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Madison Kocian – Bars

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Maddie has BIG goals on Bars too. No doubt she’s training upgrades. :-)

Ashton Locklear – Bars

Ashton Locklear won gold with this gorgeous routine. She was originally awarded a 6.1 difficulty score but after an inquiry, it was raised to a 6.4. Her final score was a 14.975.

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Ashton’s been astonishingly consistent. Her ticket to Worlds is pretty much a lock at this point.

She’s improving, as well.

Recall her 9.1 over-scored execution routine from the Secret? (VIDEO)

Today’s Final is far cleaner, though she still has conspicuous deductions.


Let’s assume there are 2 Chinese gymnasts and 2 Russian gymnasts in the World’s Bar final.

Four spots are left open?

Will Ashton get one of those?

It’s certainly possible. There will be quite a few gymnasts with the goal to qualify for the Bar final in Nanning. The top 2 American routines will be in the fight.

But … sooner or later judges are going to stop rewarding routines composed mostly of Shaposh variations and Stoop Stalders. Truly harder routines will be scored higher, IF the gymnasts hits. Two somersault releases or more. Rebecca Downie (VIDEO), for example.

Gymnasts who use a wide variety of types of skills to achieve their start score should be rewarded. Nastia in Beijing, for example.

FIG WTC should count only 1 Shaposh variation in the next Code. Perhaps devalue the Stoop Stalder, as did MAG years ago.

Jason MacDonald had an important comment:

As she keeps performing the way she is and gaining that confidence in her routine I think she could be a major player on bars at worlds. In terms of difficulty she has skills she is not using and this routine probably will be different come 2015. Check out her Ricna at 3:38 of Everest’s Workout Wednesday.

Jason tells that Ashton trains plenty of routines with the 2nd release. I’m hoping she’ll use that when she needs it. Possibly in the Worlds Bar Final. :-)

Larisa Iordache – Bars

I’m impressed. 14.750. :-)

Best Romanian Bars in a fair while.

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Larisa Iordache won three out of four gold medals in the event finals at Romanian nationals: on vault, bars and floor. It was an all in all similar showing, compared to the previous day, for the Romanian leader. In the event finals hit vault, bars and floor but had a fall on beam. …

Keeping in mind that Larisa was presenting increased difficulty on 3 out of 4 events, this meet’s performances can be considered a very promising beginning. …

Rom Nats: Event Finals

1) Larisa Iordache
2) Andreea Ciurisniuc
3) Ana Maria Ocolisan

1) Larisa Iordache
2) Andreea Iridon
3) Ana Maria Ocolisan

1) Andreea Munteanu
2) Larisa Iordache
3) Andreea Iridon

1) Larisa Iordache
2) Andreea Munteanu
3) Stefania Stanila

via GymFever2012

Ashton Locklear – 15.0 Bars

Though I’m still not convinced Ashton is one of the top 8 Bar routines in the world, no complaints on her score today.

She’s certainly proved her consistency.

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2014 Russian Cup Finals 1

1. Sosnitskaya 5.8/5.6 14.534
2. Nabieva 5.8/5.2 14.317
3. Paseka 6.3/5.6 14.117

1. Komova D6.5 15.367
2. Mustafina D6.3 15.267
3. Spiridonova D6.4 14.933

Click PLAY or watch Vika’s Bars on YouTube.

1. Belyavskiy D6.5 15.367
2. Polyashov D6.0 14.633
3. Kudashov D6.0 14.167

1. Kuksenkov D7.0 15.600
2. Belyavskiy D6.3 15.000
3. Stretovich D5.9 14.433

1. Ablyazin D6.8 15.600
2. Pavlov D6.5 15.133
3. Ignatyev D6.6 15.100

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Sara Dorrien is at the competition. Read her write-up of the Team competition.

• related – Lauren Hopkins commentary

Komova – Bars

Looks great. :-)


She may have hit the low bar on dismount giant.

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via Nico on GymFever2012

Bars without a Bar

In 2014 Swing Big is one of my favourite coaching blogs. I read every post.

Editor Zari Goldmann gives an example of Bar drills you can use without putting kids on an actual Bar.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

For most developing gymnasts I recommend only about 25% of training time be spent on the REAL Bar. And at least 25% spent on straps bar.

You’ll have better form and technique. And very few rips. :-)

Kyla v Kocian – Bars

2014 P&G Championships – Sr. Women Day 2

15.000 (5.9, 9.100)

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Compare that E score with Madison Kocian.

15.500 (6.5, 9.000)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Nice routine. But not nearly as clean as Kyla. There should have been a bigger gap.

It’s difficult to take more than 0.1 from Kyla on any one skill.

Fact is judges in 2014 are not ranking execution correctly.

Youth Olympic Games Finals

day 1

1. Wang Yan, China, 14.783 (6.0 / 8.9, 6.2 / 8.566)
2. Ellie Downie, Great Britain, 14.566 (5.8 / 9.066, 5.2 / 9.066)
3. Sae Miyakawa, Japan, 14.566 (5.8 / 9.0, 5.4 / 8.933)

Vault finals

1. Seda Tutkhalyan, Russia, 13.575 (5.6 / 7.975)
2. Iosra Abdelaziz, Italy, 13.366 (5.4 / 7.966)
3. Wang Yan, China, 13.066 (5.5 / 7.566)

full results – Gymternet

Lexy Ramler – Bars

Big cheers for cool, interesting construction. :-)

Day 1 Jr – 13.800 (5.5, 8.3)

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Brenna Dowell – Bars

Score: 15.400 (6.7, 8.700)

BIG hit. Congratulations Brenna. :-)

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USA is doing some impressive Bars in 2014. Just sayin’.

Ashton Locklear 15.850 Bars

Score: 15.850 (6.6, 9.250)

I can’t complain. This routine would certainly go 9.25 internationally. :-)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Smart routine construction. That’s a very easy routine for her. FIG must devalue stoop Stalder next Code as did the Men some years ago.

Compare Ashton’s tap under the low bar to Komova’s over the low bar.

Komova GymFever

That screen shot came from a discussion on GymFever.

Jonna Adlerteg – Bars

Swedish Cup, August 15th, 2014.

6.4 D score

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Love it. But someday soon FIG needs crack down on crediting similar skills. Routines with the widest variety of skills should be rewarded.