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greatest dive ever – Triple Lindy

Thornton Melon aka Rodney Dangerfield.

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Nanjing YOG, Nanning Worlds

Easy to confuse. :-(

Nanjing Youth Olympic Games Aug 16-28th, 2014

3,600 athletes, 28 sports including Artistic, Rhythmic and Diving



Nanning World Artistic Gymnastics Championships Oct 3-13th, 2014

9,247 spectator capacity

9,247 spectator capacity

A = YOG Nanjing, Jiangsu

B = Worlds Nanning, Guangxi

CHN map

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CHN diving 10m synchro

2013 National Games Synchronised Men’s 10m Platform Highlights

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Tough to beat.

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Giraffes diving

Short film by Nicolas Devaux.

Produced by Cube Creative Productions & Orange.

With the participation of Arte, the support of the City of Paris and the partnership of CNC.

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best of the web 2013

This tightly edited montage includes some of the best acrobatic clips of the year.

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Here’s the list of 187 videos used for this compilation.

the R-word is not acceptable

Don’t let kids use it in the gym. Or anywhere.

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Maria Marconi – 305C

Italian Olympic diver.

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weightless acrobatics

Astronaut Al Bean on Skylab 3. A trained springboard diver.

A great way to see how “tilt twist” works.

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on Chinese divers …

Chinese divers won all four events on the final day to sweep the 2013 FINA USA Diving Grand Prix on Sunday.

U.S. Olympic medalist Troy Dumais took silver in the 3-meter springboard behind He Chao’s 53.25 points. Dumais, who won a bronze medal in synchronized 3-meter platform at the London Olympics, said he’s not ready to focus on the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Games yet.

“I’m taking it a day at a time. I can’t promise anything,” Dumais said. “You don’t make money in diving, I’m sorry – it’s a hobby, it’s not a career. I have to put some energy elsewhere. The only problem is, when you do that, it takes away from your diving. It’s a balancing act.”

Huang Xiaohui
Huang Xiaohui

Read More – Sports Illustrated

most difficult dive ever

… No, not one of the disasters on reality TV. :-)

This is Victor Minibaev off 10m.

Back 2 1/2 with 3 1/2 twists in pike.

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diver Hu Yadan is perfect

According to some of the judges.

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Very few Artistic gymnasts have that kind of form and line.

Hu Yadan (19 January 1996) is a Chinese diver. She was 9th in London.

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Splash -The Stars Will Fall

Splash made a huge, uh, splash Tuesday.

ABC’s diving competition series premiered to 8.8 million viewers and a 2.6 in the adults 18-to-49 demographic, making it the network’s biggest unscripted series debut in more than two years and the highest-rated reality premiere since The X Factor in 2011.


With Steve Foley, David Boudia and Greg Louganis.

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Britain’s worst diver

Tom Daley is a reality TV star in the UK, trying to teach celebrities how to dive.

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I started to watch one episode (VIDEO). …

What’s British for … ghastly?