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Jackson Payne – Achilles

Canada’s top male AA gymnast tore his right Achilles tendon training Floor at a Pan Am team Camp in June.

“It felt like I stepped into a hole,” said Payne, who represents the Capital City Gymnastics Club.

“I’ve never experienced something like this, where I was totally ready to go. And I wanted to medal there (at the Pan Am Games) and help the sport get more publicity in Canada.” …

Payne resumes training for 2016 Olympics only 10 days after surgery


Both Jackson and team mate Hugh Smith missed two years of training while on missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Both came back to qualify to Canada’s A-team.

Jorge Vega Lopez – Floor

Gold medal at Pan Ams

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Congratulations Guatemala. Per capita income $5,208.

There are internationally competitive male gymnasts in dozens of small nations around the world.

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Pan Am Finals

1. VEGA LOPEZ Jorge GUA 15.150
2. WHITTENBURG Donnell USA 14.975
3. MIKULAK Samuel USA 14.925

POMMELS … a very strong Final!
1. CALVO MORENO Jossimar COL 15.025
1. KIMBLE Marvin USA 15.025
3. CORRAL BARRON Daniel MEX 14.825

1. Marcia Videaux CUB 14.737
2. Yamilet Peña DOM 14.250
3. Ellie Black CAN 14.087

If FIG wants greater audience appeal for the sport, have the Awards ceremony follow the actual athletic contest. How many general fans want to sit through all these National anthems?

1. Arthur Zanetti BRA 15.725
2. Donnell Whittenburg USA 15.525
2. Manrique Larduet CUB 15.45

1. Rachel Gowey USA 14.725
2. Jessica Lopez VEN 14.70
3. Amelia Hundley USA 14.65

detailed WAG Final scores

Sam Mikulak – Floor

Prelims at Pan Ams.

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More Pan Am videos.

Sargis Siradegyan – quad twist

In training. Watch the round-off.

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HAYASAKA Naoto – Floor

Top qualifier at FISU Games with 15.550.

He uses the offset round-off as so many of the Kenzo wannabes are doing these days.

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