7 FIG Artistic judges warned

From Worlds 2014. Shame it takes nearly a year to get these evaluations processed.

… five from Men’s Artistic Gymnastics and two from Women’s Artistic — received warnings, urging them to “pay closer attention” in future competitions.

Following notification of their sanctions, each judge has 21 days to appeal.


on FIG change-of-nation requests

Lauren Hopkins:

… International Gymnast reported that two U.S. gymnasts – Alaina Kwan and Kylie Dickson – are going to compete at this year’s World Championships for the nation of Belarus.

I’m not typically against change-of-nation requests for gymnasts competing at the international level. Most of the time, it’s gymnasts with legitimate ties to other countries, often countries with bare-bones gymnastics programs or no actively-competing elite-level gymnasts. And in cases where there are already elites, there’s generally a selection process through which everyone is given a fair shot at making a team. …

Americans who have never stepped foot in Belarus, and who will not visit Belarus prior to representing the country in major international competition.

How does this even happen? From what we’ve gathered, it seems as though All Olympia head coaches NellieArtur Akopyan and Galina Marinova approached Nellie Kim – President of the FIG Women’s Technical Committee and vice president of the Belarusian Gymnastics Federation – about sending Dickson and Kwan representing Belarus after the two failed to qualify to U.S. nationals (both missed the all-around cutoff of 54.0 by over two points). Kim, who has been trying to build the Belarusian program internally, apparently loved the idea and the three got to work obtaining citizenship for the girls. …

Why I’m Angry About Belarus

I have to agree with Lauren. This is going far-too-far. FIG should not be granting change-of-nation requests to gymnasts with such flimsy ties to the new nation.

Parenting A High Performer

An interview with Michael Porter Sr, Asst Women’s Basketball Coach University of Missouri.

… two questions every parent should ask themselves …

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (16min)

(via Danna Durante)

protecting children in Gymnastics

Commentary on Marvin Sharp’s life and suicide is starting to appear online:

Rebecca Schuman – Marvin Sharp Was My Gymnastics Coach

Marvin Sharp

Though I often claim that gymnasts are the best protected children in your city – overall – Sharp’s story is a reminder to check our own Gym best practices.

Does your club allow coaches one-on-one time with children?

As Jessica frequently points out on GymCastic, coaches should not be burying heads in sand. Though rare – there are other Marvin Sharps still coaching today. Our profession must not enable them.

Cordellia linked to USAG’s We Care resources. Every coach and club should look those over to see if we can improve our club practices.

sexual assault in College

Lady Gaga’s just released video is generating serious buzz and for good reason. It’s a raw take on an issue that one in five college women will face this year: sexual assault. …

The video opens with a warning that it can get graphic …

Lady Gaga wants to empower sexual assault survivors to support each other with the new release. Right now only six percent of campus sexual assault survivors are reporting what’s happened to them, a number down from nearly double that last year.

“‘Til It Happens To You” is meant to build solidarity among survivors and a unified strength Gaga hopes will change these startling stats …

Lady Gaga Just Released What Might Be The Most Important Music Video of the Year

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. (graphic content)

U of Minnesota gymnast paid $250k

The University of Minnesota paid a student-athlete $250,000 last year to resolve her complaint related to semi-nude modeling she did for a male gymnastics coach. …

The volunteer assistant coach, Jim Stephenson, left the team in the wake of the allegations. His wife, head gymnastics coach Meg Stephenson, resigned in August 2014 after she was accused of retaliating against the gymnast and an employee. …

The U said the $250,000 payment to the gymnast in December 2014 was the largest of five settlements in that time …

In Forum

Marvin Sharp commits suicide

An Olympic gymnastics coach facing child molestation and sexual misconduct charges in Indianapolis was found dead in his jail cell on Saturday night in an apparent suicide, authorities said.

The coach, Marvin Sharp, 49, was discovered just after 8 p.m. at the county jail where he was being held, Marion County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Katie Carlson said. Authorities believe he committed suicide, she said.

Sharp was arrested last month after authorities raided his home and found thousands of video and image files containing child pornography …