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Gymneo TV – cartwheel

Another teaser.

A 14 minute excerpt from a 1 hour video tutorial.

GREAT graphics. :-)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Launch date of site: October 25, 2014

From September 5 through September 25, preorder a subscription and save up to 50% off the regular price.

September 5: 50% discount to September 25: 30% discount


J Lo – Floor

I’ve always been a big fan of Jessica Lopez, though she’s broken my heart more than a few times. :-)

It was great to see her collect a silver Pan Am medal on both Floor and Beam. These medals are important in Venezuela.

Click PLAY or watch her FX on YouTube.

2nd, 14.475 (5.7, 8.775)

Here’s her Beam Final. (VIDEO)

2nd – 14.1 (5.8, 8.3)

Aliya’s triple Y-turn


Daniele Hypolito – Floor

People have been raving about 29yr-old Daniele’s routine, but this was the first chance I’d got to see it.

Click PLAY or watch it on Gymnastike.

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What a story it would be if Daniele Hypólito was able to compete her 5th Olympics in her home country, Brazil!

Her 28yr-old brother Diego is competing Pan Ams, as well

McKayla Skinner wins Floor

Will be applying for her Chinese visa soon. :-)

#PanAmGym FX
1. Skinner (USA) 14.750
2. Lopez (VEN) 14.475
3. Ferrera (CUB) 14.400

Click PLAY or watch it on Gymnastike.

This might be her best Moors, yet.

Watch more videos on Gymnastike

As you can see, this site is not boycotting Gymnastike.

I don’t blame Becca from Gymnastike for the stupid post approved by Joe Battaglia from Flocasts.

I’ll be very surprised if Becca’s not mortified over that decision.

Gymnastike’s doing a great job at Pan Ams. THANKS. :-)

… On the other hand, Tsuk the Pain lays out the argument for boycotting Gymnastike altogether.

Larisa Iordache – Floor

With her improved Bars, you have to count Larisa a favourite for the AA podium at Worlds.

Click PLAY or watch her FX on YouTube.

(via GymFever2012)

2014 Russian Cup Finals 2

1.Mustafina 15.567 6.6
2.Kharenkova #14.833 6.4
3.Spiridonova 13.933 5.8

Click PLAY or watch Aliya’s Beam on YouTube.

E: 6.600
D: 8.967
Score: 15.567

1. Mustafina 14.700 5.7
2. Yelizarova 14.000 5.6
3. Kharenkova 13.933 5.7

Click PLAY or watch Aliya’s FX on YouTube.

via @theallaround

Mykayla Skinner – Floor

Highest score Day 1 Pan Ams.


Click PLAY or watch it on Gymnastike.

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Score looks low to me. On the other hand, perhaps the judges were as tough on everyone. No scores above 14.0.

Mykayla Skinner – Floor

Podium training Pan Am Championships.

Click PLAY or watch it on Gymnastike.

Watch more videos on Gymnastike

The first two passes are fantastic. Yet she still seems to lack energy on the final two passes.

Still, Mykayla will win this competition unless she falls.

via GymFever2012

Flavia Saraiva v Seda Tutkhalyan

Youth Olympic Games Finals – FLOOR:
1. Flavia Saraiva (BRA)- 13.766 GOLD
2. Seda Tutkhalyan (RUS)- 13.733 SILVER

3. Ellie Downie (GBR)- 13.466 BRONZE

Flavia is getting raves for her personality and choreography. Should she have won the Gold at YOGs?

Click PLAY or watch Flavia Saraiva on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch Seda Tutkhalyan on YouTube.

(via Let’s Talk Gymnastics)

Biles is Uchimura

I’m not sure anyone in the world has a chance to compete in the all-around. This tumbling is so EASY for her. :-)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

WAY over-scored on execution. People are getting swept up in Biles fever.

Score : 15.500 (6.4, 9.1)

At least that panel is being consistent. Over-scoring Ross and Skinner, as well.

“@jaredvgoad: Simone’s D-score is .1 lower, split leap 1.5 was credited as a full #PGChamps”

GymCastic – Women’s Prelims

If (like me) you are missing USA Championships 2014, the best catch-up is audio.

A full recap of day one of the women’s competition. We discuss:

Swaggie Maggie Nichols rise in the ranks

The ranging case of nerves that swept the juniors

Trends in routine construction for the top teams

How awesome Evan Heiter and Sam Peszek were at commentating LIVE

Favorites for World and Pan American Games

Adeline Kenlin and the coolest vault of the competition and Lexy Ramler getting the biggest cheers for her bar routine

112: Junior & Senior Women’s Prelims from the 2014 US Championships in Pittsburgh

Click PLAY or watch day 1 Jr leader Jazmyn Foberg’s FX on YouTube.

14.400 (5.8, 8.600)

Cordelia Price is a special guest. Ebee’s aunt, @CordeliaGymFan, is one of the sharpest eyes on the gymternet.

Flavia Saraiva – Floor

YOG prelims

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.