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Freakin’ Awesome not a job title

Possible Christmas present for your coach.

Just sayin’ :-)

Gym Coach

Sun Frog Shirts $39

looking for hair pins


Anta sportswear

Though Li Ning and the Li Ning company were everywhere in Nanning, the Chinese National Teams were uniformed in 2014 by a competitor, Anta.

Here’s are some of the Anta store displays. Gymnastics is kind of a big deal in China.




When I tried to buy this t-shirt, store staff had to explain they were only for display. Not for sale.


Red in Team


headscarves in sport

I don’t see how you can argue that a headscarf is a hazard in basketball. :-(

International Basketball does not allow them.

Members of Qatar women’s basketball team walk off the court after withdrawing ahead of their match against Mongolia during the 17th Asian Games in Incheon, on September 24, 2014

Qatari volleyball
(AFP Photo/Karim Jaafar)

Qatari women’s basketball team withdraws from Asian Games over headscarves

Help Save Temple Gymnastics

College GymnasticsHelp Save Temple University’s Men’s Gymnastics Team! All proceeds from the sale of these College Gymnastics Forever (Temple Edition) Banners will be donated to the Temple Men’s Gymnastics Team. A check will be presented at the team’s fundraising event (hosted by Bill Cosby) on the evening of August 14th. …


There are t-shirts available, as well.

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ANTA replaces Li Ning in China

zou_kai_anta14Equipped up to now by the brand “LI NING,” now the top Chinese gymnasts wear future knitted wear the new outfitter, supplier and largest sporting goods manufacturer in China, the top label “ANTA” , the brand with the “dragon symbol”.

After the publication of this notification of ANTA exchange rate rose in the stock market by 1.2 % to a new three-years high, while the LI NING curve fell in the first days of August to a low for the year …


I’d never heard of ANTA before. But they were heavily promoted at the Sochi Winter Olympics.

Canadian Nationals 2014: A Recap

At Canadian Nationals 2014, our best source of day-to-day information was Jared Goad on twitter @jaredvgoad.

Jered guest posted a WAG competition report on Arabian Punch Front, speculating on who Canada will send to Commonwealth and PanAm Games:

Oh Canada!

The 2014 Canadian National Gymnastics Championships ran from May 26th – 31st in the nation’s capital of Ottawa. …

Senior women’s was the highlight event of the week with Olympians Ellie Black and Victoria Moors dueling it out for top spot and newcomers Aleeza Yu and Isabela Onysko chasing them not far behind making it a great battle for the top. The seniors had three long days of competition in a format similar to World Championships with qualification, AA finals, and event finals.

CommonwealthBlack, Onyskho and Moors are most likely headed here. Yu will be too if her injury isn’t too bad. If Yu is out, Merkle will probably take her spot. With the team very strong on vault, beam and floor, they will need someone who can put up a good bar score. Vaculik or Woo could fill this spot. …

NCAA Commitments

Merkle, Woo, Hofland and Casey Carvahlo are all headed to Ohio State, Tsang to Penn State, Douglas to MSU, Chant to Florida, Vaculik and Pedersen to Georgia, and Peterman to Maryland. …

Canadian Nationals 2014: A Recap

Aleeza Yu was injured on Vault landing at a competition as was MAG veteran Ken Ikeda. Once again, I’d urge FIG to study whether our current Vault mats are safe enough. :-(

CDN uniform


Aussie Commonwealth uniforms


… “This is why Olympians used to perform naked,” said Elle deputy editor Damien Woolnough. …

Aussie Aussie Aussie

The Age – Dreadful Australian Commonwealth Games uniforms will challenge athletes

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Gymnastics fashion victims

Brigid McCarthy:

…. Fashion trends that ripped through entire teams or even through the entire elite gymnastics scene. Sometimes it’s the hair. Sometimes it’s the leos. Sometimes it’s things worn off the mats. …

Here’s just a few of the trends we have seen over the years that have made us do everything from raise an eyebrow, to slap our forehead and cry ‘not again!’, to outright moans of horror. …

USA pink

16 Gymnastics Fashion Trends that Made Us….

What else would you add for Part Two!?

Figure Skating’s Faux-Nudity

Josh Levin:

This is the enduring image of the Sochi Games:

Russia’s Adelina Sotnikova with her palms facing the ceiling, imploring the crowd to cheer her on during the women’s free skate. The home fans complied, helping to lift Sotnikova to a controversial victory over South Korea’s Yuna Kim. Take a closer look at that iconic photo, and you’ll see something else besides Sotnikova’s sly grin. The 17-year-old gold medalist is wearing flesh-colored fabric in three different places: on her upper torso, her hands, and her legs.


The International Skating Union requires that costumes “be modest, dignified, and appropriate for athletic competition” and “not give the effect of excessive nudity.” Griffies uses a stretchy, translucent fabric called nude mesh; he prefers it to the alternative, nude lycra, because it allows you to see a skater’s muscle tone. …

What about the nude gloves that Sotnikova was wearing? Griffies, who was a competitive figure skater before he moved into fashion, explains that most triple-toe-loopers wear gloves in practice to stay warm, as well as to prevent cuts and scrapes (which can arise from falling on the ice or grabbing your blade during a spin). It feels strange to compete without them, Griffies says, so many skaters go with flesh-colored gloves, which make them feel comfortable but don’t distract the judges. …

Sotnikova completed her flesh-colored look with a set of over-the-boot tights. Griffies hates that look—he prefers the classic feel of a bright white skate. (So does Gracie Gold.) Sotnikova and other skaters wear those “OTB tights” for a bunch of reasons: because they supposedly make their legs look longer …

Nude Mesh vs. Nude Lycra: Figure Skating’s Faux-Nudity Secrets Revealed

Hate it. :-(

Doha World Cup

March 26-28th, 2014

37 countries confirm their definitive participation.


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Sochi rainbow gloves


Sochi 2014 joins Winter Olympic mitten craze

Nastia gloves

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