squarely in contention for a podium spot in Glasgow if he hits. …

The Week in Men’s Gymnastics – May 18-24

Click PLAY or watch his Floor on YouTube.

E 8,475 + D 6,600 = 15,075

Generous with the E score.

Rings (VIDEO)

Click PLAY or watch his Vault on YouTube. (Kas + 2 twists)

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Not Kohei Uchimura. Not yet. But considering how little international experience Manrique has, we can anticipate him getting BETTER. :-)

Varna World Cup Men’s FINALS

T Markovic CRO 14.833
J Hall GBR 14.667
Z Silc SLO 14.633

Click PLAY or watch Markovic’s routine on YouTube.

I like this guy. But look what the Code had him do. The 1 1/2 and 2/1 twist line is silly. All those mini-stag jumps!? The awful ‘man wipe’. FIG simply has to fix the Code on Floor. Return the “overuse of one kind of element” deduction. Twisting.

C Tommasone FRA 15.533
O Stepko AZE 15.100
D Trefilovs LAT 14.700

D Pinheiro Rodrigues FRA 15.200
A Kudratullayev KAZ 15.067
I Colak TUR 15.067

Click PLAY or watch the Rings gold on YouTube. (Only a C dismount.)

MAG Vault
P Bulauski BEL 15.050
O Stepko AZE 14.750
Thanh Tung Le VIE 14.700

P Bars
O Stepko AZE 15.600
F Arican TUR 15.333
A Onder TUR 15.100

Click PLAY or watch Stepko’s set on YouTube.

Two medals for Turkey. Congratulations. Actually, I prefer Arican’s routine. It’s much cleaner. Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

H Bar
N Cordoba ARG 14.867
A Batinkov BUL 14.500
J Hall GBR 14.300

Full Twist has full results.

P Bars – extreme cross support swing

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Karl Kosztka – P Bars

Some cool combinations.

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Fun day at the gym, working on some new p-bar connections 💯 #progress #gymnastics #gsvideo

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Thanks Hal.

South African gymnast Brandon Beack

… In August 2012, Brandon’s goals changed dramatically. He had a bad dismount at gymnastics training and fell on his head and back. He compressed his 6th and 7th vertebra which has left him paralyzed from the chest down.

He is working hard daily to regain some/all of his physical ability.

Walking with Brandon

Click PLAY or watch his story on YouTube. (17min)

Akash Modi – P Bars

Our 2015 NCAA Champion competing Feb 13, 2015.

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Akash was the 2015 NCAA Champion in the all-around.

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Oleg vs Oleg

The men’s AA European Championships is on Saturday.

Former Olympic teammates Oleg Verniaiev (UKR) and Oleg Stepko (AZE) were 1-2 in qualifying to the All-around final as the men’s competition at the 2015 European Gymnastics Championships began Thursday in Montpellier (FRA) …


Of the two, Oleg Stepko (now competing for Azerbaijan) is not nearly as well known as Verniaiev.

Click PLAY or watch Stepko’s P Bars on YouTube.