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Bars routine – MAKITA animation

Kovacs to Geinger. At the end of the routine, to build drama. :-)

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Roxana Popa 14.9 Bars

Carlota Bardera posted a wrap-up on the 2014 Blume MemorialReport and Results. With video links.

1 Roxana Popa 57.100
2 Marta Pihan-Kulesza 54.950
3 Ana Filipa Martins 52.650

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Romania would certainly love to have Roxana apply to compete for them. :-)

that’s not a rip …

THIS is a RIP.

more 2014 Élite Gym Massilia

Lauren posted ALL results and linked to MANY more routines in this Gymternet summary – 2014 Élite Gym Massilia Report and Results

Click PLAY or watch Youna Dufournets Bars on YouTube.

6.0 + 8.033 = 14.033

If you’re keen on Vika’s comeback, check the dedicated update – Viktoria Komova Makes International Return in Hungary


Komova Bars – Hungary 2014

Vika competed AA in this meet. Getting back to business.

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More videos from that competition linked here.

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H Bar – hop double twist

… more like Rybalko plus pirouette.

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That’s Ron Ferris from 2005.

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Olympic Bars Champions

1972 – 2008

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Munich 1972 – Karin Janz
Montreal 1976 – Nadia Comaneci
Moscow 1980 – Maxi Gnauck
Los Angeles 1984 – Julianne McNamara / Ma Yanhong
Seoul 1988 – Daniela Silivas
Barcelona 1992 – Lu Li
Atlanta 1996 / Sydney 2000 – Svetlana Khorkina
Athens 2004 – Émilie Le Pennec
Beijing 2008 – He Kexin

Shang Chunsong – missing handstands

Shang Chunsong is my favourite of the current Chinese Senior Team. Right now she’s worried about her future after disappointing performances on Bars in Nanning.

I was shocked to see a Chinese gymnast miss handstands like this.

Shang Bar handstand
photo posted by ALX BLACK

Chinese coaches put very high priority on saving handstands.

Why Can’t Susie Control Her Handstand?
Leonard Isaacs – saving handstand

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Ashton Locklear – Stalder Tkachev

Workin these again? ???? #workwednesday

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circus Bar act – Tournik

Eight artists cross paths in the Tournik Act from Corteo which marries horizontal bar techniques with circus arts. The artists perform on a central cube-shaped structure, with two additional bars on each side of the cube. The various parts of the structure turn, sometimes all in the same direction, sometimes in opposite directions… just to keep everyone on their toes!

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Good and crazy Bar workers, male and female, are pretty much constantly in demand by Cirque du Soleil. If you coach such an athlete, contact Casting for more information.

the Olivia Vivian show

This is good. :-)

Bars – the Vivian


#ThrillingThursday! This is the move we call 'THE VIVIAN'!! I broke my back trying to learn this skill last year, but persistence and determination made me try again! Unfortunately the technical committee only valued it a 'C' which was heartbreaking, but that's life. I want to thank my bar coach @jfabs101 for believing such a crazy skill idea could work, and the numerous Australian coaches who helping teach a skill that's never been done! A special thanks goes out to the team at @internationalgymcamp who helped me re-learn this skill and make it possible! ???????????? #TheVivian #Bars #Gymnastics #NewSkill #WhatAThrill

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To handstand, I assume it would be awarded D-part.

To handstand in undergrip and Endo or Weiler, D-part as well.

acrobats Tom & Jerry 1952

This excellent clip comes from their appearance on the public domain episode of “The Colgate Comedy Hour”, aired on December 14, 1952.

Unique Facts

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