Summer Gymnastics Camp Sweden

MAG and WAG. July 27th – Aug 9th, 2015.

Lingvallen, Sweden. Looks great.

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If any international gymnasts or coaches are interested, email info (a)


June 25-June 28, 2015




Get your registration in soon. This Camp will fill quickly. Tony Retrosi brings in a top notch coaching staff.

$50 off International Gymnastics Camp

Have you been to IGC?

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They have great videos. See more on the IGCtv YouTube channel.

I was there week #7, 2012, during the Olympics. Girls from my club were particularly impressed by the Beam Gym. Every possible Beam training device in a dedicated building.

In the navigation on every page you’ll find a link to a promotion good through Feb. 27th $50 off 2015 Camp registration. It’s available via the IGC home page, as well.

IGC has come on board as a new advertiser. Thanks for their support.

I particularly like IGC’s Professional Coaching Diploma (PCD) program:

… at the entry-level is 260 teaching and classroom hours spanning a four-week period. Daily lecture demonstrations, written and practical tests, as well as observational and critical coaching reviews build throughout the second, third and fourth years. This challenging program is designed for the career-minded individual intent on becoming a top-tier gymnastics coach.


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the good old days

International Gymnastics Camp late 1970s.

Abie Grossfeld, Fred Orlofsky, Jerry George, Don Tonry, Fred Roethlisberger, Bruno Klaus.

old gymnasts

Adult Summer Gymnastics Camp 2015

Portsmouth NH–Summer 2015

Fri. July 17- Sun. July 19, 2015

Come to a 3-day camp where competitive and recreational adult gymnasts of all levels can learn at their own pace alongside our internationally recognized staff!

Although we are still in the planning phase we are working on some great things. In addition to 5 three-hour training sessions, there will be a Saturday night group activity and an afternoon at the beautiful NH beaches on Sunday. There are 2 major airports within an hour (Manchester NH and Boston MA). Once you are in the area of Atlantic Gymnastics in Portsmouth, you will not need a vehicle.


Many of the attendees will be competitive adult gymnasts. Prep op as well as JO levels 7 thru 10 via the AAU.

(via Masters Gymnastics)

Make it Right Gymnastics Camp

USA TOPS, Developmental and National Team Staff were the clinicians at this excellent and inspiring event in Vegas.

Vault – Todd Gardiner

Bars 1 – Neil Resnik

Bars 2 – Tom Forster

Bars 3 – Su Peter

Beam 1 – Tammy Biggs

Beam 2 – Tammy Salcianu

Floor 1- Back Tumbling and twisting – Ivan Ivanov

Floor 2- Front Tumbling and twisting – Pete Arenas

Trampoline & TumblTrak – Craig Zappa

Dance – Antonia Markova

Flexibility – Cheri Shipp

Physical test abilities – Sorin Salcianu

Judging – Kathy Feldman

Camp Director – Tammy Biggs and Tammy Salcianu

Gymnastics Industry Leaders and Sponsors:

Tumbl Trak – James Parent

JK Rep – Lisa Beam – Karl Stubsjoen

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Next Camp in June – 12, 13, 14 – 2015

Gnarly in Pink

Tumbl Trak’s Carrie Spender Lennox showed me this skateboard video. She loves the content. And loves the editing. Carrie’s been doing a lot of video editing, of late. :-)

Woodward West.

This short film celebrates the “Pink Helmet Posse,” three 6-year-old girls who share an unusual passion: skateboarding.

Produced by: Kristelle Laroche and Ben Mullinkosson

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

(via New York Times)