Men’s Jr Elite Level 10 prelims


5280’s Yul Moldauer posted a 15.600 for this floor routine en route to the highest all-around total of the day (89.25) at Men’s Junior Olympic Nationals!

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Gonzalez – Floor

World Cup São Paulo Final.

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Gymnova Inflatable Floor

The main advantage of this product is its quick installation and deflation.

Connect the inflators and your floor is ready for use within a few minutes …

It can be easily stored (folded dimensions of the floor = 153 x 120 x 90cm … and can be transported in the back of a small van.

This inflatable floor establishes itself as the natural first choice for all your workshops and on-the-go demonstrations.

Once inflated, it will remain inflated for several days without using the inflators. A gauge allows pressure monitoring and this can be adjusted simply thereby creating the rebound and stiffness of the floor to suit all your training needs.

details (not sure of the cost)

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The main disadvantage, of course, is trying to land on a force elastic surface. Difficult and potentially dangerous.

Air is great for takeoff. But I’d like the athletes to be landing on force absorbing mats on top of the Air Floor.

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Julia Sharpe 9th AA at Men’s NAIGC Nationals.

OK. Justin’s WAG floor was impressive.

But Julia, a regular competitor in Men’s competition, this year placed 4th on FX, 8th on H Bar a little over 3 months after giving birth to twins via c-section!

She admitted her “abs were pretty much dysfunctional”.

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Ellie Black tumbles higher than you

Or does she? :-)

Don't try this at home kids 💪💃 #Alta #howhighcanyougo

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Jake Dalton training Quint

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Can you count how many twists? @adidasgymnastics #OwnToday

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Kenzo, reportedly, has already done it on competition Floor.

Hypolito – double Arabian, double twist


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Passada nova!!!! Uhuu treino de hoje! Duplo twiste seguido de dupla de frente!

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