Cheer tumbler Ozell Williams

Ozell Williams:

“I started tumbling since I was three, and basically just flipped off my mom’s couch,” Williams said. “The funny thing is, I was watching Power Rangers, so those were like my idols when I started growing up. …

His mother recognized his talent right away and tried to find a place that would be able to help him grow and keep him energetic. But as a single mother of two, she couldn’t afford it.

That opportunity came later, and in an unusual way.

When Williams was little, he got into what he called a “small altercation” that ended with him accidentally throwing a rock at a window and shattering it. When the owner of the house came to confront him about it, he accepted the responsibility of his actions.

“My payment was me being on her soccer team, and also me joining her little gymnastics team that she had,” he said. …

The story behind CU tumbling sensation Ozell Williams (2013)

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The Boulder®

Some elite coaches trash talk backward handspring training devices.

And it’s true you can teach a great backward handspring without one.

Personally, I love them all. They have hundreds of uses in the gym. And are ideal for older and non-competing gymnasts.

The best of them all is The Boulder®.

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They start at $344. Cheap. :-)

Simone Biles – Cheerleader?

saturday morning practice hype????????????

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Glenville – Acrobatics & Tumbling


GLENVILLE, W. Va. – Glenville State College … announced the addition of Acrobatics & Tumbling as the College’s 13th varsity sport. In addition, Amber King has been named the program’s first head coach …

Glenville State … is a member of the Mountain East Conference, an NCAA Division II-affiliated conference …

Intending to begin competition in 2016, Glenville State becomes the 12th member of the NCATA, further bolstering the presence of the sport in the Mountain State as the third member from the state of West Virginia, joining Alderson-Broaddus College in Phillipi, and Fairmont State University in Fairmont. …


Glenville State College Adds Acrobatics & Tumbling

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standing triple full


Taylor Swift Cheer outtakes

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Taylor Swift – Shake It Off

Love it. :-)

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… before you hate, hate, hate, consider that Taylor’s making fun of twerking.

Also goofing on Ballet, Cheer, Rhythmic and … herself.

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