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Claudia Fragapane – FX prelims

My favourite routine in the world right now. Great tumbling. Entertaining choreography.

6.0 + 8.766 Score 14.766

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backward handspring analysis


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That’s the latest sneak preview from Gymneo’s English language tutorial library being launched this Fall.

It’s a paid service, but between September 5 and September 25, 2014, a subscription is half price for 1 year — that’s €109.50 instead of €219 (US$149.50 instead of US$299).


One comment I’d add. If you allow beginners to do standing backward handspring on a flat, hard Floor, you are almost guaranteed problems. Instead, have them train down an incline where gravity assists.

best of Jr Europeans FX


Catherine Lyons
Amy Tinkler
Andreea Iridon
Chiara Imeraj
Laura Jurc?
Anastasia Dmitrieva
Axelle Klinckaert
Seda Tutkhalyan

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the Mykayla Skinner story

She has a 6.8 start on FX.

Our next Beyond the Routine series features senior national team member Mykayla Skinner. Everyone who knows Mykayla describes her as a daredevil for her lack of fear and willingness to throw the big skills. While Mykayla has struggled with form, she has been working hard on her flexibility and it has paid off. Martha Karolyi is recognizing her as one of the best of Team USA and Mykayla is ready to prove that to the world.

Episode 1 premieres Tuesday, July 29.

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Watch more video of Mykayla Skinner on gymnastike.org

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The AA winner from Cuba of the Pan American Olympic Festival 2014 is an incredibly power vaulter. As powerful as the best in the world.

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Click PLAY or watch her difficult Beam routines on YouTube.

As you’d expect, her tumbling is HUGE. Surprising, however, is the amplitude of her leaps. Excellent.

Click PLAY or watch Yesenia’s FX on YouTube.

I previously posted her Bars.

Yesenia FERRARA would certainly qualify to the AA Final at Worlds 2014, … IF she competes.

Will Cuba send her?

Thanks for the links Yazaira. :-)

leap drills


I’m happy to say there will be a lot more original content coming to Swing Big! in the coming months (including today’s video). …

Swing Big

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bwd handspring – late snap down

Beginners – and those not confident in the position landing on the hands – tend to begin the snap down early.

Here’s one drill to encourage waiting longer.

Natalia Ros – fwd triple twist

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Natalia is a Senior from Spain.

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Pole Gym Saint-Etienne tutorials

Coaches in France have done an excellent job editing drills for certain skills.

For example, forward handspring on Floor.

Click PLAY or watch Le Saut de Mains – Handspring forward on YouTube.

Check their Technique videos playlist for more.

I don’t agree with every drill shown. But there are some good ideas there for every coach.

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headspring for WAG?

Most boys train headspring at some point in their career.

Is it a good idea for girls?

Swing Big likes the drill:

… two ways of doing front headsprings, one off a mat and the second on the floor. I’m pretty sure I’ve never had my gymnasts do it on the floor. I just haven’t felt it necessary. By the time they have a good one off the mat generally their front handsprings on floor (or TT, or into the pit) are pretty good. …

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That edit is from Enrique Trabanino, who likes headspring as well.

I like it too. Especially for young beginners. :-)

double front 1/2-out

Lilia Podkopayeva 1996 Olympics.

double front half out

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Ferrari possible 6.9 FX D-score

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Mykayla Skinner has the highest of the year, so far, at 6.5 according to TAA.

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Mai Murakami – new Floor

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (13.650)

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