Milano Psychedelic Replica leo

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Yana Kudryavtseva and Margarita Mamun


Must see: this lovely montage exploring the rivalry and friendship of Yana Kudryavtseva and Margarita Mamun (RUS)

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Must see if only to check out the amazing costumes, one for each discipline.

Kim Zmeskal on Regan Smith

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She explains Bailey’s leos. :-)

Keys leo

Bailie Key wore a recreation of Kim Zmeskal’s leotard from the 1991 World Championships. In Indianapolis.

TheCheernastics2 on YouTube

… a channel for cheer, gymnastics, and fitness! …

These kids have over a half million subscribers and nearly 100 million views since 2011.

Like 7 Gymnastics Girls, they are more popular than most of the adult Gymnastics sites.

Click PLAY or watch an example – “7 Amazing Gymnastics Life Hacks” – on YouTube.

Farah Ann Abdul Hadi – cover girl

The Malaysian gymnast won six medals at the last SEA Games. And became a National sports hero.

The media attention drew critics, as well, unhappy that a Muslim girl was wearing a Gymnastics leotard in public.

Many defended her.

Farah Ann’s personal position was made clear in this cover story:

In her interview with the Malay-language online magazine “Pepatung”, the sports star, who was featured wearing a midnight-blue dress, said she has not wavered from her goal. …

magazine cover

… criticisms will not dampen my spirits to achieve my aims and dreams in this field,” Farah Ann, 21, told Pepatung in an interview published today.

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Happy 4th of July USA

USAG has had another excellent year. Congratulations. And happy birthday. :-)


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sponsor a Muslim gymnast

Breaking. Alan Owen is trying to launch a charity where people can sponsor gymnasts in developing nations for about $35 a month.

Nations include Peru, Nicaragua, Chile and Honduras.

I’m hoping it will include Islamic nations, as well.

Opportunities for girls to do gymnastics in Muslim nations are limited. Surprisingly, there are at least two sports centers in Kabul, Afghanistan offering the sport and activity for girls.

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That program is sponsored by the Alzahra Cultural and Sport Association. They could use help.

related – Malaysian gymnast Farah Ann Abdul Had was a star at the SEA Games. Predictably some Muslims criticized her for wearing a leotard.

Personally, I feel female gymnasts should be allowed to wear bike shorts over their leotards, if they prefer. Does FIG already allow leotards with built-in shorts?