9/2 twist to 2/1 twist

Or is it 7/2?

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Ukrainian Kenzo Shirai 👍💪

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Posted by Oleg Verniaiev. Nico’s not sure of this guy’s name.

The most I’ve seen Kenzo do is 9/2 twist to 1/2 twist.

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Emyre Cole – Floor

2015 Winter Cup

There aren’t many male gymnasts with much style on Floor Exercise these days. Add this name to your short list of favourites.

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Kyle Shewfelt was a guest coach at E’s gym (Go For It, Vegas) some years ago, already much impressed with this kid’s talent. His female coach, Nalani Cook, has done a good job with Emyre.

On GymCastic audiocast #138: Prince Emyre Cole they awarded E the “Winter Cup Prize for Elegance”.

Paul Ruggeri wins Winter Cup

1. Ruggeri 175.250
2. Legendre 174.700
3. Whittenburg 174.500

full results

After a disappointing day 1, day 2 of the U.S. Men’s Winter Nationals was a thriller. Sam Mikulak posted the top score in the all-around 87.850 on day 2.

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Steve is great. But cannot stick landings. … Aside from the dismount. He NAILED that dismount.

USAG already has every routine on YouTube. Fantastic.

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Steven Legendre – Floor

The Legend is back. He missed Pommels, but would be unlikely to compete that apparatus for USA anyway.

Steve was one of the highlights of the Winter Cup prelim competition.

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Jake Dalton – 16.2 Floor

Jake Dalton won silver on Floor at the 2013 Worlds. And was 4th at the 2014 Worlds with 15.600.

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16.20 is high. Jake scored 91.85 AA in Houston this weekend. Also high, I’ve heard.

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Orozco training Air Flare

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AirFlare NOT to my face! #AirFlare 👍

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Mikulak – 2 air flares

There are quite a few guys competing one air flare now. We can anticipate more advanced versions over the coming years. Copying the break dancers.

If you thought one air flare was cool… how do you feel about 2?! 💣💥

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