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circus Bar act – Tournik

Eight artists cross paths in the Tournik Act from Corteo which marries horizontal bar techniques with circus arts. The artists perform on a central cube-shaped structure, with two additional bars on each side of the cube. The various parts of the structure turn, sometimes all in the same direction, sometimes in opposite directions… just to keep everyone on their toes!

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Good and crazy Bar workers, male and female, are pretty much constantly in demand by Cirque du Soleil. If you coach such an athlete, contact Casting for more information.

the Olivia Vivian show

This is good. :-)

Bars – the Vivian


#ThrillingThursday! This is the move we call 'THE VIVIAN'!! I broke my back trying to learn this skill last year, but persistence and determination made me try again! Unfortunately the technical committee only valued it a 'C' which was heartbreaking, but that's life. I want to thank my bar coach @jfabs101 for believing such a crazy skill idea could work, and the numerous Australian coaches who helping teach a skill that's never been done! A special thanks goes out to the team at @internationalgymcamp who helped me re-learn this skill and make it possible! ???????????? #TheVivian #Bars #Gymnastics #NewSkill #WhatAThrill

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To handstand, I assume it would be awarded D-part.

To handstand in undergrip and Endo or Weiler, D-part as well.

acrobats Tom & Jerry 1952

This excellent clip comes from their appearance on the public domain episode of “The Colgate Comedy Hour”, aired on December 14, 1952.

Unique Facts

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(via Tom Trapp on YouTube)

Romanian Bars

Romania could have missed the Team Final in Nanning. No depth on Bars in a 5-up, 4-count competition.

… an uneven bars rotation of 39 points and 25th place on the event. Romania was luckily qualifying in 7th place for the final. …

In the 3-up, 3-count final, depth is a little less important. Romania finished 4th behind Bronze Russia.

“We have a young team, that is now growing/maturing. But we wouldn’t have come so close if others had not had mistakes” said coach Sandu after the final. …

For Worlds 2015?

… With the addition of 2015 seniors Laura Jurca and Andreea Iridon, the return of Diana Bulimar, bars is not looking as grim all of a sudden. Iridon is a polished bars worker, the only challenge for Larisa at the recent Nationals and has good difficulty on this event (Ricna, full in dismount) as is Jurca (who does a pretty good Hindorff), while Diana Bulimar does not have huge elements but manages execution scores of over 8.5 and is very consistent. …

Rom-cover (1)

click over to Bea’s wrap-up on Couch Gymnast for more – Romania says “Game On!”

Huang Huidan v Yao Jinnan

The defending World Bars Champion competed first.

Click PLAY or watch Huang on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch Yao on YouTube.

1 Yao Jinnan CHN 6.9 + 8.733 = 15.633
2 Huang Huidan CHN 6.8 + 8.766 = 15.566

official results

Tough call. But I prefer Huang’s routine. Though you can’t see it from that angle, Yao’s dismount is a weak double layout that wouldn’t be credited in some competitions. Huang’s is very original.

In 2014, however, the Difficulty score usually decides close decisions.

Lauren of the Gymternet noticed that Yao was not wearing her competition number.

Catherine – Beautiful Gymnastics – EF Day 1: Vault and Bars:

… This was addressed after the competition in which it was stated that it fell off right before, and that it was presented to the judges and accepted. …

Update from Lauren:

Huang Huidan and Yao Jinnan were interviewed by CCTV as soon as they got off the podium after finishing their uneven bar final routines. …

When mentioned that she started crying after her routine, she explained that she was moved and it was adrenaline when the tears first came down. However, when she moved from first to second, she was sad because she felt “???” — it’s a tricky thing to translate. In short, it’s that feeling when you tried your best and did really well but fell just a little short and you can’t reconcile with it.

Yao was next, and when asked, she said she wasn’t “comfortable” with her win. She said, “Dandan performed better than me, so when I saw her cry…I don’t know.” …

In Translation: Huang Huidan and Yao Jinnan Talk Bars

Bars: Yao, Huang, Spiridonova

Happy Happy for the Chinese fans in Nanning.

Their girls finish GOLD and SILVER. Well deserved, but I would have reversed the order. Yao’s dismount is not truly a double layout. Huang’s execution was better.

I felt the Execution judges “boxed” their scores, with Mustafina suffering most. Despite having the cleanest routine, she scored only 8.80 virtually tied with Spiridonova, Locklear and Huang.

LIVE blog commentary on Gymternet. Lauren notes that Yao did not wear her number but judges did not catch it.

Ashton Locklear to Bars Final

Ashton has really improved her execution over the past weeks.

Click PLAY or watch her Secret routine on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch her prelims routine to qualify to today’s Final on YouTube.

Worlds Team Final recap

If you’re still wondering who won the World Championships in Nanning :-) , click over to the Gymternet right now as they have a good write-up.

One of the biggest stories is Romania’s Bars.

Romania Bars fall

Starting to wear grips this cycle has helped, but that Gymnastics superpower still has a long way to go.

See more Romania photos from Nanning on Couch Gymnast.

Lisa Hill – Germany

Congratulations to Lisa who had a great prelims to qualify to the Bar Final and AA Final.

Post by FIG.

Worlds prelims Apparatus ranking


Top 8 compete in each apparatus Final. Maximum 2 / nation.

VAULT results:
1 BILES Simone USA 15.450
2 HONG Un Jong PRK 15.354
3 SKINNER Mykayla USA 15.349
5 MORENO MEDINA Alexa Citlali MEX 14.816
6 PHAN Thi Ha Thanh VIE 14.800
7 FRAGAPANE Claudia GBR 14.716
8 STEINGRUBER Giulia SUI 14.700

IORDACHE Larisa Andreea ROU 14.649
KARMAKAR Dipa IND 14.483
BLACK Elsabeth CAN 14.483

BARS Results:
1 YAO Jinnan CHN 15.666
2 HUANG Huidan CHN 15.333
3 LOCKLEAR Ashton USA 15.233
4 MUSTAFINA Aliya RUS 15.166
5 DOWNIE Rebecca GBR 15.166
6 SPIRIDONOVA Daria RUS 15.100
7 HILL Lisa Katharina GER 15.100
8 HARROLD Ruby GBR 14.733

MILLER Larrissa AUS 14.666
ROSS Kyla USA 14.650
Lopez VEN 14.433

BEAM results:
1 BILES Simone USA 15.133
2 IORDACHE Larisa Andreea ROU 15.066
3 YAO Jinnan CHN 14.900
4 BAI Yawen CHN 14.800
5 BLACK Elsabeth CAN 14.466
6 ROSS Kyla USA 14.391
7 MUSTAFINA Aliya RUS 14.308
8 TERAMOTO Asuka JPN 14.266

NEDOV Emma AUS 14.266
DOWNIE Rebecca GBR 14.200
MILLOUSI Vasiliki GRE 14.100

FLOOR results:
1 BILES Simone USA 15.366
2 IORDACHE Larisa Andreea ROU 14.933
3 SKINNER Mykayla USA 14.700
4 FERRARI Vanessa ITA 14.566
5 MUSTAFINA Aliya RUS 14.500
6 FRAGAPANE Claudia GBR 14.400
7 FASANA Erika ITA 14.233
8 MILLER Larrissa AUS 14.166

POPA NEDELCU Roxana ESP 14.166
SHANG Chunsong CHN 13.966
Pihan-Kulesza POL 13.900

Simone qualified 1st in 5/6 finals. I’d call that a strong prelim round. :-)

China prelims

#FIGWorlds2014ART prelim team

It was fun to watch the host nation at home. They are under tremendous media scrutiny.

Team China

After 9/12 preliminary sessions:

USA 235.038
CHN 230.753
RUS 228.135

Much like most pundits predicted.

China won Beam and Bars. But fell too far behind USA on Vault and especially Floor to be competitive. Floor was even weaker than anticipated. Where is Cheng Fei?

We felt badly for CHEN Siyi. She fell on the first 3 apparatus. Managed to stay on her feet on Vault.

Despite a big wobble, fan favourite Bai Yawen made the Beam final.

YAO Jinnan and BAI Yawen will make the Beam final.

YAO Jinnan and HUANG Huidan the Bars final.

YAO Jinnan and SHANG Chunsong the AA final.

day 1 Worlds Apparatus ranking


Some of the top scores from preliminaries, so far. (Maximum 2/nation)

Half of the competitors have competed.

Vault Results:
1 BILES Simone USA 15.450
2 SKINNER Mykayla USA 15.349
4 MORENO MEDINA Alexa Citlali MEX 14.816
5 PHAN Thi Ha Thanh VIE 14.800
6 STEINGRUBER Giulia SUI 14.700
7 KARMAKAR Dipa IND 14.483

Bar Results:
1 LOCKLEAR Ashton USA 15.233
2 MUSTAFINA Aliya RUS 15.166
3 SPIRIDONOVA Daria RUS 15.100
ROSS Kyla USA 14.650
ADLERTEG Jonna SWE 14.100
POPA NEDELCU Roxana ESP 14.033

Beam Results
1 BILES Simone USA 15.133
2 BLACK Elsabeth CAN 14.466
3 ROSS Kyla USA 14.391
4 MUSTAFINA Aliya RUS 14.308
WEVERS Sanne NED 13.933

Floor Results:
1 BILES Simone USA 15.366
2 SKINNER Mykayla USA 14.700
3 MUSTAFINA Aliya RUS 14.500
4 POPA NEDELCU Roxana ESP 14.166
CROKET Julie BEL 13.900

USA got the job done. Most likely qualified the finalists they wanted. But something tells me Marta is not going to be all smiles and giggles. She will want better in the Team Final.