Rachelle Simpson – Diving World Champion

Rachelle Simpson is the standout star of women’s high diving and, with the sport now recognized by FINA, she dreams of winning an Olympic gold one day.

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She’s a former gymnast. Daughter of gymnastics coaches. She worked in the circus show “The House of Dancing Water” in Macao.

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Cliff Jumping Italy

Contiki sent Aussie Matt to Europe to hang out with the Devin Supertramp crew. :-)

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Back on Board: Greg Louganis

The documentary on one of the world’s greatest divers all time premieres Tuesday, August 4th 10PM on HBO.

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He Chao – 5172B 3m springboard

He Chao is the FINA World Championships Men’s 3m Springboard Gold medalist in Kazan (RUS).

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Yamilet Pena – Vault

Once again, FIG rules reward a Handspring Double Front vault where the competitor’s feet only barely touched the mat before her butt. :-(

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Yamilet is a great athlete. An excellent vaulter. It’s hard to blame her coach for taking advantage of this loophole in the rules.

Nellie Kim was in Toronto. Again handing a medal to an athlete who fell badly in the Final. She and her WTC committee must disagree with the majority of coaching experts who feel this ranking is unfair. This is the second Code under her watch where this marginal performance has been over rewarded. :-(

Lauren Hopkins:

Here’s the problem with vault…the entire difficulty comes from one single skill. Who cares if you chuck it and fall? You can still get a medal at many competitions above gymnasts who all hit.

But throw a skill you can’t do on bars or beam or floor and the risk doesn’t outweigh the cost. For an E-rated skill, you’re only getting 0.5 for your difficulty on that single element, 0.6 for F, 0.7 for G, and so on so a point for a fall actually matters there because none of these elements are worth over a point. But for vault, what’s the big deal about a full point off when your entire skill is worth 7 points?!

Gymternet – Pan Am Games Vault and Bars Finals

This is a case where the FIG Executive and/or Medical Commission should schedule a meeting with WTC.

Chinese diving training

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Cliff Diving World Series – Copenhagen

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Gary Hunt top score in Denmark.