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Thanks Peter.

Gymneo – roundoff

Good news for English subscribers (like me).

If you go to the French homepage – – click on “Sign in,” then enter the same login information you use for the English site you now get access to all video, including the skills in French.

Coaches who would like to subscribe and take advantage of dual access must register on the English site – This means that starting now, for €199 for the first year or a renewal fee of €149, the services are equivalent whether someone subscribes to the English or French version.

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MAG 2020 Code of Points draft

Mens Gymnastics Australia Podcast is reviewing the DRAFT Code of Points. The review period is over end of January. No doubt there will be changes to the next draft.

But if you are interested NOW, click through.

General – Part 1 / 7 2017 Draft CoP Series

Floor – Part 2 / 7 2017 Draft CoP Series

Pommel – Part 3 / 7 2017 Draft CoP Series

MAG Australia podcast

Eddie Van Hoof – the gymnast

Carol-Angela Orchard linked to an old video of her husband – current British Men’s National Coach – training Floor. :-) Back in the day.

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