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best in-bar Geinger?

Evan Heiter @yoEv named Trish Wilson.

Click PLAY or watch her on YouTube.

Body entirely above the Bar.

I cannot recall a better one. :-)

Ev gave that shout out in a GymCastic discussion on Georgia-Rose Brown‘s excellent in-bar Geinger.

via @GymCastic

Sarah Patterson & Suzanne Yoculan

A new documentary on the great rivalry between the Alabama and Georgia head coaches is scheduled to be released on ESPNU Apr 30th 7:00PM.

Sarah Suzanne

ESPN Films launched the Storied documentary series in September 2011, presenting fans the opportunity to explore the rich athletic history of the Southeastern Conference. From extraordinary athletes and coaches to defining games and moments, the Storied series features films from the SEC’s recent and more distant past.


(via College Gymnastics Board)

Larisa Iordache – 59.200

Last Saturday, France hosted in Avoine a “friendly” match against Romania and Belgium. There were two separate team and all around competitions, first for the juniors, followed by a “match” for the seniors.

In the senior team competition Romania placed first with a total score almost nine points above second place France -172.600 compared to 163.800). Third place Belgium managed to put some pressure on the host nation …

For Romania, the biggest scores were brought by Larisa Iordache. She was the winner of the all around title after obtaining the best scores of the competition for each of the four events. …

Iordache was followed by two team mates: Diana Bulimar (56.300) and Stefania Stanila (56.000). …

read more on Couch Gymnast

Rough footage of Larisa’s routines from the friendly France/Romania/Belgium.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Men’s NCAA Individual Finals

If you can’t watch the women’s finals you want, check out the men’s competition.


2014 Men’s Gymnastics National Championship: Individual FinalsFull VIDEO Replay. Free. :-)

Scott Bregman, Director Of Content And Communications at USAG, was there. He felt it was one of the best Championships ever. On podium. Very impressive.

NCAA Championships on Gymnastike

There are two kinds of people.

Those who pay the Gymnastike Gold membership, most very happy with what they get. :-) And those ticked off with Gymnastike, a site beloved by one and all before adding their premium membership. :-(

Now that Gymnastike owns the rebroadcasting rights for NCAA Championships, they are paying people to search for and take down the “illegal” routines online.

That’s the system we live with in 2014.

Personally I love Gymnastike. But have enough reservations about how they monetize NOT to join myself.

Best case scenario new companies will launch to compete. Companies like sports2visuals with their Hard Way to Success video series.

___ original post:

Looks like Gymnastike has purchased the re-broadcast rights for the 2014 NCAA Championships.

Gymnastike Gold

I like that the link is branded with GOLD. That way new users aren’t confused as to whether that’s free content, or for paid subscribers only.

Their videos stream more slowly than YouTube. You need a fairly strong internet connection to watch them.

Gymnastike is not up front with the cost for Gymnastike Gold subscription. Last time I checked it was $19.99/mo. A yearly subscription $150/year ($12.50/mo.).

Bars – who do you love?

NCAA Final 2014.

Click PLAY or watch Bridget Sloan on YouTube. 9.9375 (1st)

I swear Bridget took a big form break on overshoot every turn except for that routine. Coaches should study her huge, late tap for dismount.

Click PLAY or watch Samantha Shapiro on YouTube. 9.925 (2nd) Dreamy Pak.

Click PLAY or watch Kristina Vaculik on YouTube. 9.900 (3rd)

Floor – who do you love?

NCAA Final 2014.

Click PLAY or watch Haley Scaman on YouTube. 9.950 (T-2nd)

Click PLAY or watch Joanna Sampson on YouTube. 9.950 (T-2nd) Last year’s FX Champion.

Click PLAY or watch Katherine Grable on YouTube. 9.9625 (1st)

Not much debate on this one. Grable definitely was the most popular routine.

Razorback Gymnast Katherine Grable Makes History; Takes Titles

Though done with College gym, I’ve heard Katherine is considering a try at elite. She’s certainly ripped enough. :-)

congratulations LSU coaches

LSU gymnastics coach D-D Breaux was named National Coach of the Year and Jay Clark and Bob Moore shared National Assistant Coach of the Year honors, the National Association of Collegiate Gymnastics Coaches/Women (NACGC/W) announced Monday.

It is the first time in Breaux’s distinguished career that she earned the National Coach of the Year Award. It is also the first national award for Moore. …

The awards were voted upon by the head coaches of all Division I women’s collegiate gymnastics teams. …

Breaux, Assistants Receive National Awards

LSU coaches

D-D also won “feistiest coach of the year” … for the 37th year in a row. :-)

Jordan Rae to Bowling Green

Bowling Green State University Gymnastics Coach Kerrie Turner has announced that Jordan Rae has signed her letter of intent to compete for BGSU Gymnastics beginning in the fall of 2014. …

She was selected to compete for the 2010 senior international New Zealand Pacific Rim Team and competed for New Zealand’s Commonwealth Games Team in Delhi, India. At the Commonwealth games, Rae placed fifth on vault and 12th in the all-around. Her ability took her to Rotterdam, the Netherlands for the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships in 2010 and to Tokyo, Japan for the same event in 2011. Rae was selected as a first reserve for the 2012 Olympic Games in Artistic Gymnastics. …

The Bowling Green Gymnastics program is coming off of its best season in 22 years …

Jordan Rae Signs Letter Of Intent For BGSU Gymnastics


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263 days?!

How depressing. :-(

263 days

Fans will have to keep watching 2014 Apparatus Finals for the rest of the year.

via @UKGymnastics

Joshua Nathan – Pommels

Yet another prodigy from the UK. :-)

Born 1999.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Louis Smith @louissmith1989:

Finished my competition @ the Korea world cup I’m happy to say I finished in 1st place with 15.850 just in front of my Olympic nemesis Berki

That strengthens Louis’ chances to qualify to Commonwealth Games.

Keatings, meanwhile, won Pommels & P Bars at a competition in Sao Paolo, Brazil.


Beam – who do you love?

Click PLAY or watch Lindsey Cheek on YouTube. (9.90 – tied for 2nd)

Click PLAY or watch Taylor Spears on YouTube. 9.925 (1st)

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Vault – who do you love?

NCAA Vault Final 2014.

Click PLAY or watch Rheagan Courville on YouTube. 9.975 (T-1st)

Click PLAY or watch Katherine Grable on YouTube. 9.975 (T-1st)

LIVE I preferred Haley Scaman. Insanely great early opening.

Click PLAY or watch Haley on YouTube. 9.9667 (3rd)

You could wake Haley up in the middle of the night. She’d stick this vault first time, no warm-up.

I blame the ONE Judge who threw a 9.0 on that vault, going low, dropping Haley to 3rd. Same score as that judge gave many inferior vaults in the final. :-(

Best vault?

Haley or Katherine?