Simone’s 6.9 FX D-score

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Compare with Gabby and Aly.

Simone Biles – Floor 16.05!

16.050 (6.9, 9.150)

Easily the best routine since the start of the open ended Code in 2006. Perhaps the best all time.

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Hernandez wins Secret Junior

1. Lauren Hernandez – MG Elite 58.450
2. Ragan Smith – Texas Dreams 57.700
3. Jazzy Foberg – MG Elite 57.400
4. Gabby Perea – Legacy Elite 55.550
5. Deanne Soza – Arete 55.500
6. Shilese Jones – Buckeye 55.200

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Gymternet2015 Secret U.S. Classic Junior Live Blog

Beam Dreams is there. – Secret US Classics Junior Results and Recap

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15.000 (6.1, 8.900)

Very pretty. Aside from that Wolf turn. :-)

Raisman – Dos Santos punch front

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That was one of Gymternet’s Favorite Moments from U.S. Classic Podium Training.

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Farah Ann Abdul Hadi – cover girl

The Malaysian gymnast won six medals at the last SEA Games. And became a National sports hero.

The media attention drew critics, as well, unhappy that a Muslim girl was wearing a Gymnastics leotard in public.

Many defended her.

Farah Ann’s personal position was made clear in this cover story:

In her interview with the Malay-language online magazine “Pepatung”, the sports star, who was featured wearing a midnight-blue dress, said she has not wavered from her goal. …

magazine cover

… criticisms will not dampen my spirits to achieve my aims and dreams in this field,” Farah Ann, 21, told Pepatung in an interview published today.

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Flavia Saraiva – Floor

Darling. :-)

Top score in the AA competition.

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Flavia Saraiva – Floor

Fan favourite at Pan Ams. :-)

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