drills for connecting back handsprings

Great advice from Nick Blanton.

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Kerri Strug interview

Anna Rose Johnson posted a new interview on Inside Gymnastics.

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Stay hollow? … Is that something like “pop the clutch“?

Sae Miyakawa – Floor

Front 1/1 to double tuck attempt. Double double dismount.

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Super difficult tumbling. 6.3 start score. But know that the Japanese Senoh Floor is probably the springiest of any in the world. Many gymnasts compete more advanced skills on Senoh than they do on the rest.

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Steingruber – Euro Games Floor

Giulia won Floor over Aliya Mustafina.

Gymnast #391 (A gymnastics fan. Not Ksenia Afanasyeva, just a fan.) preferred Steingruber’s routine, despite the out of bounds deduction.

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Here’s Aliya’s routine (VIDEO) if you’d like to compare for yourself.

Jordan Chiles – front layout triple twist

This is Kenzo serious twisting. Respect.

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Still working on it but it is getting there #fronttriple @samuelmikulak

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Jordan trains at Naydenov Gymnastics.

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quadruple turn?

Aliya Mustafina’s quadruple turn was downgraded to triple in the European Games Final.

Aliya quad turn

Would you have given it?

That was linked by wogymnastika.

Stacey Umeh-Lees in China

Long time choreographer for the Australian National Team.

Here she is with Shang Chunsong.

Shang Stacey

Stacey is originally from Canada, sister of Stella Umeh.