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no crotch shots

Sports editors many times publish gymnast crotch shot photos. I consider that unethical. :-(

But for Scotland’s Frank Banes, I’ll make an exception. :-)

 Picture: Reuters via Scotsman

Picture: Reuters via Scotsman

Vault Gold – Fragapane or Black?

Online, many felt that Ellie Black should have won Vault over local star, Claudia Fragapane.

Watching LIVE in real time, I had thought the ranking was OK.

But I went back to check.

Claudia had higher start values. (0.5 over 2 vaults) Ellie was much cleaner.

The judges seemed to be crediting just about anything as layout. Chant and Fragapane both were credited layout. I assume Dipa’s bizarre Kasamatsu was also credited layout.

1. FRAGAPANE 14.766 (14.500 & 14.633)
2. BLACK 14.433 (14.433 & 14.433)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Ellie starts here. Claudia starts here.

OK. I’m convinced.

Ellie Black should have been the Commonwealth Vault Champion. Claudia should have had more than 0.5 execution deduction compared with Ellie over the two vaults. The judges got it wrong.

Somebody call Nellie. :-(

van Gelder, Chen Yibing, Zanetti

The Lords of the Rings video has been updated with 3 more legends, two of them still competing. The NEW section starts at 4min 35sec.

4:35 Yuri van Gelder – the most beloved ring strength man over the internet. He brought new strength standards in the discipline of still rings and a big controversy after being caught with coke. Maybe worked towards his popularity :)

6:51 Chen Yibing – the man with the smoothest transitions and a learning book type performances. His signature routine with high diversity of elements, executes in smoothest flow, brought him dozens of gold medals in the discipline of still rings.

8:52 Arthur Zanetti – the one who changed the meaning of “clean execution”. It is just e great experience editing his videos and seeing the hold time of his strength elements to hit 3 seconds each time. Maybe in the Brazilian translation of the Code of Points they changed “2s” with “3s” and so long does he freezes every time like having a Swiss stopwatch in his ears.

I’d rank Chen Yibing the best all-time. For his era.

Jade Barbosa – Floor

GymFever is talking about some event in Brazil.

1. Daniele Hypolito 54.700
2. Jade Barbosa 54.150

Jade Barbosa, now age-23, is looking better than ever.

Click PLAY or watch Jade’s FX on YouTube.

Yamilet Peña – Zibo

A number of people, including Nico on GymFever, mentioned that Peña did a better Handspring double front than Dipa Karmakar competed today in the Commonwealth Vault Final.

Here it is.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Yep. That’s the least dangerous landing of all those I’ve seen competed by the 3 gymnasts chucking them today.

Peña is an awesome vaulter, too. By far the strongest of the three. Next is Karmakar. Fadwa MOHMOUD is the weakest. Watching her warm-up at African Championships 2014, I was convinced she was not going to compete Prudnova. Nobody in their right mind would do it from this slow a run.

Click PLAY or watch African Championships on YouTube.

Check the YouTube video image. Watch the reaction of the Egyptian coach.

Is this the sport you want to be coaching? :-(

As we’ve seen over and over again, FIG judging panels are not going to penalize those cannonball landings with no opening of any kind, so the vault must be banned.

Otherwise even more gymnasts, most from developing nations, are going to start training it. Seems it’s going to take another Elena Mukhina type injury before FIG WTC addresses this serious problem. :-(

Claudia Fragapane is fantastic

I was shocked and surprised to see some negative comments about Claudia several places online.

Claudia Fragapane is fantastic.

What’s not to like? :-)

I can hardly wait for Floor tomorrow. Hers is my favourite routine in the world right now.


Fragapane – layout or piked?

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

I’m not contesting Claudia’s Gold medal. Simply pointing out that WAG judges are very inconsistent on what’s awarded layout.

The way they deduct landings is worse. There’s very little reward for landing safely and with complete control. :-(

Rings – Morgan, Lytwyn, Purvis

Canada goes 1-2 on Rings.

Rings Final results
Morgan CAN 15.100
Lytwyn CAN 14.800
Purvis SCO 14.766

This is the first competition I can recall where RINGS is the best apparatus for Team Canada. :-)

CDN Championships tie - photo from Vali

CDN Championships tie – photo from Vali

Bars – Downie, Miller, Harrold

An excellent Bar final. Huge height on releases. Excellent execution.

Bar Final results
Downie ENG 14.666
Miller AUS 14.566
Harrold ENG 14.366

Downie is a real favourite to medal at Worlds 2014.


Pom – Keatings, Whitlock, Smith

Pommel Final results
Keatings 16.058 (7.2 DV) SCO
Whitlock 15.966 (7.4 DV) ENG
Smith 14.966 ENG

Jac Davies WAL 14.800

@CordeliaGymFan notes the podium was a repeat of the British Championships Masters Final.

Easily the best Apparatus Final at Commonwealth Games.

No falls. Davies from Wales swings near as well as anyone in the world.

Note how many Pommel finalists are not wearing wrist wrap.

YOGs – Andrade out, Saraiva in

Cedric confirms that a minor toe injury slowed Rebeca Andrade’s preparation for the Youth Olympic Games. Alexandrov decided to replace Rebeca with Flavia Saraiva.

Either Brazilian gymnast could medal in the AA.

This is no major disaster for Brazil.

details on Gym Blog Brazil


Vault – Fragapane, Black, Karmakar

Vault Final results
1. Claudia Fragapane ENG
2. Ellie Black CAN
3. Dipa Karmakar IND

Ellie was superb. She could hardly do either vault better. :-)

Karmakar is only an average international vaulter. Her first Vault (Kaz) was poor technique. (Compare with Black and Chant.)

Yet she’s gutsy enough to chuck a double front, holding the tuck until some fairly random contact position with the Floor. This time it worked. That’s the best landing since Produnova in 1999 FISUs. But it was luck.

FIG again rewards a gymnast for that dangerous vault. More coaches, especially those in the developing world, will decide that’s the best route to get famous. Sooner or later we’ll see a catastrophic injury. FIG will be partially to blame.

I strongly feel FIG WTC should ban the vault.

FX – Whitlock, Morgan, Bishop

FX results
1. Whitlock 15.533 GBR
2. Morgan 15.133 CAN
3. Bishop 14.550 NZL

Kiwi Coach David Phillips will be proud. He took a Bronze medal on Floor in the 1998 Commonwealth Games. :-)

I feel badly for Ashish Kumar who had hoped to medal again. He did not fall, but simply didn’t HIT nearly as well as the medalists.