introducing Blind Change on a Floor Bar

Teaching Blind Change and Giant 1/1 on the Bar is problematic.

Many things can go wrong. Worst is when the gymnast gets stuck on 1-arm … and falls on the Rail. :-(

Like most coaches I’ve tried hundreds of different drills.

Here is my favourite series of drills, starting on Floor Bar.

1. kick handstand

2. kick handstand to reverse pirouette, step down on the other side

3. kick handstand to reverse pirouette, forward pirouette same hand

4. IF the gymnast gets a good reverse pirouette, finish the Giant 1/1
… if not, forward pirouette on the same hand as in 3

Ruth JudsonStep 3 is the most important. This is where they learn to support with and torque on one hand. This is where things go wrong. This is where they learn what to do when things go wrong. :-)

Challenge the gymnasts to make 20 Giant 1/1s in series without missing. They’ll learn to CHEAT. Doing the reverse pirouette on the way up, and quickly finishing the 1/1.

That’s great. But the cheater Giant 1/1 does not finish in handstand. It finishes short of handstand.

5. Work the Giant 1/1 and Giant 1 ½. From pike jump if the goal is toe hand into the 1/1.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

My main coaching advice on the reverse pirouette is to always reach fast, and reach far. Beginners get in trouble when their hands are too close together. And might get stuck on 1-arm if they reach slowly or tentatively.

Thanks Michael and Courtney. :-)


• TumblTrak’s Quick Flex Bar-in-a-Bag

• Steve Arkel drill on Tramp

• Zari Goldmann Twisty Turny — It’s a progression — Blind changes

• Hideo Mizoguchi blind change drill

The traditional system training swing 1/2 turns until you reach handstand is slower. And some kids get stuck (forever) finishing short of handstand.

Leave a comment or link if you have your own favourite system for introducing Blind Change.

“NoGripz” Dabritz – Bars

Try to find a deduction.

Thanks Mary.

Bar to wall acrobatics

(via Chris Silcox)

Kate Foster – Bars

Check this inspiring routine.

Would have been 9.1, but the coach was deducted 1.0 for the spot.

Click PLAY or watch it on Facebook.

“Gymnastics is like my 2nd home. It’s where I spend almost the majority of my time,” said Kate Foster.

The 13-year-old wasn’t about to give up that second home despite her leukemia diagnosis ….

An infection forced doctors to amputate her left leg. While that could easily end her gymnastics career, Kate and her coaches at the Gymnastics Academy of Rockford, had other plans. …

Leukemia survivor returns to gymnastics with one leg (2014)

Morgan Hurd – Bars

Very clean.

via GymFever2012

Bars – triple back

According to that expert Make It Or Break It coach. :-)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Katie Bailey – Bar dismount

Katie competes for Alabama. She trained at High Point Gymnastics.