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P Bars – Arican dismount

I’m loving the trend away from double pike dismount on P Bars. Most of the top guys are training double front, double front half or – biggest double front of them all, so far – the Arican.

Nico found this. Proof that Ferhat from Turkey did compete a new dismount at Worlds.

In training.


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That’s Ferhat Arican from Turkey.

Suleiman the Magnificent‘ is yet another example of how there are fantastic male gymnasts in many lesser known nations. MAG is far more widely developed world wide than WAG.

Dipa Karmakar | Gymnastics in India

India Express – Shrivani Nayak:

‘Dipa is great, but for India to succeed it must look beyond the specifics.”

Jim Holt has coached 7 nations at a fourteen World Championships over the last quarter century, developing gymnastics in far-flung corners. Currently, employed by the Sports Authority of India, the former University of Washington coach has been overseeing the Indian programme. Based out of New Delhi, and frequenting the NIS in Patiala for conducting coaches courses, the American from Seattle puts into perspective Dipa Karmakar’s performances this season, but urges that much more needs to be done if gymnastics has to become a mass-sport that consistently fetches medals for India.

I can state with certainty, given that I’m well connected internationally, and that Dipa Karmakar is currently one of the best-known female vaulters in the world. It is a testimony to her achievement and to coach Nandi’s ambition that she has accomplished a bronze medal at Commonwealth Games and finished 10th (by far highest placing of all gymnasts in India’s history — men or women) at the 2014 World Championships on this event. …

Indian gymnastics is not and should not be Dipa Karmakar and Ashish Kumar. There are a couple thousand kids (in at least 24 or 25 of the states) right now that are India’s future pipeline. …

Personally when I think of Dipa attempting the difficult Produnova, I do not think skills should be competed without achieving mastery of the same.

That said, I only have the highest personal regard, respect, admiration and affection for Dipa. I’ll repeat — I wish she could compete for the men and I’m totally serious about that. Heck, I’d put her on the men’s floor and vault team tomorrow if the rules would allow …

Nandi and Karmakar
Coach Nandi

read more – Vaulting ambition, soaring dreams

Click through to see how and why gymnasts from developing nations like India are the ones, so far, risking the dangerous handspring double front vault.

Click PLAY or watch her Commonwealths double front on YouTube. (15.1)

Click PLAY or watch her Asian Games qualifier on YouTube. (15.2)

Click PLAY or watch her Asian Games Final on YouTube.

So that’s a vault that either scores 0.0. Or 15+. :-(

Nonsensical, in my opinion. That kind of deep, dangerous landing must be deducted more.

Simplest solution is to ban the skill. Next best would be to devalue significantly.

Lords of the Rings

bat Svilko has updated his montage of “the most impressive and legendary routines in the history of still rings!”

Click PLAY or watch it on Vimeo. (32min)

Ragan Smith – standing pike 1/1

Got my standing pike full ????????????

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Keisuke Suzuta – Ri Se-Gwang

Ono tells that Suzuta has been competing this vault for a while.

Cabriole sends these links.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

___ original post:

Would somebody please tell these guys that this vault is not humanly possible. :-)

This makes 3 who have competed it successfully.

6.400 + 9.400 = 15.800

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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Longines Award problems

Update – Nora, in the comments, clears up my confusion:

The media doesn’t vote for the winner. The jury decides the winner. The media can win a Longines watch if what they write on their ballot paper matches the decision the jury comes up with. That’s all.

Every year I’ve voted there’s been confusion, this year more than ever.

I’m never sure of who’s eligible. Never sure of the deadline. Am forced to vote before the AA competition.


Yao Jinnan on winning the Longines elegance prize:

“I am not one of the (all-around) medalists so that made me a little uncomfortable.”


I voted for Oleg Verniaiev and Georgia-Rose Brown.

Unbeknownst to me as a voter, the list of eligible athletes seems to have been, this year, shortened to:

WAG: Larissa Iordache, Simone Biles, Bai Ya Wen, Yao Jin Nan

MAG: Kohei Uchimura, Lin Chao Pan, Kenzo Shirai, Zhang Cheng Long, Den Shu Di, Max Whitlock

How? Why?

I have no idea. That’s the list I found posted in the main press centre the day after the voting concluded.

Yeesh, Longines. Get your act together on this. :-(

circus Bar act – Tournik

Eight artists cross paths in the Tournik Act from Corteo which marries horizontal bar techniques with circus arts. The artists perform on a central cube-shaped structure, with two additional bars on each side of the cube. The various parts of the structure turn, sometimes all in the same direction, sometimes in opposite directions… just to keep everyone on their toes!

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Good and crazy Bar workers, male and female, are pretty much constantly in demand by Cirque du Soleil. If you coach such an athlete, contact Casting for more information.

Beam – Teramoto v Mustafina

One of the more controversial decisions at Worlds 2014.

Who should have won the Bronze medal in the Beam final?

Aliya Mustafina missing a 0.5 EGR or Asuka Teramoto?

Click PLAY or watch Aliya on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch Asuka on YouTube.

3 MUSTAFINA Aliya RUS 5.500 + 8.666 = 14.166
4 TERAMOTO Asuka JPN 5.600 + 8.500 = 14.100


“I knew my beam routine was not the most difficult one and I had no expectations to make it to the podium today. It was sheer luck.”

Stars of Gymnastics – Epke

An excellent mini-documentary. Posted just before Worlds 2014. He’d not yet won a World Championships title.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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Podkopayeva – ’96 Compulsory Floor

An example of excellent execution and artistry, here’s what we lost when FIG got rid of compulsories.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Compulsories had problems, of course. But I do miss them.

Vladimir Zaglada and others have been sharing that on Facebook.

Premier Men’s Gymnastics, Illinois

Workout Wednesday

This workout features US Jr. National Team Member Alex Diab and the Level 10’s.

2004 Olympic All-Around Champion Paul Hamm is one of the team coaches at Premier Gymnastics and works with guys on floor during this workout.

Watch more videos on Gymnastike

the Olivia Vivian show

This is good. :-)

the men of Nanning

The new The Liukin blog is must reading for coaches of Men’s Gymnastics.

Kohei Uchimura (JPN)
Max Whitlock (GBR)
Yusuke Tanaka (JPN)
Diego Hypólito (BRA)
Deng Shudi (CHN)
Oleg Verniaiev (UKR)

The Men of Nanning and Their Lasting Impressions: Part I

Click PLAY or watch Hypolito’s Bronze FX on YouTube.