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Vanessa Ferrari Floor 2004-2014

She’s been one of the best tumblers in the world for a long, long time. :-)

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Vanessa Atler – 1998 Floor

With the publication of Vanessa‘s new children’s book – – her name is back on the gymternet.

Full Twist linked to her very impressive Floor routine from back during the run-up to the 2000 Olympics. At this time many, including me, assumed she’d be competing in Sydney. It was not to be.

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Fragapane – Young Sports Personality

Bristol’s Claudia Fragapane wins BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year 2014.


via Nico on GymFever2012

Deanne Soza recovering

Arabian Punch Front:

USA – Deanne Soza is recovering from her eye injury and is hard at work in the gym. Looks like she has most, if not all, of her skills back. Here she is working a double arabian that is beautiful.

Upgrades! #stuck

A video posted by Deanne Soza (@deannesoza_2020) on

I like Artistic gymnasts tumbling from Rod Floor to land on soft mats. Some of my former gymnasts will recall assignments where they could opt to do one big skill on competition Floor. Or 5 on Rod Floor.

Dec 14th – This Week In Training: Around the World

Great idea compiling training clips on one post. THANKS. :-)

Biles training Moors

If Simone added Moors, imagine the potential start score.

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Amelia Montague – Floor

Bea Gheorghisor:

Alongside the World Cup event, Glasgow was the host of the British “Espoir” competition, for the gymnasts born in 2001/2002. This was a great opportunity to watch the little gymnasts on a big arena, trying to spot the big contenders of the future …

Couch Gymnast – Glasgow: Hopes and Legends results & video links

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BGtv – Espoir British Championships 2014 YouTube playlist

The Boulder®

Some elite coaches trash talk backward handspring training devices.

And it’s true you can teach a great backward handspring without one.

Personally, I love them all. They have hundreds of uses in the gym. And are ideal for older and non-competing gymnasts.

The best of them all is The Boulder®.

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They start at $344. Cheap. :-)

J Lo – Floor

Jessica Lopez – FX AA – 2014 Stuttgart DTB World Cup

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evaluating dorsiflexion

Dr. Dave Tilley posted a quick and easy method to evaluate dorsiflexion, a range of motion gymnasts need. He uses Bri Guy’s take off position as an example.


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In my personal experience I’ve found that gymnasts with greater dorsiflexion range are less injured, especially on landings. It’s not all that trainable, however.

details – How To Quickly Screen A Gymnast’s Ankle Mobility

Hideous Choreography Montage

This classic edit from 2010 is being shared on Facebook. It’s worth watching again. :-)

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Very few can agree on what’s artistry. But pretty much everyone can agree on what’s not. :-)

Mexico, Lopez win Central American & Caribbean Games

1. Mexico
2. Cuba
3. Colombia

1. Jessica Lopez 55.633
2. Elsa Garcìa 54.898
3. Yesenia Ferrera 54.366

Lauren has full prelim results with commentary:

As expected, Mexico came out victorious in the team final, though it wasn’t an easy task. The Cuban silver medalists finished less than four tenths behind the home squad, an unprecedented result considering their relative lack of experience on the international stage. The team from Colombia earned bronze.

The all-around was a battle between gold medalist Jessica Lopez of Venezuela, silver medalist Elsa Garcia of Mexico, and bronze medalist Yesenia Ferrera of Cuba. …

Mexico, Jessica Lopez Golden at 2014 Central American & Caribbean Games

J Lo competes a lot. And occasionally hits 4/4. I love that a 28yr-old is still working new tricks. Whip to 3 ½, for example.

Eythora Thorsdottir – Floor

Energetic choreography.

5.3 + 8.5 – 0.1 = 13.7

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via Nico on GymFever2012

Viktoria Komova – new FX

Blythe Lawrence:

Proof of life from Viktoria Komova — after sitting out last month’s World Championships, one of the most talented and least lucky gymnasts of the past quad turned up in Mexico for a gala of stars … with a cool new floor routine. …

How Viktoria Komova is closer to fulfilling her potential

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I’m not sure Vika can tumble with the best in the world in 2015, however. This is the era of Mckayla Skinner. Let’s hope Viktoria can add difficulty and stay healthy.