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Pan American Olympic Festival

1. Larduet Bicet Manrique (CUB) 89,120 GOLD
2. Henrique Medina (BRA) SILVER 83,770
3. Jorge Giraldo (COL) 82,260 BRONZE

Click PLAY or watch the AA Champ on Rings.

1. Yesenia Ferrera (CUB) 54,600 GOLD
2. Ayelen Tarabini (ARG) SILVER 51,950
3. Ahtziri Sandoval (MEX) 50.250 BRONZE

Yamilet Peña was 2nd on Vault.

Click PLAY or watch Ferrera’s Bars on YouTube. (13.475)

What a shame the Cubans so rarely compete internationally. :-(

See more videos on a nemovfan1 YouTube playlist.

The best results page I’ve yet seen is on Gimnasia Latina. (Spanish)

51 cast handstands

This is amazing. But I hope it’s a one time stunt. :-)

There’s no reason to do so many casts in series.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

(via Gymnast Crossing)

GymneoTV in English

Good news. The great French coach education site offering online training videos is finally being translated.

In 100 days, on October 25, 2014, GymneoTV will be available in English


From that link, send in your email address. GymneoTV is a paid service. But those who “register” in advance will be offered deep discounts. Early bird pricing.

Here’s a sample, their first presentation in English.

Click PLAY or watch Spotting Jaeger on YouTube.

contact (a) gymneo.com

Bar release to cross-grip

via @ArabianPF_blog

Bars – Jazzy Foberg

roof flyaway double back


Bar – stem rise to cast

Another drill for connecting kip to cast.

connecting kip to cast handstand

JAO is back with another excellent tutorial.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

I’m teaching this series all week at Camp so the timing of this release was perfect for me.

Love targeting the straddle cast handstand right from the start. Most girls over age-12 will be competing straddle cast. :-) Don’t waste too much time on straight body cast.

Love the “dump” drills. Kids need to know what to do when they lean too far over, otherwise they won’t be confident in leaning over far enough.

At Camp we’ve been doing similar drills from long kip rather than glide kip. I find the “late” kip action is easier if the girls do not need to worry about the glide.

related – Dave Kenwright – Talking Kips and Casts

Nabieva – training Nabieva

Perhaps my favourite skill of recent years.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Navieva is back training. Seriously, it would appear.

UPDATE: Emma Bailey @MoominWhisky thinks this video is from 2013. That may be.

Rewriting Russian Gymnastics recently reported that Nabs is back training seriously, however.

We have to hope she’s still working her skill. :-)

(via GymCastic)

David Kenwright – Bars clinic

The British / Canadian coach is now Down Under.

Gymnastics Australia posted a number of IDP clinic videos, including this one.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

love Olivia Vivian

Listen to the audio interview. :-)

Australian Olympian, Olivia Vivian, perhaps the biggest ham in all of elite gymnastics, is with us this week!

She helped Australia to a sixth place finish, its best Olympic finish in history in Beijing. Despite a back fracture, a mangled hand and being normal height of 5? 6?, she’s made a successful comeback to elite at the age of 24, almost 10 years since she first completed at the 2005 world championships. We can’t wait to watch the Oregon Beaver compete at the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow later this month. …

GymCastics episode 101: Olivia Vivian

Olivia Vivian

kip drills

For Shawn Johnson a kip on Bars was her most difficult skill to learn.

Swing Big posted a summary of drills Kipping deconstructed, including the best of the best, those by JAO.

Start with Kipping Process Part I on YouTube. (VIDEO)

Next, check out more interesting drills posted by Joshua Ruby.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Swing Big editor Zari Goldmann is one of the best gymnastics coaching bloggers and author of a number of coaching booklets.

Time to Hang up the Grips

Georgia Bonora:

“It’s difficult adjusting to life outside of gym. I’m actually missing training a lot. I never realised how passionate I am about the sport until I was finished. It’s difficult finding something else that will compare.” …

“(In) 2008 I had the best competition of my career. I finished the entire Games with no falls and had a personal best.”

In fact Georgia finished 13th AA and helped the team to 6th place, the two highest results for Australia at an Olympic games. …

Couch Gymnast – Georgia Bonora: “When It’s Time to Hang up the Grips”

Click PLAY or watch her 2008 Bars on YouTube. (Comaneci salto)