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backward handspring analysis


Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

That’s the latest sneak preview from Gymneo’s English language tutorial library being launched this Fall.

It’s a paid service, but between September 5 and September 25, 2014, a subscription is half price for 1 year — that’s €109.50 instead of €219 (US$149.50 instead of US$299).


One comment I’d add. If you allow beginners to do standing backward handspring on a flat, hard Floor, you are almost guaranteed problems. Instead, have them train down an incline where gravity assists.

Canadian L2 Technical course

For Canucks needing Level 2 Technical WAG, a course is being hosted at the new Taiso Saskatoon.

Aug 29 – Sep 1st


Taiso NEW

Coaching Academy Mexico

The Gymnastics Federation of Mexico hosted a Level 2 FIG Academy for Men’s and Women’s Artistic Gymnastics on July 6-13, 2014. This was the 170th Academy in the twelve-year old programme.

The Academy was hosted at the magnificent facilities of the Complejo Nissan de Gimnasia in the city of Guadalajara. …


Mexico ART L2 participants 2014 (1)

GymneoTV in English

Good news. The great French coach education site offering online training videos is finally being translated.

In 100 days, on October 25, 2014, GymneoTV will be available in English


From that link, send in your email address. GymneoTV is a paid service. But those who “register” in advance will be offered deep discounts. Early bird pricing.

Here’s a sample, their first presentation in English.

Click PLAY or watch Spotting Jaeger on YouTube.

contact (a) gymneo.com

coaching course Nova Scotia

Gymnastics Canada piloted the NEW Level 2 Technical course over 5 days at Taiso Gymnastics.

Keith Russell and Guy Lavoie were the clinicians.

L2 at Taiso Nova Scotia 2014

Official launch of the revised course (“Competitive Introduction“) is yet to be announced. Clinicians will need to be trained first.

pit with post

I cannot recall any other pit with a post in the centre. Leave a comment if you’ve seen one.

It works well. Taiso has a very functional facility.

Dave Tilley at Region 6 Congress

The coach / editor of hybridperspective.com is presenting.

Friday August 1st – Providence RI

9:00 AM – The Crucial Role and Benefits of Using Preventative Rehabilitation in Gymnastics Training

10:00 – Extension Movements In Gymnastics: Methods For Reducing Spine Injury Risk and Improving Skill Performance

Region 6 Congress Lecture Topics & Random July Thoughts

Dave tries to simplify complicated injury prevention and rehab protocols for coaches.


Pole Gym Saint-Etienne tutorials

Coaches in France have done an excellent job editing drills for certain skills.

For example, forward handspring on Floor.

Click PLAY or watch Le Saut de Mains – Handspring forward on YouTube.

Check their Technique videos playlist for more.

I don’t agree with every drill shown. But there are some good ideas there for every coach.

via Valentin

David Kenwright – Bars clinic

The British / Canadian coach is now Down Under.

Gymnastics Australia posted a number of IDP clinic videos, including this one.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Aussie “Team Future”

Gymnastics Australia posted a number of IDP clinic videos, including this one – Team Future Advance Camp.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Meanwhile, at Karolyi Ranch

L3 FIG Academy Dominican Republic

Thirty-eight coaches participated (15 for WAG and 23 for MAG) from fourteen Spanish speaking Pan-American countries and one coach from Spain for a total of 15 participating federations – Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, Uruguay and Venezuela.

This list of participating countries is an excellent demonstration that interest in high performance gymnastics and the wish to learn more is universal. Each of the participating coaches had successfully completed Level 1 and Level 2 Academies in previous years.

FIG – Academy participation in Dominican Republic proves universal interest in high performance Gymnastics

Dominican Republic ART L3 participants-medium

Experts included Takashi Kobayashi, Eric Boucharin, Professor Ignacio Grande, Tatiana Aguiar and course leader Hardy Fink.

Gymnastics Coaching drills

I had 4 presentations at GymCon 2014.

Here’s one – Safest, Funest, Fastest, Easiest, least “Spottingest” Training.

best gymnastics drills

Some of my favourite drills. I tried to include some that I don’t see often enough in the Gyms I visit.

VIDEO (22min) – no audio

Plan on GymCon 2015. The total cost for what you get (hotel, food, entertainment, flight) is less for most people than for USAG Congress events. And it gets you to VEGAS, baby. :-)

GymCon sessions are smaller, friendlier. You get more interaction time with clinicians. The hosts – Inside Gymnastics, Tumbl Trak and Cirque du Soleil – are awesome. too. The kind of people you want to hang out with.

official website – GymConUSA.com

LOVE the Beatles

Attendees of GymCon saw Cirque du Soleil’s LOVE last night. Some also took in a back stage tour yesterday afternoon. Very cool.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

My favourite Cirque show, overall. This must be my 15th visit to the LOVE stage. :-)

Gymnastics in Saudi Arabia

FIG posted the official write up of our week long MAG Academy Level 1:

For the second time, the International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) organised a joint Olympic Solidarity-FIG Academy in close collaboration with the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Olympic Solidarity Programme (OS). The Gymnastics Federation of Saudi Arabia hosted this event on June 4-11, 2014, in the capital city Riyadh.

Saudi Arabia became the 57th FIG member federation to host an Academy. …

Twenty-one coaches attended the Academy. Twenty were from Saudi Arabia and one from Yemen. …

Saudi Arabia MAG L1 participants 2014

The highest results were shared by Hashem Alhashem of Saudi Arabia and Ebrahim Alabdali of Yemen. The third best result was achieved by Maki Almobireek of Saudi Arabia. …

read more – Saudi Arabia joints list of FIG Academy host countries

The exam in Academy Level 1 is challenging, including detailed anatomy and biomechanics. Half the course is Theory, half Practical.

Gymnastics lecture

Saudi Tsuk

The National Training Center in Riyadh is an excellent facility. Men’s Artistic Gymnastics only, however.

I was pleased to be asked to assist course leader Chris Evans of Great Britain at this one. He’s done many Academies in many disciplines going all the way back to Academy #2.

Chris and Rick

In the Kingdom everyone stops 5 times a day for prayer. Conveniently in the Riyadh gym, coaches and gymnasts use the Floor Exercise mat.

Saudi prayer

a few more photos