forward handspring progressions

The superb JAO YouTube channel has had a name change. It’s now GymTactics Videos: Bounce Gymnastics Girls Team.

Enjoy Jason’s latest tutorial.

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Arabian triple front 1988

I’ve posted this in the past. But was never sure what competition it was from. Until now.

It was the 1988 Soviet Jr Championships.

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Yeesh! :-( Who is that guy?

… It must be Kolyvanov on Pommels just before the start of the Floor routine.

Thanks Anna.

African American gymnasts

Recall when people used to say that African American kids make poor gymnasts?

I do.

In the era of Curtis Hibbert, for example. He won the silver medal on Horizontal Bar at the 1987 World Championships. And made 3 apparatus finals at the 1988 Seoul Olympics.

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Nobody is saying anything like that in 2015.

In the past not many African American kids got the chance to try Gymnastics. Access to expensive sports is still a problem today, but less than in the past.

African American girls like 12-year-old Elizabeth Moore of OSEGA Gymnastics, Miles Avery’s Gym, have role models. :-)

See Elizabeth interviewed.

Richelle Simpson to Husker Hall of Fame

RICHELLE SIMPSON was the 2003 NCAA All-Around & Floor Champion for Nebraska.

She was back in Lincoln to be honoured at the inaugural University of Nebraska Athletics Hall of Fame induction ceremony, followed by recognition during halftime of Saturday’s Nebraska-BYU football season-opener.

Richelle Dan

Simpson is in her ninth year performing for Cirque du Soleil and year seven entertaining at Treasure Island’s Mystère. …

“I never thought I would be there this long, but it’s so creative and so energizing,” Simpson said. “We have many people who have worked for the show for many years, including two or three who have been here since we started. …

The Art of Perfection: Simpson ‘Fit’ Nebraska

coach Heinz Schulmeister – SoCal United (SCU)

It’s gratifying to see the SoCal group so proactive in trying to save and build collegiate men’s gymnastics. :-)

Shelli Koszdin posted an interview for Stick it Media:

… Long a hotbed for men’s gymnastics talent, the Southern California area has been without a intercollegiate program since the demise of UCLA’s storied program back in 1994. Aside from Stanford and Cal, Southern California high school graduates have had to venture out-of-state to participate in men’s intercollegiate gymnastics.

Along came Schulmeister, a men’s club coach at Torrance’s Studio West, to found an exciting new collegiate club program in Southern California. SCU is an interesting amalgam of student-athletes, attending various junior colleges and universities throughout the area. …

SM: About how much capital did it take to get this team started? How much to keep it running for each year?

Heinz: Startup costs in the 1st year were about $45K. We were able to raise about $30K. So out of pocket about $15K, give or take a few.

If we keep everything as is, we are looking at an average of about $60K­$100K per year. But we need to look ahead and make sure the coaches that currently donate their time are eventually paid. Having our own training facility is being planned as we speak. …

SM: Have there been other attempts to follow in the footsteps of SCU?

Heinz: We have certainly made an impact: Sacramento State is working on having a team. Also, there will be the New York Alliance. Based on the email I received from Brockport’s head coach, they are planning to bring together several small college teams from the New York area to create another D2 team. …

StickItMedia Exclusive Interview: Heinz Schulmeister

SoCal Gymnastics

Gymneo English – Tsukahara

The best coaching videos in 2015, overall, are produced by Gymneo out of France.

I joined Gymneo English day 1 – October 25th, 2014. Since that time they’ve added English versions of their existing French content on a regular basis.

The newest skill translated to English is Tsukahara.

Click PLAY or watch the Tsukahara overview video on Facebook.

Each skill on Gymneo is broken into 7 parts:

technical analysis
physical preparation
LIVE performance

details on Tsukahara (1hr 40min total)

You can buy that one skill for 37,20€ (41.54 USD) or get a year’s access for 199€(223 USD). A good investment for serious WAG competitive coaches.

There are discounts and sales. The price has gone down since last year as more people join.

If you do speak French the French version is a better deal. More content for the same price. Unfortunately English members do not get access to the French content.

Consider this a strong endorsement for You do need speedy internet to stream their videos, as you need have for all video sources (aside from YouTube).

Leave a comment if you have an opinion on this product.

If you have questions about Gymneo, email: contact(a)

if you fall …


if you fall

Thanks Kim.