Canadian Gymnastics clinician training

repost – Deadline looms. Last chance for Canadian coaches to apply to be clinicians for GCG. Do it today.

LEARNING FACILITATOR (LF) TRAINING for the new National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) ARTISTIC GYMNASTICS Competition Introduction (CI) is finally on the calendar:

1) Western Canada (maximum 20 candidates) Calgary Gymnastics Centre, AB. Friday, August 28, 2015 – CAC multi-sport LF core training module. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, August 29, 30, 31, 2015 – GCG CI LF Course

2) Eastern Canada (maximum 20 candidates) Manjak’s Gymnastics, Mississauga, ON. Friday, September 4, 2015 – CAC multi-sport LF core training module. Saturday, Sunday, Monday, September 5, 6, 7, 2015 – GCG CI LF Course

level2mA third clinician’s training will be scheduled for Quebec in French sometime soon after.

The old Canadian coaching manuals will be retired, replaced by all digital content.

details and application (EN) v1EB

coach education with hologram

Seems to me this kind of (future) technology would be fantastic for coach education.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Gymneo teaser – Clear Hip

Free Hip has been added to the collection of tutorials on Gymneo English.

Watch a teaser promo video on Facebook.


Yearly membership to the Gymneo videos is 30% off right now.

30% off Gymneo.TV

I’m a paid member of Gymneo.TV, the best coaching video tutorials on the web.

Based out of France, they offer two memberships: French and English.

From July 4th through August 31st Gymneo is offering a 30% discount. That takes the 219€ / year ($243) membership to 153€ ($170).


There are more French language videos than English. But the English section is catching up as each of the French originals is translated.

They are offering free samples on Facebook, this page and on their YouTube channel.

Click PLAY or watch Beam layout stepout on YouTube.

Brandi Smith-Young on gymnastics stretching

The founder of Perfect 10.0 Physical Therapy and Performance Training in Austin, TX posted exercises in the following areas:

1 Stretching Shoulders and Lats
2 Calf Stretching
3 Improving Hip Flexor Flexibility
4 Strengthening Hip Muscles
5 Strengthening Hip Flexors
6 Strengthening Soleus Muscles
7 Landing Mechanics

Click PLAY or watch a preview on YouTube.

Those are all free to watch if you join CoachTube. (free)

If you are one of those coaches with many video drills on your computer – wondering what to do with them – consider posting them to CoachTube.

You can offer your videos for free. Or charge up to $100 / user.

Click through to see the Gymnastics courses offered, so far.

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Transformations Institute – 3rd Level Consulting

Put on by Frank Sahlein.

James Parent was very impressed by the event hosted May 15-16th, 2015 in Golden, Colorado.

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Tops, Developmental and Elite Gymnastics

Most girls in the USAG follow the Junior Olympic competitive program. The few who want to try to qualify for the Junior or Senior Team one day should follow the Elite path.

It’s difficult (but not impossible) to jump from J.O. to Elite.

But what is the Elite path?

Tammy Biggs and National Team Staff want to help coaches understand what it takes to be Elite in the USA. One series of Camps is called “Make It Right”.

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Coming up …

July 31 – Aug 2 Boston (sold out)
Oct 9-11 – Las Vegas
Dec 18-20 – Las Vegas

Click through to the home page for details –

Coaches who bring a gymnast come for free. Coaches who do not bring a gymnast are charged $350.

Foreign coaches are welcome, I believe.

LIKE Make It Right Gymnastics Education on Facebook

Follow Tammy Biggs’ YouTube channel.

If you have a hotshot age-13 or younger, you could send a video to TDBiggs (a) for an assessment:

– 5 casts to handstand
– 10 x press to handstand
– Elite compulsory routines (with spot if necessary)
– 3 best optional skills on Bars
– best skills on Beam
– best skills on Floor
– 1 optional Vault (preferably Yurchenko)

Best are D-parts or higher even if assistance is needed. (spotting, pits, trampoline, etc.)