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Mykayla Skinner – Floor

Podium training Pan Am Championships.

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The first two passes are fantastic. Yet she still seems to lack energy on the final two passes.

Still, Mykayla will win this competition unless she falls.

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Flavia Saraiva v Seda Tutkhalyan

Youth Olympic Games Finals – FLOOR:
1. Flavia Saraiva (BRA)- 13.766 GOLD
2. Seda Tutkhalyan (RUS)- 13.733 SILVER

3. Ellie Downie (GBR)- 13.466 BRONZE

Flavia is getting raves for her personality and choreography. Should she have won the Gold at YOGs?

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Biles is Uchimura

I’m not sure anyone in the world has a chance to compete in the all-around. This tumbling is so EASY for her. :-)

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WAY over-scored on execution. People are getting swept up in Biles fever.

Score : 15.500 (6.4, 9.1)

At least that panel is being consistent. Over-scoring Ross and Skinner, as well.

“@jaredvgoad: Simone’s D-score is .1 lower, split leap 1.5 was credited as a full #PGChamps”

GymCastic – Women’s Prelims

If (like me) you are missing USA Championships 2014, the best catch-up is audio.

A full recap of day one of the women’s competition. We discuss:

Swaggie Maggie Nichols rise in the ranks

The ranging case of nerves that swept the juniors

Trends in routine construction for the top teams

How awesome Evan Heiter and Sam Peszek were at commentating LIVE

Favorites for World and Pan American Games

Adeline Kenlin and the coolest vault of the competition and Lexy Ramler getting the biggest cheers for her bar routine

112: Junior & Senior Women’s Prelims from the 2014 US Championships in Pittsburgh

Click PLAY or watch day 1 Jr leader Jazmyn Foberg’s FX on YouTube.

14.400 (5.8, 8.600)

Cordelia Price is a special guest. Ebee’s aunt, @CordeliaGymFan, is one of the sharpest eyes on the gymternet.

Flavia Saraiva – Floor

YOG prelims

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Sae Miyagawa – Floor

The biggest tumbling in today’s YOG prelims should be our girl from Japan.

Click PLAY or watch a 2013 routine on YouTube. Front whip to double front mount. Double layout dismount!

(via Examiner – Five envelope-pushing gymnastics videos you should be watching right now)

Mai Murakami training Moors

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Farah Ann Abdul Hadi – FX

One of the most enjoyable routines at Commonwealth Games.

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Farah is a fan favourite.

She was 11th AA – 51.065. Age-20 from Malaysia.

Shallon training double double

This girl is great at tricks.

At a Canadian team training camp.

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Victoria Nguyen – Floor

Great potential.

14.000 (5.7, 8.400)

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Jordan Chiles – Vault and Floor

YDT – 14.900 (5.8, 9.100)

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Jordan is one of only six juniors in this session vaulting a double Yurchenko, and hers was the best by leaps and bounds.

Jordan Chiles – Floor

13.950 (5.700, 8.250)

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Ragan Smith – Floor


Score: 14.350 (5.7, 8.650)

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Most of the Texas girls at P&G Championships 2014 are from either Texas Dreams, like Ragan, or WOGA.

Yao Jinnan – Floor

5.6 + 8.4 = 14.0 – 1st in qualification

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Tumbling is definitely China’s greatest weakness.

Who’s the next Cheng Fei?