Fokin – new skill

It’s something like a tucked Urzica (E value). But much further rotated.

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Thanks Tassilo.

Andrew Brower – P Bars dismount


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Sask MAG Winter Games Team

Three brothers, Jesse, Mitch and Wyatt Tyndall, will compete on the same Team. That must be a Canada Winter Games first. :-)

Nope. Coach Jim Rand points out that 3 Martin brothers competed in 2007 for PEITravis and twins Brett and Tyler.


Michael 500px

Warren Long took these photos. Wyatt is doing a Diamadov on the left, Teague a Heally on the right.

Heally Diamadov 500px

more photos

Uchimura – PB double front 1/2

Another upgrade in training. For the day he needs it. :-)

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Kenzo shows another triple twisting double layout on FX, as well.

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possible 7.5 P Bar difficulty

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hop Diamodov


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Calvo – P Bars double double

In training.


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