Eythora Thorsdottir – Floor

Very pretty.

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Laurie Hernandez – Floor

Japan Junior Event Finals

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Melnikova – double wolf to double turn

Angelina Melnikova – FX Russian Junior Nationals 2015

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American Skills – 2015 Edition

Balance Beam Situation posted statistics on U.S. Elite Women’s routine composition.

Some of the most popular skills on each apparatus in 2015 are …

BARS – Pak, Straddle Jaeger, Toe-on, Toe-on Full, Toe-on Shaposh, full twisting double back

BEAM – Switch Leap, Aerial Walkover, Layout Step-out, Full Turn, Side Aerial, Split Jump, Sissone, Switch half, Wolf Jump, Double Pike dismount

(Less than 30% use Wolf turn.)

FLOOR – Double Pike, Double Tuck, 1 1/2 Twist, Switch Full, Tour Jete Full, Double Wolf Turn

Click through to Balance Beam Situation for details and trends over the past 4 years.


forward handspring progressions

The superb JAO YouTube channel has had a name change. It’s now GymTactics Videos: Bounce Gymnastics Girls Team.

Enjoy Jason’s latest tutorial.

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history of artistry in Artistic Gymnastics

Dance educator, Circus and Gymnastics choreographer Chris Houston put together a research paper for an undergraduate degree titled The Art of the Sport.

Here’s an excerpt:

… A significant area of research that merits further investigation is the exclusion of the women’s compulsory program. This program demanded that the gymnast perform fundamental skills with the highest form of precision possible. These routines distinguished the technically proficient gymnast from the gymnast with poor form and substandard artistry.

The floor routine required exquisite dance technique, superior flexibility, and exceptional acrobatic execution. Each nation brought their own ‘flavor’ in the presentation of these exercises; they tried to stylize the movements to look different from other countries.

The interpretation of the routine allowed each gymnast to demonstrate their unique personality – it encouraged the individual’s artistry.

In 1996, the compulsory program was cut. Since its removal, there has been a gradual decline in the execution of dance …

Download The Art of the Sport as a PDF.

What is artistry?

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Floor – Aly & Simone

#PGChamps day 2 videos

Click PLAY or watch Aly on YouTube. 15.500 (6.6, 8.900)

Click PLAY or watch Simone on YouTube. 15.850 (6.8, 9.050)

Aly is National Champion 2015.

Floor (2 days combined)
1. Alexandra Raisman, Needham, Mass., 31.050
2. Simone Biles, Spring, Texas, 30.750
3. MyKayla Skinner, Gilbert, Ariz., 29.150
3. Bailie Key, Montgomery, Texas, 29.150
5. Maggie Nichols, Little Canada, Minn., 28.700
6. Gabrielle Douglas, Tarzana, Calif., 28.650