extreme tumbling & tricking

Plenty of Kenzo.

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how tumblers put on their pants


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cool Cheer video

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Nfinity sell Cheer shoes.

3 1/2 to 3/1 twist

Who is this guy?

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Is it Cameron Bonton @itzcamm, Cheer tumbler?

itzcambonton on instagram.

Collegiate Acrobatics and Tumbling Nationals

Starting today. #thencata

The top 8 teams will battle it out.

crowd-funded TV – Welcome to My World

Welcome to My World is a brand new scripted web series where the worlds of gymnastics, cheerleading and dance collide. From the teams behind Inside Cheerleading, Inside Gymnastics and Inside Dance magazines in association with Los Angeles based Vandervort Entertainment, the series will be jam-packed with action, comedy, drama and some amazing acrobatic and dance performances.


What We Need

For Season One, we have an operating budget and fundraising goal of $30,000 to produce a quality series with great entertainment value. …

details on indiegogo

For a $1000 investment you can FaceTime Paul Ruggeri or Courtney Kupets. Or spend a day on the set in L.A. :-)

Sounds like FUN. I’d definitely watch this series.

Chris Korotky, President of Inside Publications, will serve as Executive Producer. $30,000 is a realistic target year 1 budget. Korotky is the best man I can think of to connect the worlds of Dance, Cheer and Gymnastics. (Think of the dramatic script possibilities.)

I predict this one will happen.

Hawaii Sharks acrobatics & tumbling

Oregon has won every national championship since acrobatics and tumbling has become a sport (four). Oregon has over 24,000 students. Oregon has an athletics budget that would make Warren Buffett blush. Oregon was the unanimous #1 in the last NCATA Coaches’ Poll.

HPU didn’t care. The Sharks (5-1) turned the A&T world upside-down with a thrilling 282.050-280.295 win over the Ducks …


The NCATA National Championships run from April 23rd-April 25th at Fairmont State.

A&T Shocks the Country, Beats #1 Oregon