front half, back out on Floor

15yr-old Riley Loos.

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Thanks Vinh.

Artur Dalaloyan tumbling

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sprint training for gymnasts

Gymneo posted another free preview on Facebook.

I renewed my membership to Gymneo English for another year. Around 21 hours of excellent WAG coaching tutorials. The French version has more content (36hrs), however.

Kenzo Shirai – Floor

Three chances to count the twists. Worlds 2015 Glasgow.

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Click PLAY or watch his Team Finals routine on YouTube. (best of the 3)

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Kenzo is young. Getting stronger. Trains even more difficulty than this.

If the Code changes to 8 counting skills rather than 10, he’ll still be the man to beat on Floor in the next Olympic Cycle. The Cycle leading to the Tokyo Olympics. :-)

Ellie Black Iceland holiday

… At least that’s what I thought she was doing in Iceland.

Instead it’s crazy Kenzo stuff. :-)

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Fun morning playing with #dubdub @ellieblack_

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And … she’s doing these things again.

World Floor Champion Kenzo Shirai


1. Kenzo Shirai JAP (7.6 + 8.633 = 16.233)
2. Max Whitlock GBR (6.8 + 8.766 = 15.566)
3. Santana Zapata SPN (6.7 + 8.500 = 15.200) to Rio!
full results

All hail. Without Denis Ablyazin in this final, Kenzo would have had to have fallen to lose the gold.


Proud mother of #KingKohei #glasgow2015

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Zapata qualifies directly to the Olympic AA with that Bronze medal.

Personally I slightly preferred Deng Shudi’s routine. But am thrilled Santana will be there

bloody brilliant – Max Whitlock Floor

Here’s the anchor GBR routine in the team Final at #Glasgow2015.

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Max was recently ill with glandular fever. He seems to be fully recovered.

The silver medal team had no falls over 18 routines. Ono says they had the highest team E-score, as well.