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October 2-3, 2015

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SYDNEY 2000: DRUG TESTING; Gymnast Tests Positive and Loses Gold:

A Romanian team doctor administered the drug stimulant pseudoephedrine to the 16-year-old Raducan in the form of a cold medicine. Dr. Ioachin Oana was held responsible and expelled from the Games. …

“A team physician should be able to read a bloody label on a package,” said Dick Pound, vice president of the International Olympic Committee and head of the I.O.C.’s World Anti-Doping Agency. “It was reckless on the part of the physician. His athlete tested positive; and because of it, her medal was withdrawn.” …

Raducan not reinstated as 2000 Olympic AA Champ

Retired Romanian gymnast Andreea Raducan, who won the 2000 Olympic all-around title but was stripped of the crown later in the Sydney Games after testing positive for a banned substance from cold-medicine pills given to her by a team doctor, will not be reinstated as the gold medalist, an International Olympic Committee spokesman said after Raducan met with IOC president Thomas Bach on Thursday. …

Raducan was not stripped of her 2000 Olympic gold medal with Romania in the team competition, before she took the pills. Nor was she stripped of her 2000 Olympic silver medal on vault, three days after the all-around final.

In the all-around final, Raducan led a Romania medals sweep. When she was stripped, Simona Amanar was upgraded to gold, Maria Olaru to silver and China’s Liu Xuan to bronze. Amanar, Olaru and Liu reportedly said they considered Raducan the deserving champion.

Andreea Raducan will not be reinstated as 2000 Olympic all-around champion after meeting with IOC president

Andreea Raducan

I certainly consider Andreea the rightful Olympic champion.

sponsor a Muslim gymnast

Breaking. Alan Owen is trying to launch a charity where people can sponsor gymnasts in developing nations for about $35 a month.

Nations include Peru, Nicaragua, Chile and Honduras.

I’m hoping it will include Islamic nations, as well.

Opportunities for girls to do gymnastics in Muslim nations are limited. Surprisingly, there are at least two sports centers in Kabul, Afghanistan offering the sport and activity for girls.

Click PLAY or watch it on Vimeo.

That program is sponsored by the Alzahra Cultural and Sport Association. They could use help.

related – Malaysian gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Had was a star at the SEA Games. Predictably some Muslims criticized her for wearing a leotard.

Personally, I feel female gymnasts should be allowed to wear bike shorts over their leotards, if they prefer. Does FIG already allow leotards with built-in shorts?

Marsden on finishing 2nd

… While it seemed heartbreaking watching the Utes finish .05 behind the Florida Gators, Marsden has no regrets.

You know, never been an outcome kind of guy. I know outcome is important, but that has never been my focus. My focus has been on the process. It hurt because we got that close…” Marsden shared, “So it hurt for about a minute, but then you think, no one really expected us to do that, no one expected us to be there, and we did everything we could. The girls really left it out on the floor, did everything they could, and I believe in what I preach, and that’s all you can expect.” …

Double Double – Talking with Greg Marsden

Utah 2nd

Utah gymnastics: Red Rocks finish second to Florida at Super Six

Bruno Grandi on the 2020 rules

Silvia Vatteroni:

The President of the International Gymnastics Federation, Bruno Grandi, has kindly agreed to meet us to answer, in an exclusive interview, to our questions about the publication of the new qualification system for the 2020 Olympics. …

… we should start from the calendar, that is the key to the whole system of Olympic qualification. The international calendar, substantially, is based on a single competition every year. Newspapers are only interested in the World Championships …

… there are the European Championships for which there’s a television contract, but everything lasts little more than a week, after which the media attention disappears again. …

Sponsors constantly ask us more visibility …

Grandi points out that FIG has problems getting bids for World Championships in some disciplines. There’s not enough sponsorship money to cover the cost.

He wants more of the best gymnasts from smaller nations to qualify for the Olympics.


… Aljaž Pegan, famous Slovenian gymnast, twice world champion on HB (high bar), has never participated at the Olympic Games. Why? Because his country didn’t have a team. …

… The IOC saves one place for the host country and the other one is assigned, following the universality principle, to an Olympic committee of the continent which is not represented. The universality principle states that at the Olympic Games all the five continents should be represented in every sport. …

… The number of places assigned to every discipline is established by the IOC, and only the IOC has the authority to change them. Of course I tried to ask for more athletes. If the IOC had granted us 110 gymnasts I would have maintained the format of 5 team members. 110 women and 110 men would have been enough … but the IOC never agreed. …

The new rules give more importance to the World Cups, that will become qualifying and so will certainly raise more attention from the media.

These new rules, that I strongly wanted, gained an approval of the 83%, certainly not modest if we consider that countries like Russia, China, Japan and Germany endorsed it …



I like the new system slightly better than what was used in London. There are pros and cons, of course. And there will be unintended consequences.

It sounds terrific that a wonderful specialist from one of the top nations could get there, despite not competing the AA. But, for example, let’s say China qualifies a team of four. And a Bars specialist for Tokyo. In the Bars Final there is still a maximum of two / nation. In prelims we’ll enjoy seeing all 5 Bars routines. But only a maximum of two will make the apparatus final.

Baku readies for the European Games

I’m happy to see a new Muslim nation hosting a major multi-sport Games.

Azerbaijin gained independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. Did not have a constitution until 1995. They’ve come a long way in twenty years. It’s a success story.

On the other hand, President Ilham Aliyev is more dictator than elected leader.

Human Rights Watch recently blasted Azerbaijan.

I’m hoping Sport will help that nation move more quickly forward. They’ll be a bright spotlight on Baku during the Games. It could be good for those working towards human rights.

The National Gymnastics Arena will be the competition venue and is home to their National Teams.

Baku venue

Here’s a recent press release:

Test trainings for gymnasts were held at the National Gymnastics Arena on May 18-19 in anticipation of the first Baku European Games 2015 – to be held in the county this summer.

Altay Hasanov, the vice-president of the Azerbaijan Gymnastics Federation, who attended the event, said Azerbaijan expects a celebration of gymnastics during the First European Games.

Hasanov reminded all that the Gymnastics competitions at the European Games will be held on June 14-21. As many as 28 gymnasts will represent Azerbaijan at the European Games.

“The European Games will, for the first time, be held in Baku, here is where the history of the European sport will begin,” Hasanov said. “We very much want to succeed at the European Games and everyone expects this to be a success – the fans and the federation. We’ve gathered here to see the level of preparation of our athletes.” …

Baku, where history of European sport begins, says Gymnastics Federation VP

related – Disastrous consequences for Baku’s ‘clean up’ ahead of European Games

1770 rope climbs for Nepal

Louis Smith and friends will climb the height of Everest, 8848 metres, in rope climbs as a fundraiser for Rotary Club of Huntingdon. They hope to raise at least £1,000 towards earthquake relief.


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