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Florida Super 6 recap

No Gator is complaining about the tie.

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LSU and Alabama have more difficult tumbling than Florida and Oklahoma. But it wasn’t enough of a difference maker in 2014.

Many will be comparing Sooners and Gators routine-by-routine to decide on who actually won.

It’s close. But I’d give the slight advantage to Florida if I had to break the tie.

For one thing, Sloan was on fire. She would have won the AA if it had been last night rather than Friday.

did LSU win Championships?

As I predicted?

In a season filled with record-breaking performances, the LSU gymnastics team set one more record by earning the highest finish in school history with a 197.600 to take third place at the NCAA Super Six Finals Saturday night in BJCC Arena.

The previous best finish was fourth place in the 1988 season …

“We wanted to win the national title, and there’s no question about that,” LSU head coach D-D Breaux said. “With that said, we put forth a great effort tonight, and I know we can walk out of here with our heads held high. …”

LSU Sports

The Tigers were tigers. Great meet. But Florida and Oklahoma were even better that night.

We’ll not soon forget Super 6 2014. :-)

Brandie Jay – NCAA DTY

Sounds like she did the double twist by … accident. :-)

Marcus, the NastiaFan, sends a link to Annie DiLuzio taking 2nd in the 2007 NCAA Vault Finals.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

@kellilleslie notes that Kristen Maloney competed one to win Vault at the NCAA Championships 2005.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

@uncletimmensgym confirms that Mohini Bhardwaj competed a Double Twisting Yurchenko in the NCAA 2001. OLD vaulting horse.

Watch it on YouTube here.

There may have been other College DTYs. Leave a comment if you know of one.

Happy Easter

Posted by Sandor. :-)

Easter Bunny Cross

my wall handstand program

The most valuable few minutes of my workouts is this series of exercises. I recommend all advanced gymnasts use it daily.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

For the video I used an air filled Power Launch mat in order to slope the wall, but any wall works.

If wrists get sore, support the hands on blocks, a floor bar or a low beam.

Drills were shown by competitive Artistic gymnasts at Gymnastics Adventure, Regina, Canada.

Inspiration from CanAm Gymnastics Saskatoon circa 1997.

perhaps the greatest Super 6 ever

I’ll consult Balance Beam Situation on that claim. :-)

Florida seniors Macko & Alaina Johnson tears of joy.

Florida dynasty?

College Gymnastics Board – WAY TOO EARLY 2015 Super Six Predictions


no 10s at Championships

Much cursing and hand wringing on the Gymternet, as always, following the Super 6.

There were several routines that might well have scored 10 a couple of weeks ago … but did not tonight. Lindsey Cheek, for example.

I assume the Judges were told to cool it after a far too enthusiastic season.

This tends to hurt the teams with those potential 10s. Reward the teams with safer, easier routines.

Vault judging was a joke both days, so far as I’m concerned. There’s no logic at all.

2 National Champions better than one


Oklahoma 1st NCAA Championships

Former Stanford assistant coach Mike Lorenzen:

… a new team has won a national title in college women’s gymnastics and it’s a great story. KJ Kindler and her staff at Oklahoma simply have out coached everyone else in the game forever and have won without a lot of natural advantages. Here’s to outworking and outdoing …

Like most everyone, I felt that if Florida hit, Florida would win.

Florida did hit. LSU hit.

But Oklahoma is bloody consistent. Very clean. Confident. They must have stuck more landings than anyone else tonight.


We think it’s time for you to do a little shopping…


Spanny reminds that KJ had to rebuild the program after the infamous Nunno years.

Florida and Oklahoma win NCAAs

Crazy great gymnastics tonight. :-)

via @jempin515

via @jempin515

Alabama counted a fall on Beam last routine or there might have been a 3 way tie.

Balance Beam Situation LIVE blog


If you happen to see mention of an Alabama National Championships t-shirt, that was a joke. That shirt was actually for the 2014 SEC Championships.


Dan Kendig paints his nails



At Regionals Dan Kendig told the girls if they make Super Six he would paint his nails…. They look good! #Huskers

Dan Kendig

Ljubljana Cup Finals – day 1

Results & Videos

Click PLAY or watch Anna Pavlova (AZE) Bars on YouTube. Floaty, straight Pak.