backward roll to handstand

JAO, once again, delivers a terrific coaching tutorial. This skill really is difficult for very young kids. Their HEADS are like pumpkins relative to the rest of the body. :-)

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Wayne Goldsmith on Coach Education

Though he sometimes overstates, to emphasize, I always enjoy Goldsmith’s take. If you are involved in Coach Education, click through.

• Teach coaches to listen to and understand the needs of each individual athlete

• Don’t assume all coaches want to be elite coaches

• Scrap the competency based philosophy. … Keep it simple. Assess coaches when they are coaching. …

• … don’t teach WHAT – TEACH HOW

Ten smart things we should be doing in the interest of better coach education


Age Group Camps Peru & Costa Rica

Fifty-nine coaches, all from Peru attended this camp – twenty-nine were for Men’s (MAG) and thirty for Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG). …


Andres Llanos Gerardino (COL) and Gustavo Sito (ARG)
Andres Llanos Gerardino (COL) and Gustavo Sito (ARG)

… fifty of Costa Rica’s coaches attended; sixteen for Men’s (MAG) and twenty-four for Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG). …

The number of fifty participants was reached or exceeded already three times in the past two months – in Norway, Peru and now Costa Rica. It is an excellent indication that the FIG Age Group Programme is considered important for these federations. …


Costa Rica Age Group Camp participants 2015_600x273

Costa Rica FIG Age Group 2015 5

more Costa Rica photos

IOC likes Swimming, Gymnastics

Swimming and gymnastics are the biggest winners and modern pentathlon the biggest loser in the new revenue distribution framework finalised by members of the Association of Summer Olympic International Federations (ASOIF) here this week.

The International Swimming Federation (FINA) and the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) are each set to receive a 28 per cent increase over the next Olympic quadrennium in comparison with the post-London 2012 period. …

Inside the Games

I know IOC is very happy with how FIG is working to develop the sport around the world. They partially funded our recent FIG Age Group Camp in El Salvador, for example.

straddle pike El Salvador

Fwd Salto El Salvador

Course leader Lillia Ortiz-Lopez
Course leader Lilia Ortiz-Lopez

Al Fong’s FREE Gymnastics Workshop

April 17-18, 2015

Blue Springs, Missouri

Al Fong & Armine Barutyan

Cordially Invite All Xcel & Beginner Xcel & Beginner Coaches & their Gymnasts. …
(limit 2 gymnasts/coach)


I attended one of Al’s free clinics. It was excellent. :-) And the price is right.


Artistic & Rhythmic Seminar Brazil

Oct 2-3, 2015
São Paulo

The IV International Seminar on Competitive Artistic and Rhythmic Gymnastics is a scientific-academic event that includes conferences, debates and scientific works presentations.

The event is organized by the three public university of São Paulo State: USP, Unesp and Unicamp. Those institutions are responsible for the qualification of a great deal of researchers, professors and coaches who work in the area of gymnastics. …


Brazil Seminar

EDGE Symposium

Elite Development Gymnastics Education.

June 19-20, 2015 at Illinois Gymnastics Institute (IGI) in Chicago

I want to attend this new event. Check the curriculum.

Tammy Biggs & Todd Gardiner will teach you the systems, drills, spotting and concepts the best elite coaches know and utilize. EDGE is an intensive clinic that will greatly improve your knowledge base. Tammy and Todd have coached Olympic, World, and Junior Olympic gymnasts for the past three decades. They love sharing their knowledge and experience to help you, and your staff become better coaches.

EDGE website

Cost $450 for 1 coach with 1 gymnast. Discounts for more people. A great way for clubs to upgrade their Head Coaches.

Note that it’s geared for those who want to develop Elite FIG gymnasts, as well as J.O.