Happy 4th of July USA

USAG has had another excellent year. Congratulations. And happy birthday. :-)


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sponsor a Muslim gymnast

Breaking. Alan Owen is trying to launch a charity where people can sponsor gymnasts in developing nations for about $35 a month.

Nations include Peru, Nicaragua, Chile and Honduras.

I’m hoping it will include Islamic nations, as well.

Opportunities for girls to do gymnastics in Muslim nations are limited. Surprisingly, there are at least two sports centers in Kabul, Afghanistan offering the sport and activity for girls.

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That program is sponsored by the Alzahra Cultural and Sport Association. They could use help.

related – Malaysian gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Had was a star at the SEA Games. Predictably some Muslims criticized her for wearing a leotard.

Personally, I feel female gymnasts should be allowed to wear bike shorts over their leotards, if they prefer. Does FIG already allow leotards with built-in shorts?

cool Cheer video

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Nfinity sell Cheer shoes.

Holmes fitness apparel

Holmes Athletics Canada is a fitness apparel company that promotes gymnastics as the best cross training for all sports and all athlete, young and old.

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style your hair for a gymnastic meet

I’m astonished at the popularity of the SevenGymnasticsGirls YouTube channel.

452,000+ subscribers and 137,000,000+ views since Aug 17, 2011. Most of those views are by young female gymnasts.

Some of their edits are charming. This one, for example.

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Lisa Mason – Floor

Very cool choreography. And only a 33yr-old gymnast should be rocking leotards like this one. :-)

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gymnastics bar grips – finger wedgies

What are they?

This photo was posted by bogwoppit on the Chalk Bucket forum.

bogwoppit explains:

They make the finger holes of your grips smaller. I managed to get some from the UK, where they call them wedgies!

Order from GymnasticExpress.co.uk in Europe.

1039Ginnasta USA sells something similar. Cheap. $3 per package of 8.

Without them, kids simply stuff foam into the finger holes to fill the gap. Messy and inconsistent.

Leave a comment if you know of anyone else selling something like this.