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Ljubljana Cup Finals – day 1

Results & Videos

Click PLAY or watch Anna Pavlova (AZE) Bars on YouTube. Floaty, straight Pak.

Macko Bars – NCAA Podium

Florida’s Mackenzie Caquatto’s bars at podium training.

Click PLAY or watch it on Gymnastike.

Watch more videos on Gymnastike

Gymnastike had some free videos up in advance of the competition, but watching the competition itself requires Premium Gold membership.

Jonna Adlerteg – Bars

Jonna, the 2012 Olympian from Sweden, is looking great.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Highest score of the day: 14.550 (6.0)

Jonna defended her All-Around title after a great competition.

AA total: 55.300

more videos from Swedish Championships

Ebee Price wants a Bars do-over

This routine was a mess. For her.

Yet she still won Pacific Rim 2014 with it.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

1. PRICE Elizabeth USA, 14.600
2. ROSS Kyla USA, 14.375
3. BROWN Georgia-Rose AUS, 14.150

Pac Rims Jr Apparatus Finals

Bailey Key was the star. She won vault and floor, took silver on bars and beam. Flatley won beam. Huan Luo won bars.

1. Bailie Key – USA – 14.975
2. Nia Dennis – USA – 14.9
3. Shallon Olsen – CAN – 14.8

1. Huan Luo – CHN – 14.7
2. Bailie Key – USA – 14.4
3. Tingting Liu – CHN – 14.3

1. Norah Flatley – USA – 14.85
2. Bailie Key – USA – 14.8
3. Linlin Zhou – CHN – 14.2

1. Bailie Key – USA – 14.65
2. Shallon Olsen – CAN – 14.15
3. Rose- Kaying Woo – CAN 14.1

Full results are here, in a very user unfriendly format.

Click PLAY or watch Bailey’s “floaty” Pak on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch her Beam on YouTube.

Elisa Chirino injured


Elisa Chirino, on Tuesday (25.03. 2014) suffered a serious training accident. Elisa was injured during training on uneven bars and suffered a fracture of the cervical vertebrae.

She was operated on the same evening in the Friedrichshain Hospital and moved on Friday in the Emergency Hospital Berlin. Elisa Chirino is a member of the Berlin Bundesliga team


via GymFever

15 great unique gymnasts

… every now and then, along comes someone who shakes things up, who does things just a little differently. This might be a gymnast who does something never done before, or one who simply does things like they have never been done before. Sometimes it is a gymnast who comes along and excels in things their nation or their team or even their ‘type’ is not known for.

These gymnasts are often celebrated because they bring something interesting, exciting or unique

4. Elise Ray:


See the rest – Brigid McCarthy – 15 Great Mold-breakers of Gymnastics

Kiara Munteanu – Bars

This montage of Pac Rim training starts with Kiara on Bars. Tkachev to Geinger.

Click PLAY or watch it on Gymnastike.

Watch more videos on Gymnastike

related – May 2013 – Australia Watch: Kiara Munteanu:

… Kiara trains at the Victoria Women’s High Performance Centre (VWHPC) under Mikhail Barabach and Tracey Penaluna …

1st triple back off Bars?

Gigi thinks it was Svetlana Kozlova 1990.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Between the Olympics agrees – Timeline of F and G Rated Skills

I recall hearing rumours of triple backs competed in China about that time frame.

Leave a comment if you know of an earlier triple in ANY competition prior to Kozlova.

Get a (gymnastics) Grip

GYMNAST CROSSING posted the best summary I’ve seen of the pros and cons of leather grips.

Al Fong:

There’s no doubt leather grips with dowels are a big advantage to those who can afford them.

no grips Dabritz

no grips Dabritz

There are fewer and fewer high level Bars gymnasts like Georgia Dabritz.

In another post, GYMNAST CROSSING lays out possible methods of getting chalk to stick to gymnastics rails, including my own:

I like supersaturated sugar water. I boil sugar water in a microwave for perhaps a minute. … It’s much less slimy than honey.

Click through to read about the more common methods – The Sweet Taste of Gripping the Bars

honey bear

Russian Championships videos

1. Aliya Mustafina 14.733 / 14.333 / 15.400 / 15.100 // 59.566
2. Alla Sosnitskaya 14.700 / 14.467 / 14.067 / 14.833 // 58.067
3. Anastasia Grishina 13.867 / 13.900 / 14.400 / 14.300 // 56.467

Viktoria Komova VT (FTY) 14.257 / UB 14.9
Tatiana Nabieva UB 13.993
Dariya Spiridonova UB 15.133
Ksenia Afansyeva VT / FX 13.000

Generous scoring and Russian bonus on some of those numbers.

Click PLAY or watch Darya Spiridonova – Bars on YouTube.

Arabian Full Twist links to more videos – Russian Nationals 2014 Senior Results and Video

Komova is back – Bars

Score: 15.000 with Russian bonus.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

4 stoop Stalder skills. That should be overuse of one kind of element.

(via wogymnastika)

She vaulted only a Yurchenko 1/1. Fell on Beam. Did not compete FX.

Vika has grown since the Olympics. Most observers like the new look.

should you arch on Pak?

Like Nastia.

Nastia Pak

Or be much straighter like Bailey Key.

Key Pak

For most gymnasts the arch technique is easier. Easier to stall the rotation.

Most kids should start with a good deal of arch. Later experiment with less arch.

WOGymnastika linked to a series of Paks from Rodionova. Over her career she’s gotten straighter. And improved her form.