Brazilian Championships results

Brazil’s men have already qualified a full team to Rio. The women have not. But will have another chance at the Olympic Test Meet.

1. Lorrane Oliveira – 58.500
2. Jade Barbosa – 56.150
3. Leticia Costa – 55.750
… bonus points in effect

The field at this year’s Brazilian Championships, held less than a month following World Championships in Glasgow, was a little thin with everyone – including stars Flavia Saraiva and Daniele Hypolito – in recovery mode. But that didn’t stop 17-year-old Lorrane Oliveira from showing off huge routines to take the gold above veteran Jade Barbosa!

Oliveira has flown somewhat under the radar with the surprising depth of the Brazilian program, especially after not competing in her first senior season last year due to injury. …

Oliveira Captures Brazilian Title

1. Letícia Costa 13.638
2. Thayse Silva 13.638
3. Isabelle Cruz 13.425

Uneven Bars
1. Lorrane Oliveira 14.225
2. Letícia Costa 13.350
3. Jade Barbosa 13.150

Balance Beam
1. Jade Barbosa 14.750
2. Isabel Barbosa 14.175
3. Lorrane Oliveira 14.075

Floor Exercise
1. Lorrane Oliveira 14.875
2. Thayse Silva 14.050
3. Carolyne Pedro 13.550

Click PLAY or watch Lorrane’s Bars at Worlds on YouTube.

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Elite Gym Massilia Finals

1-Laura Jurca ROU – 14.250
2-Axelle Klinckaert BEL – 14.433
3-Camille Bahl FRA – 14.067

1-Natalia Kapitonova RUS – 15.267
2-Enus Mariani ITA – 14.267
3-Oreane Lechenault FRA – 13.867

Click PLAY or watch Natalia’s Bars on YouTube.

1-Laura Jurca ROU – 13.867
2-Enus Mariani ITA – 13.733
3-Nina Derwael BEL – 13.700

1-Diana Bulimar ROU – 14.233
2-Axelle Klinckaert BEL – 14.100
3-Marine Brevet FRA – 14.067

Click PLAY or watch Diana’s FX on YouTube.

piibunina is posting videos.

ILLUSION TURNS – 2015 Master Massilia recap

Mari Ilona Szutenberg – Elite Gym Massilia Recap

Olivia Cimpian – Bars

Romanian blog puzzlegym has a report on the 2015 Junior Nationals.

… a slight improvement on bars happened during the recent years. Partly because of the introduction of grips but mostly because of the special attention the apparatus has got, the girls improved on form and execution, some even approaching new type of skills and combinations.

Still, the progress is hardly visible because of the new symptom of Romanian gymnastics: inconsistency. …


Click PLAY or watch Olivia’s Bars on YouTube. (2000-2001 division) No free hips. That’s a start. :-)

Chloe Harvey el-grip to layout Jaeger


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I Caught another layout jaeger out of invert today :) #layoutjaeger #eaglegrip

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Jordyn Wieber double layout

Still rising on second salto. :-)

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When you haven't done gymnastics for two years and you know you're gonna be SO sore tomorrow ? @gymdom

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Bar – tangent of release

Repost – Bar clinic yesterday. We talked, as always, about tangent of release:

… the body’s mass center exits from any external swing at a 90° angle to its radius of rotation (tangent to the swing) …

Just as the archer’s bow establishes the flight direction of the arrow, so too does the tangent release establish the flight direction of the gymnast. …

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double back tucked

Information excerpted from Championship Gymnastics: Biomechanical Techniques for Shaping Winners, by Gerald S. George, Ph.D.

That graphic would generate a discussion regarding whether or not she might “pull-in” to the bar by shortening the body before release. … She might.

I’ll use this layout flyaway graphic, instead, to introduce the concept of “tanget” to the point of release of swing.

Of course the path of flight is a “parabola” after release. (Unless the gymnast goes straight up, straight down.)

The problem with biomechanics is the risk of generating more heat than light.

Nina Derwael – Ricna half to Ezhova

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Trying something new ❤️🇧🇪

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