68 coaches at New Zealand Academies

January 23-30, 2015

The New Zealand Gymnastics Federation also known as GymSports New Zealand hosted an FIG Academy for the first time and did so with extraordinary courage. It chose to host simultaneous Level 2 Academies for four disciplines – Trampoline-, Rhythmic-, Women’s Artistic-, and Men’s Artistic Gymnastics. …

A record number of sixty-eight coaches from nine federations attended but most of them live and coach in New Zealand or Australia. Seven experts from five federations presented the various lectures to the three disciplines with Keith Russell (CAN), the President of the FIG Scientific Commission, serving as overall course leader and teaching the theory lectures for all. …

New Zealand simultaneously hosts three FIG Academies

NZL Triple Academy - all participants 2015_600x222

Geddert – Platinum Plus Coaching System

John GeddertJohn’s offering a promotion for up to 100 subscribers through to February 16th, 2015 latest.

• his full Success Videos library
• Dr. Larry Nassar’s “Ankle and Foot Rehabilitation Guide”

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If interested, watch a video on The Gymnastics Coach. The link to subscribe is half way through the video.

Tumbl Trak YouTube channel

I travel with a Tumbl Trak camera. Represent the company as a volunteer Ambassador at many events each year.

They edit a LOT of video. TV commercials, one with over a million views. Product videos. Coaching tips. And many edits highlighting activities other than competitive Artistic gymnastics.

I’ve got a Games series coming out soon, for example. Over 160 activities. :-)

Click PLAY or watch a brief intro on YouTube.

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be a HAPPIER coach in 2015

Many coaches, clubs and organizations are reviewing 2014. Confirming objectives for 2015.

ANNE JOSEPHSON posted some good reminders:

1. Remember that you are working in a very important and responsible job: you are influencing the next generation.

3. Commit to doing something for your professional development.

6. Mentor a less experienced coach.

9. Assume good faith with your athletes’ parents.

10. Stop blaming the judges. In fact, stop blaming anyone and everyone.


Click through to see more.

Twisters, Port Townsend
Visions, South Africa

USA Gymnastics Congress

Registration is open for 2015.


National Congress

spotting Bars

Here’s the list of Regional Congress events 2015.

Skype in to the Clinic

Just before Christmas, a coach Skyped into one of our clinics from 900km (560mi) away.

We were giving feedback on video presentations.

This was only the second time I’ve had a coach Skype in. It works well.

Skype coaching course

Make it Right Gymnastics Camp

USA TOPS, Developmental and National Team Staff were the clinicians at this excellent and inspiring event in Vegas.

Vault – Todd Gardiner

Bars 1 – Neil Resnik

Bars 2 – Tom Forster

Bars 3 – Su Peter

Beam 1 – Tammy Biggs

Beam 2 – Tammy Salcianu

Floor 1- Back Tumbling and twisting – Ivan Ivanov

Floor 2- Front Tumbling and twisting – Pete Arenas

Trampoline & TumblTrak – Craig Zappa

Dance – Antonia Markova

Flexibility – Cheri Shipp

Physical test abilities – Sorin Salcianu

Judging – Kathy Feldman

Camp Director – Tammy Biggs and Tammy Salcianu

Gymnastics Industry Leaders and Sponsors:

Tumbl Trak – James Parent

JK Rep – Lisa Beam

MeetScoresOnline.com – Karl Stubsjoen

Click PLAY or watch a highlights video on YouTube.

Next Camp in June – 12, 13, 14 – 2015