Blind Change drills

Troy Wright linked to this video of Blind Change drills and spotting.

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American Skills – 2015 Edition

Balance Beam Situation posted statistics on U.S. Elite Women’s routine composition.

Some of the most popular skills on each apparatus in 2015 are …

BARS – Pak, Straddle Jaeger, Toe-on, Toe-on Full, Toe-on Shaposh, full twisting double back

BEAM – Switch Leap, Aerial Walkover, Layout Step-out, Full Turn, Side Aerial, Split Jump, Sissone, Switch half, Wolf Jump, Double Pike dismount

(Less than 30% use Wolf turn.)

FLOOR – Double Pike, Double Tuck, 1 1/2 Twist, Switch Full, Tour Jete Full, Double Wolf Turn

Click through to Balance Beam Situation for details and trends over the past 4 years.


WAG Tkatchev variations


The Tkatchev, named for Alexander Vasilyevich Tkatchev, is also known as a reverse hecht. At its most basic definition, it’s done from a back giant swing, involves a release backwards and over the bar, and is caught again on the other side. Where it gets interesting is the entry (i.e. from a stalder, inbar, toe-on, or clear hip instead of a giant) and then the body position in the air (i.e. straddle, pike, or layout). Here’s a handy chart I made to help with the variations.

Straddle Pike Layout
Giant Tkatchev (D) Piked Tkatchev (E)
Toe-On Ray (E) Church (E) Nabieva (G)
Clear Hip Hindorff (E) Shang (F)
Stalder Ricna (E) Downie (F)
Inbar Galante (E)

That’s from You Asked, The Gymternet Answered 61st edition. Of the fan sites, The Gymternet is most valuable for the WAG coach.

Update – George sends the link to the 2013 sporteverywhere edit of Tkachev releases.

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Bars – Shushunova release

I’ve liked this skill since I saw Yelena compete it at the 1985 Worlds.

It’s weird and interesting.

Click PLAY or watch Shushunova’s original and a variation on YouTube.

Of course finishing the Blind Change before doing the release makes the variation far easier. Neither should or could be called “full twisting Tkachev”. (Ask a gymnast who can actually do a full twisting Tkachev their opinion on Shushunova release.)

Click PLAY or watch the easier version on YouTube. In slow motion.

Note that Yelena’s name is often spelled Shushunova or Schuschunova.

related – Bars: Shushunova vs Monckton

(via Region 5 Insider)

Bar – clear hip from mini-tramp

I like this drill better than jumping from boxes as kids of different height can all use the same mini-tramp.

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The centre of gravity should be kept as far behind the bar as possible to increase the down swing. Gymnasts can increase the height and distance from the bar on the drop as they get more confident.

I do love that T-Trainer from Tumbl Trak.


… to overgrip regrasp.

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The skill is named for 1991 World Bars Champion Kim Gwang-suk who was even more famous for submitting different birth years at least three different international competitions.

Katelyn Ohashi training at UCLA

On Bars. :-)

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Just trying to "catch" on to this college thing 😉

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Recall that the injury that took her out of Elite was shoulder surgery.

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