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Hong vs Biles – Vault

The 2008 Olympic Champion competed first. And hit better than we’d seen her in training or prelims.

Click PLAY or watch Hong Un Jong on YouTube.

With 0.8 lower start scores, Simone needed to stick or near stick to move ahead.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Two fantastic vaulters. I was happy with the podium ranking.

1. Hong Un Jong
2. Simone Biles
3. Mykayla Skinner

vault results

commentary by Catherine – Beautiful Gymnastics – EF Day 1: Vault and Bars

She notes that we had no falls, a wide variety of vaults and, happily for me, no Produnovas. Only Dipa of India competed one at this Worlds.

Georgia Gymnastics intro

Video scoreboard intro for the 2014 Georgia Gym Dogs vs Florida

Georgia Gym Dogs Hype: So Sick from Georgia Gymnastics on Vimeo.

Thanks Jordyn.

Simone – crazy high

Though Simone is short, she launches her vaults as high as anyone aside from Maroney.

I’d love to have a computer evaluate air time, height and distance as part of the Vault score. As they do in Trampoline.

See more 2014 USA World Championships – Event Finals (Day 1) photos by John Cheng.

Erika Fasana – Floor

World Championships Final, Nanning.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

(via gymnast #391)

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pit pillow throw mat

I was visiting Jeremy Mosier and the crew at Gymtastics when I saw the girls using a Tumbl Trak Pit Pillow as a trampoline throw mat.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Jeremy explained that the Pit Pillow was light enough for one gymnast to throw accurately. He preferred it to a conventional (heavier) throw mat.

Armine Barutyan on Beam artistry

Armine was a fantastic gymnast, 1st All Around in the 1985 Russian National Championships. The strongest era of Soviet gymnastics. Her life story is fascinating.

As co-Head Coach of GAGE Gymnastics, Armine has been one of the most successful Beam coaches in the world.

Al Fong:

My wife was asked to give a presentation during the 2014 World Championships in Nanning, China on how to train artistry for the balance beam.

“… is very possible to create an elegant, beautiful, pleasing routine with well timed accents, rhythm, and exclamation points!

I don’t use a cookie cutter system to design routines for my gymnasts. I have always had different girls with varying abilities and physical qualities that I must work with instead of trying to make every athlete look the same. It’s important that every routine be unique to the individual. …”

Armine Barutyan’s Presentation to the International Judges of the World!

That links to videos of Armine’s training program.

the men of Nanning

The Liukin:

Ri Se Gwang (PRK)
Danell Leyva (USA)
Denis Ablyazin (RUS)
Petro Pakhnyuk (AZE)
Jossimar Calvo (COL)
Zhang Chenglong (CHN)

For once a Chinese gymnast who’s exciting to watch on high bar! How many years has it been?


He won many points from me for finally being interesting, so I hope he keeps doing what he’s doing. In fact, I even felt sorry for him in the high bar final when his grip broke during his routine. A hit routine from him could’ve shaken up the medal standings and perhaps made Epke Zonderland a little nervous. I still haven’t figured out the messy handling of the time rule.

The Men of Nanning and Their Lasting Impressions: Part II

Despite confusion at the time, it sounds like the judges should not have let him continue the routine. It took more than 30sec to locate and put on a new grip.

Yang Hak Seon (KOR)
Krisztián Berki (HUN)
Sam Mikulak (USA)
Nikolai Kuksenkov (RUS)
Nile Wilson (GBR)
Manrique Larduet (CUB)

The Men of Nanning and their Lasting Impressions: Part III

Andrew Brower – P Bar dismount


via GymFever2012

another great Simone Biles article


“World champion is an understatement.”


“I’ve never been to a party, like, ever. I don’t even know what they do there.”

Simone bounce

The Next Olympic Star

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NCAA Vault – a stick contest

Since College judges do not much reward height, distance or body position, getting a good score is pretty much determined by the landing.

Click PLAY or watch Utah training landings on YouTube.

Romania Update

Bea Gheorghisor:

We are over-flooded with news from Romania these days …

Octavian Bellu was interviewed “Things get more complicated next year and I don’t want to think that the Romanian team will be for the first time in history in a position to not qualify for the Olympics. The objectives, beyond the excitement of the moment created by the Worlds, are very clear to me and they remain clear: Romania must not fall from the podium in the team competition …

A new head coach will be appointed … Lucian Sandu, Lacramioara Moldovan and Cristian Moldovan were the interim team for Nanning and are also among the front runners for the permanent position. …

Nicolae Forminte, former head coach of the Romanian Seniors, is now a coach at Deva, for the Junior team …

Larisa Iordache was everywhere … doing TV, radio and newspaper interviews …


read more – Couch Gymnast – News, Interviews, Celebrations

Sam Mikulak in Rio?

When pressed to predict who would finish 2nd to Kohei in Nanning I named Sam Mikulak.

Why Sam?

I felt his NCAA success would give him consistency under pressure. And that his relaxed psychology would help in that loud arena in Nanning. If Sam hit 6 for 6, he would score high.

My confidence in Sam’s consistency is not holding up, however. In the training hall we heard Sam was having problems, especially on P Bars.

He fell on P Bars in the AA Final and shouldn’t have been allowed to continue as he took longer than 30sec to resume his routine.

(Later Zhang was allowed to resume his H Bar routine after breaking a grip, even though it took longer than 30sec to get a new one. A new rule on that has been discussed by FIG MTC, but it had now been implemented by Nanning.)

Sam’s still a podium contender for Rio. But don’t bet the mortgage.

And he’s trying to upgrade.

Karolyi Ranch improvements

Hilton, a sponsor, upgrades ranch cabins to Hilton hotel standard. … Well, not quite.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Looks who’s at Camp. :-)

:) @gabbycvdouglas

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