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Gymnastics fashion victims

Brigid McCarthy:

…. Fashion trends that ripped through entire teams or even through the entire elite gymnastics scene. Sometimes it’s the hair. Sometimes it’s the leos. Sometimes it’s things worn off the mats. …

Here’s just a few of the trends we have seen over the years that have made us do everything from raise an eyebrow, to slap our forehead and cry ‘not again!’, to outright moans of horror. …

USA pink

16 Gymnastics Fashion Trends that Made Us….

What else would you add for Part Two!?

Figure Skating’s Faux-Nudity

Josh Levin:

This is the enduring image of the Sochi Games:

Russia’s Adelina Sotnikova with her palms facing the ceiling, imploring the crowd to cheer her on during the women’s free skate. The home fans complied, helping to lift Sotnikova to a controversial victory over South Korea’s Yuna Kim. Take a closer look at that iconic photo, and you’ll see something else besides Sotnikova’s sly grin. The 17-year-old gold medalist is wearing flesh-colored fabric in three different places: on her upper torso, her hands, and her legs.


The International Skating Union requires that costumes “be modest, dignified, and appropriate for athletic competition” and “not give the effect of excessive nudity.” Griffies uses a stretchy, translucent fabric called nude mesh; he prefers it to the alternative, nude lycra, because it allows you to see a skater’s muscle tone. …

What about the nude gloves that Sotnikova was wearing? Griffies, who was a competitive figure skater before he moved into fashion, explains that most triple-toe-loopers wear gloves in practice to stay warm, as well as to prevent cuts and scrapes (which can arise from falling on the ice or grabbing your blade during a spin). It feels strange to compete without them, Griffies says, so many skaters go with flesh-colored gloves, which make them feel comfortable but don’t distract the judges. …

Sotnikova completed her flesh-colored look with a set of over-the-boot tights. Griffies hates that look—he prefers the classic feel of a bright white skate. (So does Gracie Gold.) Sotnikova and other skaters wear those “OTB tights” for a bunch of reasons: because they supposedly make their legs look longer …

Nude Mesh vs. Nude Lycra: Figure Skating’s Faux-Nudity Secrets Revealed

Hate it. :-(

Doha World Cup

March 26-28th, 2014

37 countries confirm their definitive participation.


more posters on dohagym.com

Sochi rainbow gloves


Sochi 2014 joins Winter Olympic mitten craze

Nastia gloves

(via Nastia)

Norway Olympic Team sweater

um …

Actually it’s Team USA.

via @sbregman87

Keep Calm and Save Gymnastics


100% of proceeds go to Temple University Men’s Gymnastics.

keep calm

Chip Wilson resigns Lululemon

Good riddance, jerk.

Chip Wilson Resigning From Lululemon Position After Angering A Whole Lot Of People

Click PLAY or watch “his apology” on YouTube.

Lululemon has some excellent products. But it was time for the washed-up surfer founder to go.

Angelina wins $10,000 leo

International Gymnast:

Ukrainian gymnast Angelina Kysla finished fifth all-around Saturday evening at the 3rd Mexico Open in Acapulco, but her artistry brought her a very valuable prize.

An expert panel that included Olympic gymnastics legends Nadia Comaneci (Romania) and Svetlana Boginskaya (Belarus) chose Kysla as the winner of the GK Prize for Elegance among the female gymnasts in Acapulco.

Her reward? A one-of-a-kind white leotard valued at approximately $10,000. …

kysla_podkopayeva_korobchinskaya (1)

Kysla Wins One-of-a-Kind $10,000 Leotard

Let’s hope more competitions add significant “Prizes for Elegance”. It’s one way to promote beautiful gymnastics outside the rules.

FIG – Spain, Colombia victorious at Third Abierto Mexicano de Gimnasia:

Men’s and women’s All-around scores were combined in the randomly assigned mixed pairs event, which paired male and female gymnasts by draw. Chusovitina (UZB) and Uematsu won the mixed pairs title with a combined score of 142.850 points …

That link has AA results.

Middle East gymnasts at Worlds

Gaar Adams, out of Abu Dhabi, is a journalist specializing in all things Middle East. He wrote the great article Pommel Horses and Protestors, a detailed profile on Nashwan al-Harazi from Yemen, the surprise qualifier for the 2008 Olympics.

I later traveled to Yemen and found Gaar’s article to be exactly right.

Gaar followed the Middle East gymnasts at World Championships 2013, his NEW post titled

From Cairo to Antwerp, With One Chance to Make it Count

Subscription required. (2 week free trial) That’s on Beacon, a cool new site trying to fund serious, unique longform journalism.

I’m quoted in the piece. As is Uncle Tim.

In it Gaar points out how difficult it is for gymnasts from countries like Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Kuwait, Qatar, Tunisia etc. to get noticed.

For example, Ali Zahran from Egypt competed one of the most difficult strength sequences in history, … and I somehow MISSED the routine.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Did anyone hear about his new move during the competition?

Ali Zahran did not qualify to the Final. He finished 31st with a 14.500 (6.5 + 8.0)

Gaar also mentions Egyptian gymnast Fadwa Mahmoud attempting to make the vault finals by “chucking” a Produnova. One Chance to Make it Count.

It’s a bit depressing. One hope for developing nations are FIG’s Coaching Academies and new Age Group Development program. Egypt has hosted many.

Not mentioned in Gaar’s post was Shaden WOHDAN from Qatar. :-) I’m always cheering when I see women from Muslim nations able to compete in Gymnastics. You know they have overcome all kinds of roadblocks.

Shaden Wohdan from Qatar

Shaden Wohdan from Qatar

Note that Shaden wore either shorts or a modified gym suit. Allowed by FIG.

Buzzfeed does Gymnastics

41 Of The Best, Most Extravagant Leotards From The 2013 World Gymnastics Championships


McKayla Maroney is all in

all in, all gym!

… I just want people to know – I’m not making a comeback, I never left! I had to deal with a few serious injuries after the Olympics but I knew the whole time I wasn’t done.

My dad always says “Do it with passion or not at all.” …

Click PLAY or watch her adidas commercial on YouTube.

Canadian leos

… Speaking of Moors, she tweeted the Canadian training leos, which are, as ever, botanical (thanks, Lyn G)! …

Canadian leos

Couch Gymnast – What Did I Miss? Worlds Edition

If you’ve been too busy this weekend to follow World’s Podium training, that’s a good catch-up.

In Defense Of The Scrunchie

In Defense Of The Scrunchie: Why It’s Time To Get Over Our Grudge