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… The previous “Like a Girl” ad from Always, which was released in June 2014 and dominated the Super Bowl commercial lineup, focused on changing the implications of the phrase from an insult to a statement of empowerment.

Its followup ad … highlights that very sentiment — how playing sports to excelling in academics like a girl is a good thing. …

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The timing coincides with International Women’s Day, which is coming up on Sunday.

Mashable – New ad takes ‘Like a Girl’ as a compliment, not an insult

new Men’s skills announced

FIG MTC NEWSLETTER #28 was posted.

BRETSCHNEIDER gets the H value double twisting Kovacs. Congratulations.

You might ask why. He didn’t compete it at Worlds 2014.

Here’s why.

MAG Naming of New Elements:

Any new element performed at an FIG registered competition with an official FIG TD or FIG MTC member participating in an official role (local TD, continental TD, Superior Jury, Apparatus Supervisor, or Jury of Appeals) is eligible for new element recognition in the Code of Points. A video of the completed element must be given to the TC member in attendance for later review and evaluation at the following MTC meeting.

Ferhat’s amazing new dismount from P Bars (G value) was not given name credit because of his bent knees. I dunno. It looks pretty good from this angle. (VIDEO)

They aren’t as straight as the new vault – RI Se Gwang 2. Double front pike with half twist.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (6.4)

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• Yamawaki ½ will need to have all turning continue in the same direction for the increase in letter value. If the element turns in two different directions, the element will not be recognized by the D jury.

We’re praying that Yamawaki will be devalued next Code. And that releases catching in mixed grip will be the same skill. One crappy Yamawaki is bad enough. Two is twice as ugly.

Next newsletter will finally address these issues:

• Exceeding the allowable time for a fall (Sam Mikulak on P Bars)

• Broken handguard (grip) rule (Zhang Chenglong)


FIG MTC broke their own rules at Worlds 2014 with those two athletes. It’s about time they answer for that.

Mom Wipes Makeup off Bratz Dolls, Wins Internet

In case you haven’t seen this viral video as yet. It’s one lovely story. :-)

Sonia Singh, from the island state of Tasmania in Australia, has endeared herself to parents and kids around the world by finding used Bratz fashion dolls and other dolls at second-hand shops and “upcycling” them in a “down-to-earth style.”

Singh uses nail polish remover and eucalyptus oil to clean the dolls’ faces and remove their thick lipstick, heavy eye shadows and — eek! — even their painted-on eyes. …


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West Virginia recruiting violations

Between June 2010 and February 2013, West Virginia University coaches in 14 sports sent impermissible texts and placed impermissible calls to prospects and parents, according to a decision issued by a NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions panel.

Most of the impermissible communications occurred in women’s gymnastics, football, women’s basketball and women’s soccer, resulting in Level II violations. Additionally, an assistant women’s gymnastics coach committed nearly all of the text and phone violations in that program. The recruiting violations in the other 10 programs were limited and the panel determined they were Level III violations.

Penalties in this case include two years of probation, recruiting restrictions and a one-year show-cause order for the assistant coach. …


(via College Gymnastics Board)

Patricia Arquette #Oscars

Equal wages for women.

safer Gymnastics anchors

The International Gymnastics Federation approves Bars and Rings with a single point of failure design.

FIG Bars collapse too often. :-(

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If you MUST rely on a single point of failure system, what are the best designs?

Worst is a single drop anchor. Especially those installed by amateurs. (like me)


Those can shear. Or pull out.

This is better. PULL is in line with the chain


This is better again. Two anchors are safer than one.


These systems are safer again:


Of course any failure to any of the 4 anchors, chains or attachments causes collapse. You need double the anchors to prevent collapse absolutely.

FIG could change specifications to require manufactures do so. And they should.

Leave a comment if you have an opinion on this topic.

Jessica O’Beirne on GymCastic was ranting :-) on this topic the other day. Prompting me to repost.

reality TV – Coaching Bad

In a nutshell, several coaches from various sports are brought together to work with an anger counselor. This is all done under watchful former NFL player and current motivational speaker Ray Lewis. …

Gymfinity – Reality television is nothing like reality

Gymfinity was unimpressed, to say the least.

Click PLAY or watch a trailer on YouTube.

I hope they never add a Gymnastics coach.