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the men of Nanning

The new The Liukin blog is must reading for coaches of Men’s Gymnastics.

Kohei Uchimura (JPN)
Max Whitlock (GBR)
Yusuke Tanaka (JPN)
Diego Hypólito (BRA)
Deng Shudi (CHN)
Oleg Verniaiev (UKR)

The Men of Nanning and Their Lasting Impressions: Part I

Click PLAY or watch Hypolito’s Bronze FX on YouTube.

tumbling doodle

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Arabian full-out to Rudi

Many of the Worlds competitors are on some sort of break. Not Uchimura. He flew home after the banquet and competed all-around.

Not Diego Hypolito.

This guy is mad motivated. What would he need for a medal in Rio?

Something like this new combo.


Hypolito 2 de volta!!!!! Uhuuuuu treino em São Bernardo de volta também rs!!!!!!! Tem copa do mundo na Colômbia!!!!! Então borá treinar uhuuuuuuuu muito feliz

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Jake Dalton – Artistic Gymnast

One of the big complaints in 2014 is the lack of artistry in Artistic Gymnastics. Beautiful and compelling routines are not often winning.

Personally, I’ve given up on evaluating and rewarding “artistry“. I’d be happy simply to deduct execution errors (legs crossed on twisting, poor body position, etc.) as specified in the Codes.

Here’s one of the best executed routines in Nanning. Geo-blocked in many nations. Sorry about that. Leave a comment if you know of a video of this routine not posted by USAG.

Click PLAY or watch Dalton’s Team FX routine on YouTube.

15.900 = 6.7 + 9.200

That was the highest E-score on Floor. (Uchimura was 2nd highest.) But the gap between Jake and the rest is too small.

full results

Abliazin vs Shirai

Which one is the World Champion?

Click PLAY or watch Denis on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch Kenzo on YouTube.

At the time I thought Kenzo had it.

Here’s how the judges called it.

1. ABLIAZIN Denis 7.100 + 8.650 = 15.750
2. SHIRAI Kenzo 7.400 + 8.433 – 0.1OB = 15.733

HYPOLITO was 3rd with 15.700

full results

Floor: Abliazin, Shirai, Hypolito

GOLD – Denis Abliazin (RUS) – 15.750
SILVER – Kenzo Shirai (JPN) – 15.733
BRONZE – Diego Hypolito (BRA) – 15.700

Diego Hypolito wasn’t even on the Brazil traveling team to Nanning. Looks like he’s proved his worth. :-)

MAG Vault

I’m happy I wasn’t judging that final. Tough calls. Weighing difficulty (Shirai) vs execution (Dalton).

what’s so GREAT about Kohei?

#FIGWorlds2014ART MAG AA

Is he really as good as all the hype.

Click PLAY or watch his Floor on YouTube.

I’d call that a HIT and a STICK.

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Jake Dalton

Say no more.



Here’s the man with a high enough difficulty score 7.1 to (almost) challenge the World Champion Kenzo in the Final.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch Kenzo 7.4 on YouTube.

FIG videos like these should play anywhere in the World outside China. The USAG videos play only if you have an American IP address.

Men’s Worlds Apparatus finalists


Floor Results (PDF)
Ablyazin; Shirai; Hypolito; Kato; Zapata; Kosmidis; Kim Hansol; Dalton; Reserves: Deng Shudi; Purvis; Cheng Ran

Pommel Results (PDF)
Berki; Naddour; Bertoncelj; Ude; Tommasone; Seligman; Likhovitskiy; Keatings; Reserves: Merdinyan; Belyavskiy; Whitlock

Rings Results (PDF)
Liu Yang; Ablyazin; Petrounias; Zanetti; Tulloch; Ait Said; You Hao; Ignatiev; Reserves: Radivilov; Colak; Whittenburg

Vault Results (PDF)
Yang Hak Seon; Ablyazin; Ri Se Gwang; Radivilov; Shirai; Dalton; Shek Wei Hung; Sasaki; Res: Thomas; Kim Hansol; Hypolito

P Bar Results (PDF)
Leyva; Verniaiev; Tanaka; Deng Shudi; Kato; Cheng; Whittenburg; Kuksenkov; Reserves: Augis; Hambüchen; Bucher

H Bar Results (PDF)
Zonderland; Uchimura; Zhang Chenglong; Kuksenkov; Moznik; Wilson; Belyavskiy; Calvo. Reserves: Thomas; Verniaiev; Schroe

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Only three gymnasts miss event finals due to country limits: Uchimura (FX), You (PB); and Zhang (PB)

chasing Kohei – DENG Shudi

Here’s China’s best AA. 90.630 in prelims hitting 6/6.

Click PLAY or watch his Floor on YouTube.

15.466 (D 6.700 + E 8.766).

Denis Ablyazin – double double layout


Your precomps aren’t the only one using a foam between chin and neck to keep their head-in. :-)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Denis has the best chance to upset Kenzo for the Gold on Floor.

Thanks to Inside Gymnastics for getting that unique video.

Brazil impresses at Worlds

Gym Blog Brazil called the team’s chances to qualify for the top 8 a DREAM.

But the Olympic host nation was fired up today. Last minute replacement Diego Hypólito looked fantastic on Floor with 15.900. I’m sure you’ll see him in the Final. He was World Champion in 2005 and 2007.

Not so old at age-28. :-)

With 348.100, they finished well ahead of UKR 345.540 and.BLR 340.367.

VERNIAIEV Oleg (UKR) leads the AA with 89.230 after the 2nd of 10 flights of competition. He had a fall on Pommels but looked much improved on his weak apparatus, Horizontal Bar.

Olympic Rings Champ ZANETTI Arthur (BRA) went 15.716. He competed Vault and Floor quite well. Respect. Brazil can’t afford to carry a specialist.