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I glanced at this post by Gym Jag …

They have the ability to damage, devastate and even destroy. They can stay forever taunting and torturing. They possess the power to obscure light and obliterate hopes. They can annihilate those they touch.

They have the ability to guide, grow and give affirmation. They can stay forever enriching and encouraging. They posses the power to ignite passions and instill greatness. They can change the world.

They begin wars. They bring peace. …


Of course I assumed we were talking about GYM MOMS. :-)

Nope. I was wrong.

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not my circus, not my monkeys

Good advice.

not my circus

In fact, these are not my monkeys. :-)

Simien - Rick baboons 600

Gelada baboons, Ethiopia.

John Carlos and Tommie Smith carrying Peter Norman’s casket

This is one of the most famous moments in Olympic Sport. LIFE magazine and Le Monde named it one of the 20 most influential images of the 20th century.


Tommie Smith and John Carlos raised their gloved fists to express opposition to racism in the U.S.

But who’s that other guy? The silver medalist at the Olympics?

Australian sprinter Peter Norman.

… What you cannot see in the photo is that Norman was wearing a badge that read: “Olympic Project For Human Rights,” which he had borrowed from Paul Hoffman, a white member of the U.S. rowing team.

“I believe that every man is born equal and should be treated that way,” Norman told reporters after the ceremony.

You probably know that all hell broke loose after that. The IOC immediately suspended Carlos and Smith from the U.S. team and expelled them from the Olympic Village. The two men received much abuse when they came home — including death threats — and were ostracized for a long while. But, like I say, you probably knew that.

What you may not have known — what I did not know — was that Peter Norman also went through his own personal turmoil after Mexico City. …


That’s an incredible morality tale. One I’ve never known.


THE funeral service for Peter Norman ended with the theme music from Chariots of Fire and a scene no less dramatic than any in that famous film.

The two pallbearers at the front carrying Norman’s coffin from the Williamstown Town Hall were Tommie Smith and John Carlos …

‘Tell your kids about Peter Norman’

(via Amanda Turner)

Leonid Arkayev interview

This is fascinating. No doubt some of the key coaches in Soviet gymnastics history remember some of these stories differently.

Round Lake dry?

Legendary coach Leonid Arkayev talks about his personal gymnastics history, the success of the Soviet team and Simone Biles in this summary of a Sport Express interview. He also shares his opinion of the current Russian gymnastics regime.

Rewriting Russian Gymnastics – Leonid Arkayev : interview with Elena Vaitsekhovskaya



Sam Sendel – Canada’s new LGTB initiatives

Leigh Robson:

No one would deny that Canadian Olympic Trampoline hopeful Sam Sendel enjoys life. When you watch her action-packed YouTube videos, you know that she lives life to the fullest. Her talent, athletic success as a World Class Trampoline gymnast and joie de vivre makes her a role model to many. …

In conjunction with the Canadian Olympic Committee’s announcement of new initiatives to support LGTB athletes, Sam has come out publicly with her identity as a lesbian athlete. About Canada’s new LGTB initiatives, she told SBNation Outsports Magazine:

Sam “As a gay athlete, I’m touched deeply,” Sendel said of the COC’s initiative. “I’m hoping it will help prevent the younger generations from feeling like they need to hide who they are. That was a big issue for me. I think it will really make a difference.”

The goal of the initiatives is to combat homophobia and anti-gay bias in sports. While this is a Canadian program, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) recently adopted new guidelines protecting athletes traveling to foreign countries to compete in the Olympics to include LGTB athletes. …

read more on Trampoline Pundit

If you appreciate Sam’s courage, send her a tweet @SamSendel.

Actually, the Canadian T&T program is very Gay friendly.

(via Leigh Robson @TrampPundit)

changes to Olympics approved

The IOC is boasting unanimous approval of the 40 recommendations that make up Olympic Agenda 2020.

They could go into effect for Pyeongchang 2018 and Tokyo 2020.

Tokyo Olympics 2020

Tokyo Olympics 2020

Ollie Williams provides some analysis:

At Monday’s extraordinary IOC session in Monaco, members rubber-stamped a series of 40 much-hyped “Agenda 2020? recommendations for change to the way the Olympics is run – some of them substantial, including:

Abolition of the 28-sport cap limiting the summer Olympic programme, accompanied by a shift to measuring the programme in terms of events, rather than sports

Host cities can propose the inclusion of specific events for their Games

Changes to make the system of bidding for the Games more flexible and, hopefully, cheaper

One such change is the ability for cities, regions and countries to mount joint bids for the Olympics (in “exceptional cases” only, mind)

A new, worldwide Olympics TV channel, carrying archive alongside some live sport with a $600m budget over seven years

Amended wording of the Olympic charter to specifically note the Games should be free of discrimination based on sexual orientation

read more – Links special: a day of change for the Olympic Games

Sports where one athlete could potentially win 8 medals (swimming, gymnastics) are vulnerable, I feel.

Gnarly in Pink

Tumbl Trak’s Carrie Spender Lennox showed me this skateboard video. She loves the content. And loves the editing. Carrie’s been doing a lot of video editing, of late. :-)

Woodward West.

This short film celebrates the “Pink Helmet Posse,” three 6-year-old girls who share an unusual passion: skateboarding.

Produced by: Kristelle Laroche and Ben Mullinkosson

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

(via New York Times)

myths about Gymnastics judges

I’ve been a judge most of my life. Much about this article by Jag Gym rings true. :-)

I have a job for you: gymnastics judge!

Sports officials in general probably have one of the most difficult and least appreciated roles in youth sports. And those in gymnastics are no exception.

I have been on all sides of that folding table. As a gymnast knowing that I am going to make myself vulnerable by trying to do something very difficult and am inviting someone to judge me.

As a judge passing out scores that I hope are accurate and fair.

As the parent of a gymnast trying not to vomit from the anxiety of putting my child out half naked to have someone assign a number to her efforts.

And, as a coach who from time to time believed that my athlete was genuinely given a score that did not match her performance. I know that none of this is easy or straightforward.

Now, as a gymnastics club owner, I have yet another role: trying to explain to upset children, distraught, even angry parents and discouraged coaches that contrary to what they might think, the judges are not out to get them!

Are judges perfect?

Of course, not.

But they certainly are misunderstood. So here it goes, my myth-busting list about judges and judging gymnastics:


making a MOCKery of Finals

making a MOCKery of Finals

Shewfelt Gym Fest

27 things parents of gymnasts should avoid

Tony Retrosi:

I cannot remember the first time I read this but I remember being a VERY rookie coach handing this out to all the parents of my current team. It was written by J. Howard, Professional gymnastics coach since 1980, Tumbling, Double mini and Trampoline coach since 1986, gymnastics author of 26 books …

Here are 27 things parents of gymnasts should avoid doing so they don’t interfere with the positive benefits:

1 Don’t compare your gymnast’s progress with that of other gymnasts.

2 Don’t become overly ego-involved with your gymnast’s success or lack of it.

3 Don’t take judge’s scores too seriously, especially at the lower levels.

4 Don’t forget the need for fun in gymnastics.

5 Don’t stand for unacceptable behavior from your gymnast during practice or competitions.

read the rest

male gymnasts better than female at landing

Male gymnasts are, as a group, far more skilled at landing.

That’s partly strength. Partly technique.

Uchimura STICK

Compare Uchimura’s soft-as-a-cat landing to this surprisingly typical WAG landing.

Aliya landing

What Aliya did on that Beam dismount was to “punch’ on landing, instead of bringing impact forces to zero. She had no controlled landing. WAG judges are far too lenient on landing deductions (aside from the stupid ‘chest low’ rule). WAG gives very little reward to excellent landings.

Dr. George advises the gymnast see the landing as soon as possible. Reduce forces to zero by absorbing over time and distance.

open on landing
Leg Impact and Landing

USA WAG has added a 0.1 “stick” bonus for 2014. Let’s see if that helps. Gummi points out that the stick bonus may also result in more injuries in competition, especially on twisting landings like Amanar.

related – Coaching Youth Gymnastics by USA Gymnastics: SAFE landings

(via wogymnastika)

___ Update:

Here is Aliya landing that dismount in the Olympics. Quite a bit better.

Aliya Beam dismount

(via wogymnastika)

2017-2020 MAG Code of Points

At Worlds FIG MTC Chair Steve BUTCHER facilitated a committee round table to brainstorm ideas to improve the Men’s Code.

I include here a few samples of the discussion.


Are there a set of “first” or fundamental principles that underlay the Codes and by which the TCs frame discussions regarding specific issues or decisions, and if so, what are they?

Safety, Fair Play, Universality


Can we move from 5 to 4 element groups per exercise?

Idea for P Bars:

Combine the Long Swing and Underswing element groups (the Long Swing group is very difficult for taller gymnasts)

Idea for H Bar:

Add a requirement for flight elements with salto over the bar

Download a copy of the Powerpoint Presentation to see the rest.

I’m happy to see the committee so open minded. Let’s wait and see what changes end up being made. The rules for Horizontal Bar and Floor Exercise are dreadful now. Almost any change would be for the better.


… The WTC and MTC both met in sunny and warm Cancun (MEX) for their final meetings of the year from 5-10 November. Each committee met individually, as well as jointly …

Let’s hope they jointly came up with ways to IMPROVE the Codes.


via Nico

IOC “Agenda 2020″

The International Olympic Committee proposed changes to the bidding process and sports program for the Olympics among 40 recommendations to be voted on in December.

The 40 recommendations “lay out a strategic roadmap for the future of the Olympic movement,” the IOC said. The proposals will be discussed at an IOC session in Monaco on Dec. 8-9. If approved in December, the IOC will then decide on how to implement the recommendations. …

IOC proposes adding Olympic events, bid reforms

2014 Summer Youth Olympic Games - Closing Ceremony

Looks good to me. The downside for Artistic Gymnastics is that we hog a large percentage of the events and medals.

London 2012 had 10,568 athletes in 302 events; Rio 2016 will have 306 events.

If IOC wants to add sports, athletes or more events, they’ll have to take away from somewhere else.

WAG and MAG are at risk.

it’s on us to stop sexual assault

A number of professional athletes have donated their time to support the message that sexual assault is never okay. Join them in taking the pledge to stop sexual assault at ItsOnUs.org.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Julius Thomas
Aly Raisman
Caroline Wozniacki
Jason Hammel
Khris Davis
Rudy Gay