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Gnarly in Pink

Tumbl Trak’s Carrie Spender Lennox showed me this skateboard video. She loves the content. And loves the editing. Carrie’s been doing a lot of video editing, of late. :-)

Woodward West.

This short film celebrates the “Pink Helmet Posse,” three 6-year-old girls who share an unusual passion: skateboarding.

Produced by: Kristelle Laroche and Ben Mullinkosson

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

(via New York Times)

Camp – the Coach’s Perspective

James Parent and I collaborated for an article on the Tumbl Talk blog:

I am fortunate enough to get to take time off and go to some of the most amazing gymnastics camps ever. Every camp has a different feel and a different training style so make sure to pick one that either suites your immediate needs or will challenge you to change. There are many benefits, from the coach’s perspective to attending camps. …

read more – Camp – the Coach’s Perspective

Tumbl Trak Whistler 600

James and I both travel pretty much non-stop, gym to gym, camp to camp, clinic to clinic.

That photo was from our January 2014 visit to Whistler Gymnastics. I’m driving back to Whistler today for B.C. Congress. :-)

IGC coaches

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – Woodward


Milheim Fire Co. brought 3,000 gallons of COLD water for a high pressure week 11 dousing.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.


circus camp fundraiser

Calgary, AB.

Monday July 28 – Friday August 1/14, Flip Factory, a gymnastics and circus centre will be hosting an intensive circus camp.

Forty-five athletes from 8-15 years of age will be trained by former Cirque coaches and artists along with members of the Flip Team, Green Fools Theatre and Calgary Circus Studio. Performers will present a show which combines acrobatics, trampoline and circus arts on Friday, August 1 at 7pm.

Proceeds from the camp and show are being donated to the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation …

Acro Circus

Flip Factory owner Darlene tells me that coaches include Cirque du Soleil experienced Ivan Vladimirov, Dmitry Troyan and Tyler Ayres.

Idaho Gymnastics Camp

Another great HPTC is history. :-)

HPTC 2014

click photo for larger version

GBR’s Nick Ruddock

British Gymnastics:

For the 5th year running, our Women’s National Junior Coach, Nick Ruddock has travelled to Tirrenia, Italy to represent the UEG (European Union of Gymnastics) at the Annual European Training Camp for juniors.

The camp, which takes place from the 12th to the 22nd July, is a chance for upcoming coaches and gymnasts from across Europe to take part in various lectures and practical sessions to help improve the provision of gymnastics throughout the continent and prepare the next generation of budding gymnasts and coaches. …

As the vault expert we ask Nick about Britain’s progress on this piece of apparatus …

“We won vault as a team at the 2013 Australian Youth Olympic Festival, 2014 European Youth Olympics and Junior Europeans. It’s a combination of a strategy and having the right gymnasts with the right qualities; our current juniors are very powerful and that power translates into time in the air. The Yurchenko full twist used to be a standard vault for us but now we have many girls performing a double twist, hopefully one day pushing towards an Amanar.” …

We wish Nick and our women’s gymnasts (Ondine Achampong & Halle Hilton) and coaches (Elaine Wood & Melanie Ives) the best of luck at the camp.

Nick Ruddock – Preparing the next generation


Idaho Camp photos

Pete is doing a terrific job uploading some of the best of his many hundreds of official Camp photos to the host club Facebook page.

Here are a couple of samples.

official website – HPTCamp.com

Gymnasics Camp Idaho

… starts TODAY.

Get yer big girl leo on. :-)


Special guest coaches this year Raj Bhavsar and Daniela Silivas.

High Performance Training Camp

happy campers

Gym Momentum Camp Boston

It’s a wrap. :-)

Camp Director Tony Retrosi:

… My goal was to deliver quality instruction for BOTH gymnasts and Coaches. We were full with over 100 gymnasts and 30 plus coaches attending . The energy was incredible. …

I pride myself at putting together a world class staff. …

Gym Momentum Training Camp Review

Gym Momentum staff 2014 sm

Woodward Slip n Slide

GymRep Gymnastics Camp

Week 1 MAG and WAG highlights video from the bilingual camp just outside Montreal, Quebec.

It’s definitely the SAFEST camp I know. The many spotting set-ups are astonishing.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.