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Idaho Camp photos

Pete is doing a terrific job uploading some of the best of his many hundreds of official Camp photos to the host club Facebook page.

Here are a couple of samples.

official website – HPTCamp.com

Gymnasics Camp Idaho

… starts TODAY.

Get yer big girl leo on. :-)


Special guest coaches this year Raj Bhavsar and Daniela Silivas.

High Performance Training Camp

happy campers

Gym Momentum Camp Boston

It’s a wrap. :-)

Camp Director Tony Retrosi:

… My goal was to deliver quality instruction for BOTH gymnasts and Coaches. We were full with over 100 gymnasts and 30 plus coaches attending . The energy was incredible. …

I pride myself at putting together a world class staff. …

Gym Momentum Training Camp Review

Gym Momentum staff 2014 sm

Woodward Slip n Slide

GymRep Gymnastics Camp

Week 1 MAG and WAG highlights video from the bilingual camp just outside Montreal, Quebec.

It’s definitely the SAFEST camp I know. The many spotting set-ups are astonishing.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.


Island Gymnastics Academy Camp

I’m in Charlottetown PEI this week, guest coach at the 39th annual Island Gymnastics Academy Summer Camp.

The founder, Jim Rand, is still standing. Still picking off gymnasts one-at-a-time during the Dodgeball warm-up. :-)

Jim Rand

39yr-old Scott Chandler is back at Camp, one of about 75 gymnasts training week 1.

Scott Chandler at Camp 1988

Scott Chandler at Camp 1988


Biles and Key top verification

Top three AA at the July Training Camp verification:

1. Simone Biles – 2. Madison Kocian – 3. Kyla Ross

1. Bailie Key – 2. Norah Flatley – 3. Jordan Chiles

Marta Simone


(via tsukthepain)

David Kenwright – Bars clinic

The British / Canadian coach is now Down Under.

Gymnastics Australia posted a number of IDP clinic videos, including this one.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Gym Momentum Camp 2014

Click through for larger image. :-)

Aussie “Team Future”

Gymnastics Australia posted a number of IDP clinic videos, including this one – Team Future Advance Camp.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Meanwhile, at Karolyi Ranch

Take Flight Aerial Adventure

The day after Gym Momentum Camp 2014 Boston, Director Tony Retrosi took some of the coaches and kids up to his ropes course in Maine.

This was the toughest “element“.

aerial adventure splits

Take Flight Aerial Adventure

That pic was posted by Cygnus Gymnastics. :-)

American Olympic medal sweep

Men’s Rope Climbing

1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles

BassGOLD – Raymond Bass USA
SILVER – William Galbraith USA
BRONZE – Thomas Connolly USA

The event consisted of climbing an 8-meter-high rope, and was contested on time. All competitors were given three tries, with the fastest times determining the placements.

Sports Reference

There were only 5 competitors.

Rope Climbing was discontinued after 1932.

Peter Kormann was the first American to win an Olympic medal in the “modern” Olympics. 1976 Montreal.

It was Peter who alerted me to this USA Olympic medal sweep. We were visiting his Yellow Jackets new gym. The very first day of opening.

Tumbl Trak Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets

Movie night for Gym Momentum Camp kids.

movie night

Gym Momentum training camp