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USA National Gymnastics Day


September 20th, 2014


• To increase awareness and excitement for the sport of gymnastics

• To teach the importance of charitable outreach through sport and play

• To introduce gymnastics to youth who may not otherwise have the means to participate

more information (PDF)

Nat Gym Day

(via Rec Gymnastics)

North Korean gymnast banned. Again.

… the FIG Disciplinary Commission has made the decision to withdraw Cha Yong Hwa’s license

… All results obtained by Cha Yong Hwa and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Gymnastics Federation’s (DPRKGF) Women’s Artistic Gymnastic team in all events at which Cha Yong Hwa participated as a team member from August 2006 onwards are cancelled …

The DPRKGF is blamed for submitting a fake passport for Cha Yong Hwa

Disciplinary decisions – The FIG takes action

Even in a totalitarian State as inefficient as North Korea, I hope the officials running this Federation are fired. :-(

This is the 3rd time they’ve been sanctioned.

(via TAA)

gymternet plagerism? – Gymnastike responds

Check the comments for additional information on whether or not this kind of cut and pasting is illegal. Seems it is.

Gymnastike got back to me with this response:

That article from British Gymnastics is a press release. Below is a screenshot of the email that came to me from British Gymnastics and you will see it’s clearly branded as a press release. We get press releases from media sources every day. They want to get their message out, and encourage us to post it. It is in no way illegal. …

BG press release

Apologies to Gymnastike.

Perhaps this is common practice. I still don’t like it. Some are calling it lazy journalism.

Gymnastike does not often link to other sites. They should not be surprised if that policy is reciprocated.

___ original post:

This site is an aggregator. We link to good content wherever we find it — and try to send interested readers to other websites.

While not perfect, I don’t think there’s any other gymnastics site that tries harder to credit and promote the source of original content. With a lot of traffic, a link from Gymnastics Coaching gives increased PageRank to the sites we link.

On September 15th British Gymnastics put up a great post – 2014 World Championship team announced.

Soon after Gymnastike cut and pasted the entire textBritish Gymnastics Officially Announces Worlds Team.

They changed a few words. With this credit – Release via British Gymnastics. (with no link because they don’t actually want their readers to leave Gymnastike)

Worse, they went through the British Gymnastics replacing the BG links with links to Gymnastike pages. Some BG links were left, so someone at Gymnastike went to the trouble of removing those links.

I checked, not a single link to British Gymnastics remained in the end. It might have been faster to simply write their own story.

This may not be illegal, but it’s certainly unethical. I’ll continue my boycott of Gymnastike and recommend you do the same.

I feel badly for Anne and the other ethical people at Flocasts Gymnastike. But everyone I’ve spoken with feels you should work from within to address the many complaints.

RiskAssure – online risk management

Rob Deatley at Calgary Gymnastics Centre alerted me to this state-of-the-art software.

Risk Assure is a web-based software system that helps child activity centers protect themselves from liability. With RiskAssure, you can be sure that your equipment is cataloged, maintenance is performed on time and incidents—when they occur—are handled quickly, correctly, and professionally. RiskAssure can make sure that your students are the daring ones, not you. …

RiskAssure has a retail price of $95/month, but only costs $49/month for Charter Subscribers at this time …


If you are responsible for risk management at your club, click PLAY or watch a detailed summary on YouTube.

Contact Frank Sahlein or Barbara Anne Elliott at 3rd Level Consulting if you want to chat to a real human being.

boycott Gymnastike?

Early September 2014 Flocasts, parent company of Gymnastike, put up a very controversial post. They admitted the mistake, but a proper apology was slow in coming.

Gymnastike.org has been, over recent years, charged with plagiarism. Here’s one example.

I find the practice of editing a press release and changing ALL the links lazy at best, unethical at worse.

I don’t trust Flocasts. And will only rarely link to Gymnastike in future until I believe the corporate culture changes for the better.

reducing violence against women

Ray and Janay Rice have come to symbolize domestic violence against women. It happens all the time. :-(

When the man is rich and privileged, it happens more often.

Here’s the best commentary I’ve yet heard on the issue.

(via Slate)

Worlds age: WAG 19.1, MAG 23.0


FIG corrected their statistics.

Turns out average age as it stands now is 19.1 years, not 22.5 as published in the article linked below.

____ original post from Sept 10, 2014

Grandi… One unusual aspect of the nominative list is the average age of women registered to compete. At 22.5 years old, it is the highest average age for women at a World Championships, according to statistics that date back to 1987. The average age of women at the World Championships has been increasing — from the mid-17s in the early 2000s, it climbed to 19.12 years for the 2011 World Championships in Tokyo and 19.78 years for the 2012 Olympic Games. The average age of female competitors at the 2013 World Championships in Antwerp (BEL) was 19.16 years.

Should there be no changes to the nominative list, the average age of male competitors at this World Championships would be 23.0 years, the youngest average for men at a Worlds since 2006. The average male competitor in Antwerp last year was 23.29 years, while male gymnasts who competed at the 2012 Olympics averaged 24.44 years. ..

Nanning nominative list: See who’s registered for the 2014 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships!

Dr Léglise suspended

With regard to sanctions surrounding the Rhythmic Gymnastics Intercontinental Judges Course in December 2012 in Bucharest (ROU) …

Dr Léglise is suspended from his position as Vice President of Acrobatic Gymnastics, and as member of the FIG Presidential Commission until August 31, 2016.

Disciplinary decision: FIG Vice President sanctioned

Léglise was many years responsible for FIG’s Medical and Anti-doping Commissions. I’ve always been disappointed the Medical group has not done a better job intervening to protect athletes.

Flocasts CEO apology

Read the statement from Martin Floreani on Gymnastike. Sept 9th, 2014.

A personal apology to McKayla, her family and fans.

It’s far more credible than that of Joe Battaglia on Sept 3rd.

Joe Battaglia apologizes

Joe Battaglia finally apologized. And Flocasts did finally remove the controversial post, 4-days later.

Better late than never. Thanks Joe. I trust it’s sincere.

If you are wondering what some guy you’ve never heard of is apologizing for, it’s laid out here.

I’ll continue the boycott, for now, waiting on response from USAG.

Best Joe let the Gymnastics experts handle Gymnastike.

boycotting Gymnastike

by site editor Rick McCharles


Joe Battaglia finally apologized.

Better late than never. Thanks Joe. I trust it’s sincere. I’ll wait and see if any additional response is forthcoming from USAG or Flocasts.

___ original post:

I’m going to join the boycott. This site gets 2-3 million unique visitors a year. I believe we send quite a bit of traffic to Gymnastike.org.

This hurts, as I love Gymnastike, the #1 gymnastics video site.

I feel rotten for some of the excellent Gymnastike contributors. I’ve only known founder Anne Phillips to have the highest standards. Several times I pitched interviews with outspoken people and she declined saying she preferred Gymnastike promote the positives of Gymnastics. She does not like controversy. This scandal must be agonizing for her.

Know that @Flocasts is the parent company to Gymnastike. Here’s the Flocasts Team.

Don’t blame Gymnastike people for the wrong decisions of Flocasts. That would be unethical.

I’ve had quibbles over how Gymnastike operates, opting not to sign-up for their Gold paid subscription, but there’s never been an incident like this.

During the evening of the September long weekend, when most people were on holiday, Gymnastike posted an article:

Maroney Victim of Nude Photo Leak” (screen shot)

Chavez article with 4chan link

Note that the ad on that page was paid for by Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) for Children, volunteers who help abused and neglected children. There’s one advertiser that should flee Flocasts.

As a fan site that attracts many young girls, I question the headline. Gymnastike should have rushed to the defense of one of the sports greatest stars, defending her privacy.

Unforgivable, however, was a link to 4chan, a shady online community where (mostly) anonymous people share all kinds of nonsense, legal and illegal, including pornography. :-(

One commenter tells there were no photos of Maroney via that link. I know many others saw 3 photos, real or not. I did not click through myself.

Author of the post, Chris Chavez @Chris_J_Chavez, should have known better. He’s a student, an aspiring sports journalist, specializing in Track & Field.

Certainly Chavez knows not to link to 4chan, especially a page sharing stolen pornography, real and faked.

I decided to boycott after seeing this. It was sent to me anonymously.


Looks to me like Chavez was gloating over the thousands of hits his story was getting on Gymnastike. (It did not get nearly that many hits, did it?)

I’m trying to confirm that chavezc is another social media handle for @Chris_J_Chavez. Leave a comment if you know.

Update from @Region5insider (one of the good guys):

Rick that comment that was posted is not from Chris. Someone created the log in and posted the comment. We can tell how long a username as been active on our site and when I saw comment I checked and it was 15 minutes.

That’s good enough for me. I now believe it was not Chris, but rather some quick, humorous imposter questioning the motives for the post.

Still, this is a blog, not a court of law. I believe Chavez posted the article, a listicle in fact, to gain clicks. His post was sleazy at best, illegal at worst.

Chavez did not hit PUBLISH. Perhaps he doesn’t have permission to post himself. It was published by Joe Battaglia, Creative Director of @Flocasts, responsible for a number of sports, including Athletics, Wrestling, Dirt Biking and Gymnastics. Very experienced, without question Battaglia should have known not to link to 4chan.

Perhaps he was the only one working over the long weekend when the scandal broke.

The gymternet went nuts.

Battaglia some time later deleted the porn link, without explanation or apology.

He left the story up. It’s not been removed as yet as I post. (Deleting it may be seen, by Battaglia, as an admission of wrongdoing.)

UPDATE – Flocasts did finally remove the article entirely. 4-days later.

That was his second unforgivable mistake. Battaglia should have deleted the post entirely and instantly apologized for the “mistake“. Flocasts would later have to decide what to do with Chavez and Battaglia for linking to porn in the first place.

Instead, Battaglia doubled down with this tweet the next morning, as the gymternet blew up in protest.

I assumed we’d see an apology Tuesday morning when people got back to work at Flocasts. …

Nothing. :-(


That’s it.

Gymnastics Coaching will boycott Gymnastike until Flocasts takes action.

I unliked their Facebook page.

Unfollowed them on twitter.

I’m sending this post to the co-founders of Flocasts:

Martin Floreani @martinoflo | Martin@flocasts.com

Madhu Venkatesan @madhuvenkatesan

Mark Floreani @markflocasts

Also @USAGym. There’s nothing worse for the Federation than to be in any way associated with pornography. Potentially child pornography.

Leslie King, USAG’s Communication director, has stated the organization will revisit whether or not Gymnastike should be invited to future events.

One final word on these stolen photos, try not to blame the victim.

related – Lauren Hopkins – RESPONDING TO CONTROVERSY 101

6 to 10yr-old Chinese divers

For once one of these articles on intense Chinese youth sport schools does not include photos of children crying.

In Anshan city of Anhui Province, a group of children aged from 6-10 years old are committed to diving practice for a whole 2 years. At the end of the training, they either get selected into the official diving regiment, or go home. …

spotting diving

diving physical prep

read the article – Life in a youth diving camp

(via Thomas G Trapp)

another Cuban defection

Luis Oquendo is in Miami. He defected from Pan Ams in Toronto.

via Nico on GymFever2012