when should a gymnast switch clubs?


… Here’s the thing: Marriages break up. Siblings stop speaking. Life long friendships end. So we should hardly be surprised that family-gym relationships go south.

And while I do think that chronic gym hopping is a bad thing for an athlete’s development (and probably indicates something going on within the family), there are times when a family needs to think seriously about moving to a new club. …

So, how do you know if it’s time to move on? Here are eight things to consider:

1. Logistical Reasons
2. Financial Reasons
3. Safety Reasons
4. Inappropriate Behavior of Coaches
5. Major Disagreement with a Core Philosophy of Program
6. Need for a Different Type of Gym Program
7. Loss of Faith in Club or Coaches
8. Need for a Fresh Start


I most often advise parents and gymnasts against switching clubs. It doesn’t work, more often than not. Kids most often club hop right out of the sport.

There are a few exceptions including:

• If a child’s coach moves, the gymnast should consider moving with them.

• On graduating High School, consider moving to a College coach.

• If attempting to make National Team, consider moving to a program with other National Team members.

Gaby Douglas was a success story. She left her gym of 6 1/2 years for not all the right reasons. But Chow’s progress with her was extraordinary.

Chow Gabby

Let’s wait and see if her most recent club hop works.

USA Gymnastics Congress

Registration is open for 2015.


National Congress

spotting Bars

Here’s the list of Regional Congress events 2015.

reducing parent complaints

Gym Jag:

complain-12. Have a clear, written information packet about team philosophy, policies and procedures. …

4. Commit to an atmosphere of collaboration and good faith. …

6. Make sure parents know whom they need to go to for what. …

10. Document any injuries or physical complaints and follow up with parents immediately. …

11. Give all kids equal attention. …

14. Be very clear about move up criteria. …


Click through to read the rest. :-)

Kyle Shewfelt’s new gym

… The 11,000+ square foot facility in Calgary is very well done. Bright and appealing. Lots of parking. …

Opened 10 months ago, Kyle has about 950 members a week. Business is great.

If you want to see a new club well launched, check out Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics. …


That’s the club mascot, not Kyle. :-)

read more on Rec Gymnastics

RiskAssure – online risk management

Rob Deatley at Calgary Gymnastics Centre alerted me to this state-of-the-art software.

Risk Assure is a web-based software system that helps child activity centers protect themselves from liability. With RiskAssure, you can be sure that your equipment is cataloged, maintenance is performed on time and incidents—when they occur—are handled quickly, correctly, and professionally. RiskAssure can make sure that your students are the daring ones, not you. …

RiskAssure has a retail price of $95/month, but only costs $49/month for Charter Subscribers at this time …


If you are responsible for risk management at your club, click PLAY or watch a detailed summary on YouTube.

Contact Frank Sahlein or Barbara Anne Elliott at 3rd Level Consulting if you want to chat to a real human being.

scheduling Gym rotations

One of the toughest jobs.

Maria and Kelley shared this pic from Mismo Gymnastics:

Rotation schedules… good thing I like puzzles! 13 groups, 13 stations. All groups have different times and not every group can go to every event… problem solving at its finest! —


Sands & McNeal:

% Importance of Training Tasks:

5 General Warmup
8 Specific Warmup (tumbling basic skills)
20 Uneven bars
22 Balance beam
6 Vault
5 Tumbling
5 Floor exercise dance
7 Ballet
17 Strength training

Technique – Managing Training Time (2002)

Netherlands Gym Club promo

A cute, inspiring video promoting Turn School Rijssen.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.