Zou Jingyuan – P Bars

The Chinese Junior with the forward triple twist on Floor is even better on P Bars.

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Thanks Cabriole.

Manrique Larduet – unsportmanlike?

Manrique is young and inexperienced. But when I saw what he did at the end of his fantastic Parallel Bars in prelims my reaction was … DEDUCTION.


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Personally I like seeing the guys emotional. Many were at Pan Ams. Love the passion.

But my gut feeling was that Manrique went too far this time.

I doubt he’ll do it again. Seems the coaches informed him (after that incident) that he risked loosing points. I was disappointed with the showboating after his fantastic H Bar dismount in AA too. Though likely wouldn’t have deducted that time.

What do you think?

Manrique Larduet – P Bars

Swings big.

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Too much celebration following the routine for this old judge. I’d deduct.

Here are all 6 of his routines from prelims. (VIDEO)

High Bar – 15.050
Floor – 15.150
PH – 13.850
Rings – 15.4
Vault – 15.2 and 14.7 – 14.95 Avg.
Parallel Bars – 15.6

As for the AA, I predict Sam will win. :-)

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Nile Wilson training P Bars

I downloaded this montage. :-)

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European Games Apparatus Finals

Giulia Steingruber (SUI) (15.566, 14.433) 14.999
Seda Tutkhalyan (RUS) (14.833, 14.533) 14.683
Lisa Top (NED) (14.133, 13.900) 14.016

Aliya Mustafina (RUS) 15.400
Sophie Scheder (GER) 15.200
Andreea Iridon (ROU) 12.800

The medalists are the first 3 competitors on this video. Iridon collected a Bronze with a fall. :-(

Lieke Wevers (NED) 14.200
Andreea Iridon (ROU) 14.000
Giulia Steingruber (SUI) 13.700

Giulia Steingruber (SUI) 14.266
Aliya Mustafina (RUS) 14.200
Lieke Wevers (NED) 13.800

Some controversy on who deserved the Gold on Floor Exercise.

Rayderley Miguel Zapata Santana (ESP) 15.333
Fabian Hambuechen (GER) 15.100
David Belyavskiy (RUS) 15.000

Saso Bertoncelj (SLO) 14.966
Oleg Stepko (AZE) 14.600
Brinn Bevan (GBR) 14.200

Eleftherios Petrounias (GRE) 15.633
Nikita Ignatyev (RUS) 15.333
Ibrahim Colak (TUR) 15.133

Oleg Verniaiev (UKR) (15.400, 15.133) 15.266
Casimir Schmidt (NED) (15.033, 15.200) 15.116
Oleg Stepko (AZE) (14.933, 15.000) 14.966

Oleg Stepko (AZE) 15.733
David Belyavskiy (RUS) 15.700
Marius Daniel Berbecar (ROU) 15.600

(Verniaiev 14.633)

Fabian Hambuechen (GER) 15.533
Vlasios Maras (GRE) 15.366
Nikita Ignatyev (RUS) 15.166

results via GYMMIN’ MIEL!

official – 1st European Games: competition report artistic gymnastics event finals:

9 countries divided the 10 event final titles with Azerbaijan clinching its first gold for host nation in gymnastics!

Click PLAY or watch Oleg Stepko’s P Bars on YouTube.

Oleg will be a national hero with that Gold medal. World Champion Verniaiev took an extra swing.

Oleg Vernaiev – P Bars

Leader from the prelim round at European Games.

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Men’s Canadian Nationals Apparatus Finals

Scores were missing from the official results. Happily Stu Cram got almost all and put an easy-to-use summary on Gym Score Depot.

Tony Smith felt the MAG apparatus finals were as good as he could recall. A lot of guys HIT.

1 Morgan, Scott – B.C. 15,200
2 Gagnon, Joel – Saskatchewan 15,000
3 Lytwyn, Kevin – Alberta 14,350

1 Ikeda, Ken – B.C. 14,500
2 Cruz, Evan – Nova Scotia 14,450
3 Pellerin, Thierry – Québec 14,150

1 Stanescu, Robert – Ontario 15,350
2 Lytwyn, Kevin – Alberta 15,050
3 Cournoyer, René – Québec 14,650

1 Cachia, Damien – Alberta 14,600
2 Lytwyn, Kevin – Alberta 14,250
3 Pellerin, Thierry – Québec 14,150

1 Payne, Jackson – Alberta 14,550
2 Nabata, Scott – B.C. 14,300
3 Karstadt, Justin – Ontario 14,000

Click PLAY or watch Jackson’s P Bars on YouTube.

1 Lytwyn, Kevin – Alberta 15,400
2 Payne, Jackson – Alberta 15,350
3 Paterson, Cory – Ontario 14,550

Jackson’s routine was incredible. And yet he got beat by that guy with the Def at the END of the routine. :-)

Click PLAY or watch Kevin’s H Bar on YouTube.

full Sr Men’s results

related – Anderson Loran has been invited to Senior Team training camp this summer. He’s been off this season training as a fire fighter.