judging Trampoline by computer?

“Time of flight” makes up 1/3 the score. It’s measured by machine. Objectively.

FIG is looking at additional objective criteria that could be evaluated by computer. How long could it be before Trampoline judging could be entirely evaluated by computer?

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Time of flight was added in 2010 as one of the three scoring components in Trampoline, along with Difficulty and Execution.

Shawn Johnson – 700 calories a day

“I was always the very strong, powerful, muscly, bulky gymnast and I felt like people always wanted me to be thinner and lighter and leaner,” she tells PEOPLE. “And as a 12-year-old, the only way I really understood how to achieve that was to eat less and restrict myself. I remember kind of obsessing over it.” …

“I never went to a doctor, talked to a psychologist or was diagnosed as anorexic, but I was definitely obsessive and had very unhealthy habits,” she explains. …

“Back then, the judges liked the look of a very lean and skinny gymnast that was artistic and graceful, rather than powerful like myself,” she says …

People magazine

Gym Blog Brazil excluded from Championships

The best source of news on the sport in the Olympic host is Gym Blog Brazil. (Portuguese) LIKE their Facebook page.

For some reason their media credentials were withdrawn during Brazilian Championships. No freedom of the Press there, it would seem.

We’re still waiting to hear a logical reason from the Federation or organizers.

Age 2012 Olympics: 24.44 men, 19.78 women

Over the course of time, the age limit for participation at a world championship has been moved up. Today, the limit sits at 18 for Men and 16 for the Women Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics, 17 for Trampoline (18 for the Olympic Games), 18 for Aerobic, and 15 for Acrobatic Gymnastics (the minimum age for flier). …

The average varies depending on the discipline. In Artistic 2012 at the Olympic Games in London, it was 24.44 for men and 19.78 for women. In Rhythmic: 19.58. Trampoline: 25.06 for men and 22.48 for women. In Aerobic: 23.03 for men and 22.60 for women. And for Acrobatic: 20.87 for men and 18.97 for women. …



Thanks Cordelia.

FIG Level 2 Academy Saudi Arabia

The Gymnastics Federation of Saudi Arabia hosted a Level 2 Academy for Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) on November 4 – 11, 2015. Such Academies for Artistic Gymnastics are almost always organised with men and women together. The first such MAG-only Academy was a Level 3 hosted in the USA in 2007 and the second was a Level 1 hosted by Saudi Arabia a year ago. This was the 210th Academy in the FIG Academy Programme. …


A special thanks to Ebrahim Alabdali, our organizer. Translating back and forth English <> Arabic is good study methodology. Brahim had the highest exam score.


Additional photos. Some staged. :-)

rick teaching 3




Course leader Chris Evans had discussions with Saudi Olympic Committee consultants.

Recall that Saudi Arabia entered 2 female athletes in the London 2012 Olympics: Judoka Wojdan Shaherkani and 800m-runner Sarah Attar.

Of course FIG would love to see female gymnasts represent the Kingdom one day.

FloGymnastics.com is LIVE

Gymnastike has rebranded with a new website.

Same content, cleaner look. As I did with this site several months ago, FloGymnastics has been optimized for mobile. Continuous scrolling is a win too.

If you are not a paid member no need to click on anything marked PRO.

As before, the price of membership is not posted up front. You need to “join” first, find out the price later. If you get that far, there are different prices for monthly and yearly membership.

One of my big complaints with Gymnastike was their policy of NOT linking back to the page where they found inspiration or information. They wanted visitors to stay on Gymnastike. That seems to have improved. For example this post …

Shawn Johnson Plans Return To Gymnastics With Tour Of Champions

… links to a People magazine article. Kudos to FloGymnastics for that. In the past they sometimes did not link out at all. Or linked to the People magazine home page.

Embed codes are missing. But I’ve been told they will be added to the new platform as soon as possible.

Give FloGymnastics.com a try. Leave a comment if you have an opinion.

goal – no racism in sport

There are not many coaches left who feel gymnasts with African heritage – who get a chance to train gymnastics – are at a disadvantage. :-)

Sport is an environment where EVERYONE should have an equal chance for success.

Right now a VIDEO on racism at the University of Alabama is being shared online. Fraternities and sororities are still a problem.

I’ve not heard anyone complain about racism on the University of Alabama Gymnastics team.


Click PLAY or watch Morgan Dennis on YouTube.

Wilbur Jackson was the first black football player signed by the University of Alabama 1970 by Bear Bryant. That worked out pretty well for the legendary coach.

Though the former slave States are ASSumed to be the most racist it turns out that’s not true based on one study.

racist States

Coaches can take pride in the fact that we help break down societal barriers.

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