AwesomenessTV – “Cheerleaders”

“Cheerleaders” is now in its fourth season on AwesomenessTV. After winning the World Championships for a third year in a row, the pressure is on for this cheerleading squad to keep their title…it’s a brand new season with new athletes, dreams and drama!

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The success of AwesomenessTV’s “Cheerleaders” has led to the spin-off, “Cheerhab,” which follows renowned cheerleading coaches Eddy Rios and Orby Orta as they face the toughest challenge yet…turning a failing Oregon cheer squad into a championship winning team.


Cheer on the beach

Cheer on the Beach

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BIG Cheer tricks

Posted 2013. Nearly 6 million views.

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pre-teen Cheer drama

Documentary featuring the World Cup All Stars out of Freehold, New Jersey.

Real reality TV. Mini “cheerlebrities”.

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extreme tumbling & tricking

Plenty of Kenzo.

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how tumblers put on their pants


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cool Cheer video

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Nfinity sell Cheer shoes.