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gymnastics in Africa?

I attended the 12th African Championships to gain better perspective on the potential of FIG gymnastics disciplines in Africa.

I’ve led coaching clinics in Senegal, Nigeria, Mozambique and South Africa and need a better answer to this question:

Bread, not circuses?

Should international sport truly be a priority for African nations?

Shouldn’t resources be spent on health and education?

Martin Luther King

South Africa and Egypt have proved they can compete with the rest of the world. The Algerian men are world class, too. What about the other African nations?

I’m not willing to deny any African the right to pursue life, liberty and happiness.

young gymnasts

If sport is your passion, I’m willing to volunteer to help.

My hope is that sport and arts can bring the nations, religions and tribes of Africa together. Indeed, I cannot report a single incident of racism at this competition. Athletes were judged only on their gymnastics, so far as I can see.

Gymnastics in Africa!



In 1986 a football team that lived on a small island in Thailand called “Koh Panyee“. It’s a floating village in the sea that has not an inch of soil. The kids here loved to watch football but had nowhere to play or practice. But they didn’t let that stop them. …

Click PLAY or watch a reenactment on YouTube.

That was put together by Thai Military Bank. :-)

Inspired by the 1986 FIFA World Cup, children built the pitch from old scraps of wood and fishing rafts. After making it to the Semi-final on an inland tournament, all the village were inspired to take up the sport. They Built a brand new pitch, although the wooden one still remains and is popular among tourists. As of 2011, Panyee FC is one of the most successful youth soccer clubs in Southern Thailand, and the boys who built the pitch back in 1986 are now grown men.

(via Jamie Ellacott)


• Angolan Youth and Sports minister, Gonçalves Muandumba, met the Rhythmic Team on return from the airport. Wants to prioritize basic training in gymnastics.

12th African Gymnastics Championships a great success!

South African gymnastsHold Their Breath” awaiting decisions of the South African Sports Confederation and Olympic Committee. Are their scores good enough for approval to Commonwealth Games and/or Youth Olympic Games.

Rhythmic Champion Grace Legote

Though she only “narrowly outscoredSara Rostom of Egypt, most felt Grace Legote from South Africa was the star of the African Rhythmic Championships.

Legote, at 21, was the eldest Rhythmic competitor. I’m predicting you’ll see her at Olympic Championships Rio.

Click PLAY or watch the making of that photo on YouTube.

FIG is rolling out the Age Group Development Programme for Rhythmic by summer 2014.

Nadya Alexandrova and Eunice Lebre are working with Hardy Fink on that.

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Swing Big blog

Happy 1st anniversary to Zari Goldmann. Swing Big is a superb resource for WAG coaches.

Zari has been involved with the sport for 18 years, and started Swing Big! as a resource for gyms and gymnastics coaches who want to learn how to take their gymnasts training to the next level.

zari@swingbig.org | Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest

Swing Big

Forster Resnick Bar Boot Camp

Here’s a clip from Camp 2012.

Note the girls is training on a Men’s rail.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

There’s more video on Gymnast Crossing.

last chance early bird GymConUSA

Pricing Goes Up March 18th.

Independent Gymnastics Conference GymConUSA 2014, June 16 – 18 at the Mirage, Vegas.

Speakers: Shannon Miller (Guest of Honor), Tony Retrosi, Jeff Lulla, Tammy Biggs, Frank Sahlein, Gina Pongetti, Rick McCharles, Michelle Kocan, Nate Hendrickson, Carrie Spender Lennox, Terry Gray, Dayna Waroe, Stacy Clark and Dan Niehaus



Gymnastics in Mozambique

The Gymnastics federations of Zimbabwe and of Mozambique both hosted an FIG Follow-up and Monitoring Camp for the FIG Age Group Development and Competition Programme in Artistic Gymnastics on February 28 to March 2, 2014. These were the 37th and 38th Age Group training sessions that has now had the attendance of 816 different coaches from 77 countries

Thanks go to the very active President Edmundo Ribeira who attended the camp directly after arriving from Paris and left immediately afterwards to attend the FIG Gymnastics for All Symposium in the USA. Lucinda Martins did most of the advance organizational work.

Both of these three-day camps focused primarily on practical work in the gymnasium with coaches and their gymnasts on the various technical and physical tests, the compulsory exercises and the modified optional rules. …

FIG – Zimbabwe and Mozambique simultaneously host FIG Age Group Camps

A few photos from the MOZ Camp hosted at the Faculdade de Educação Física e Desporto, Maputo.




P1270551 - Version 2

The kids are natural athletes. Coaches are keen. But a lack of training equipment has stalled development of the sport since some years ago when East German coaches first arrived.

Leave a comment if you have any suggestions on how to get gymnastics equipment to Africa.

Gymneo Jaeger – now in English



Spotting techniques for the Jaeger. Watch a preview of the fourth video of our training on this uneven bars release move. (www.gymneo.tv)

Stage 1 : The spotting technique for the Jaeger salto stretched, completely taken apart.
Stage 2 : The full spotting at normal speed.
Stage 3 : Spotting the Jaeger in hard landing, in a competition situation.
Stage 4 : What do you do when the gymnast doesn’t catch the bar?
Stage 5 : The typical spotting for hard landings.

This excerpt marks the official inauguration of the start of the translation of our trainings and our site into English . . .

Camp of Champions, Washington State

… a high energy and exciting experience for athletes from levels 3-10, introducing new skills and philosophies of training. We hope these camps will have a profound impact, not only in the short term but throughout their gymnastics careers.

July 18-19-20, 2014 Blackhills Gymnastics, Washington State $400

JOE RAPP – Head Coach, Hawaiian Island Twisters
MIKE HUNGER – Head Coach, Twin City Twisters
JAMIE DANTZSCHER – 2000 Olympian
HAJILE MITCHELL – Assistant coach MSU
NEIL & PATTY RESNICK – Boise State University Coaches
RAJ BHAVSAR – 2008 Olympian

6 hours a day of gymnastics!

Coaches’ Clinics Fri-Sat-Sun

Open to boys & girls

Contact David Pisano for more details (360) 239-6628

Lacey WA Camp

LIKE Dan Alch’s Camp of Champions Facebook page

South African MAG Age Group

The official FIG write-up on my recent RSA Camp:

… hosted in the newly upgraded National Training Centre in Pretoria on February 21-23, 2014.


The world-wide introduction of the FIG Age Group Development and Competition Programme for Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics has now entered its final stage. That stage is a series of about 30 Follow-up and Monitoring Camps for those countries that have committed to implementing the programme. These will be finished within the coming 15-months and then the focus will turn to a similar programme for Rhythmic Gymnastics. …

Thirteen South African coaches, among them one with USA citizenship and three with personal gymnasts attended the camp. …

read more – FIG Age Group Programme Follow-up and Monitoring Camp, Pretoria (RSA), February 21-23, 2014

Navin VISIONS Flare

GymConUSA – June 16-18, 2014

The 2nd annual GymConUSA, an independent conference designed for Coaches, Club Owners and Industry Professionals, goes June 16-18, 2014 at the Mirage Resort in Las Vegas.

Cirque du Soleil will offer GymConUSA 2014 attendees a special once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for a stage visit to The Beatles LOVE on the opening day of the conference. Later that evening, attendees will have the opportunity to be part of the audience for the live performance at 9:30 p.m.

A member of the casting and coaching teams from Cirque du Soleil will also be among the featured presenters at the conference on Tuesday, June 17th. The session will include a look at preparing for a career with Cirque du Soleil and an inside perspective from an Artistic coach.

Other speakers confirmed so far include Shannon Miller, Gina Pongetti, Jeff Lulla, Rick McCharles, Tammy Biggs and Frank Salhein.

Click PLAY or watch the Beatles LOVE trailer on YouTube.

Register soon to get the best possible prices on conference, resort and Cirque tickets. GymCon is a bargain when compared with what you get at USAG Congress events.


Rick McCharles South Africa

The African Championships posted a video detailing why I’m in the RSA for 6 weeks.

It has nothing to do with the sunny weather. :-)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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USAG Global Ambassadors

You don’t see many American coaches leading international clinics for FIG.

Happily, USA Gymnastics is reaching out to help develop the sport worldwide.

“This first year has been about learning how we can help other countries,” said Penny. “Our goal is to have meaningful impact and move their programs forward toward the elite level.”

A few of the pilot clinics:

Mihai Brestyan of Burlington, Mass., who coached two-time Olympic gold-medalist Alexandra Raisman and 10-time World medalist Alicia Sacramone, conducted clinics and met with athletes, coaches and officials in Johannesburg and Pretoria, South Africa.

Marvin Sharp of Indianapolis, Ind., who coached 2009 World all-around champion Bridget Sloan, worked with athletes, coaches and officials in both St. David’s, Bermuda, and Panama City, Panama, on training, conditioning and technique at several different clubs.

David Juszczyk of Broomfield, Colo., who has worked with many athletes including two U.S. Olympians, visited Copenhagen, Denmark, and several other Danish cities. …

The Global Ambassador Program is a partnership between the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), AAI, the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) and USA Gymnastics. The goal is to provide U.S. athletes and coaches as consultants on a request basis to stimulate the growth of the sport and athlete development at many levels. …

Marvin Sharp

Marvin Sharp

USA Gymnastics extends international outreach through Global Ambassador Program

62 coaches at FIG Chile Camp

The Chile Gymnastics Federation hosted the first 2014 educational session and training camp for the introduction and understanding of the FIG Age Group Development and Competition Programme.

Over the past two and one-half years, this programme has been introduced to lesser gymnastically developed regions …

Federations in attendance were Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Uruguay. In addition, Mexico sent a coach to participate.

In total, sixty-two coaches attended this Age Group introduction, by far the largest attendance of any previous FIG Age Group Programme event. This brings to 767 the number of different coaches from 76 federations who have attended one of the 33 Age Group coach education events. …

read more on FIG

Chile AG Camp participants

FIG experts were Hardy Fink and Lilia Ortiz Lòpez of Mexico.

The FIG education programmes will continue with its efforts to assure that the FIG Age Group Development and Competition Programme is correctly understood and implemented. These efforts will be in the form of 2½ day Follow-up and Monitoring Camps … The first such efforts will begin in February in Namibia, Bermuda, South Africa, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. …

I’m attending South Africa & Mozambique.