comparing Aliya’s FX routines

Worlds 2014. Interesting to see what changes routine-to-routine, especially when she makes a mistake.

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handstand to bridge, kick back walkover

I’m no fan of this compulsory element in the current J.O. Level 3 Floor routine. :-(

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Forcing young kids to do forward limber is a mistake. It mostly teaches bad form. And bad technique. Two Olympians from my city could never have competed it at any age. They were fantastic gymnasts and NCAA stars. Talented gymnasts who might have been discouraged out of the sport if forced to do forward limber at a young age.

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J.O. rules allow the girls to land in bridge with feet shoulder width apart. And to take one step with the foot to initiate the backward walkover.

My advice to coaches forced to compete this element is to start young. Spend plenty of time. Do not rush. Do not spot.

Start from elevated bridge on a wall and let the girls progress at their own speed. Some soft mat below will be needed for beginners who might fall. Who might miss the wall.

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Thanks to coach Andrew Vetter and Gymtastics for hosting this video.

Larisa Iordache Dream Floor

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Nina McGee – 9.925 Floor

Better than Mincie, if you ask me. And this unforgettable choreography suits her. :-)

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Lloimincia Hall – 9.95 Floor

NCAA Floor rewards entertainment value. Watch the Kentucky girls break up in the one corner.

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Sadly, YouTube doesn’t give much indication of how crowd pleasing it is. I’ll have to see it LIVE.

UCLA Gymnastics Legacy Routines

Cool idea.

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Brenna Dowell – double front

There are some BIG tricks in College gymnastics this season.

Brenna double front

She didn’t compete it last meet, but it sounds like they plan to use it. :-}

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