whither NCAA Gymnastics?

Men’s football and men’s basketball are the glamour American Collegiate sports.

What about the rest of the NCAA?

Around the Games: Day 15 - 2014 Winter Olympic GamesU.S. Olympic Committee CEO Scott Blackmun:

Next week, the NCAA men’s gymnastics championships will be held in Norman, Okla. Last week, the men’s swimming national championship was held in Iowa City. The week before that, the wrestling national championship was contested in St. Louis. All those sports have been impacted by changing times in college athletics – and the future is even more challenging. …

Since the early 1980s, … college men’s gymnastics programs have been cut by 75 percent. Wrestling has been cut by half. About 50 schools have dropped their men’s swimming programs. …

… men’s gymnastics isn’t the only one in trouble. Within the last few months, Chattanooga dropped its men’s track program and College of Charleston shut down its swimming programs – men’s and women’s. Bigger schools have gone before them – Washington, it’s worth noting, dropped men’s and women’s swimming when the school president was Mark Emmert, now the head of the NCAA. …

U.S. Olympic Committee ‘candidly concerned’ non-revenue college sports will be cut

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10 top dives of the last century

There are too many dives to choose from when it comes to finding a Top 10 – the ones we choose are just a few amazing examples of technical skill and the thrill of watching an athlete nail it. …

1. Matthew Mitcham making the highest diving score in Olympic history: Mitcham has several extremely high scores to his name but this one takes the cake.

2. Laura Wilkinson’s 307c at the 2008 Olympic Diving Trials: Needing to bounce back from a less-than-perfect dive, Wilkinson earned incredibly high scores for this super smooth dive.

3. Greg Louganis’ Comeback at 1988 Olympics: we can’t pick a favorite dive, can you? Louganis needed to recover from lost points as well as a head injury and performed several springboard dives so clean that he won gold, a moment still referenced today as an amazing piece of Olympic history.

4. Yang Jian earning the world record for highest score for one dive: Jang’s outstanding performance of this difficult dive brings the crowd to its feet.

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5. Bo Qiu’s 4th dive in the London 2012 Semi-Finals: another example of one of the highest scores in history!

6. Tom Daley at Commonwealth Games Delhi 2010: Daley is another athlete with many great dives to his name, this is just one example.

7. Wu Minxia wins gold in the 3M springboard at London 2012 Olympics: Wu Minxia is the first woman to win a gold medal in diving in three consecutive Olympic Games – you can see why here.

8. David Boudia’s 10M platform at London 2012 Olympics: it’s hard to choose a favorite dive by Boudia, but this was the first Team USA gold on the event since Greg Louganis’ in 1988.

9. Pat McCormick nails her final dive to take home gold in 1956: McCormick made a name for herself by executing dives that were banned for female divers as well as other rebellious moves, so her wins weren’t just great dives but also groundbreaking for the sport.

10. Greece’s Nikolaos Siranidis and Thomas Bimis win gold for the host nation in the 2004 Athens Olympics: this team’s performance earned them the gold in their home town. That’s got to be a great feeling and it’s great to watch, too.

Hayley Wolfcale on behalf of Speedo

If you want to see the rest of those dives, open the Word document below. Click on the links.

Speedo – Top 10 Dives of the Century – MAR2015-1

Russian Swing diving


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There’s a Winter OIympics?

The Simpsons’ Vancouver 2010 episode premiered on FOX during the Games on Sunday, February 14, 2010. It is titled ‘Boy Meets Curl’ …


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what Cliff Divers see

A new location every tour-stop, only three seconds to safely find the way to the water and varying conditions at every venue – the eyes of a cliff diver see the world differently.

What is the most important thing to see and check before a dive? Can you ‘train’ your eyes to find reference points quicker? What do the athletes see in the air and how important are the eyes for a cliff diver?

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Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series

At the seventh stop of the tour Gary Hunt not only received the trophy for his fourth World Series title he also won the last stop and took his fourth victory of 2014. …

The final stop took place on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula a beautiful place to finish this season …

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Cliff Diving World Series Final

The world’s best cliff divers will travel to Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula for the 2014 final of both the men’s and women’s competition on October 17-18. …

Red Bull

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