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Vanessa Atler – 1998 Floor

With the publication of Vanessa‘s new children’s book – – her name is back on the gymternet.

Full Twist linked to her very impressive Floor routine from back during the run-up to the 2000 Olympics. At this time many, including me, assumed she’d be competing in Sydney. It was not to be.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

book – Coaching Youth Gymnastics

By USA Gymnastics

Coaching Youth GymnasticsCoaching Youth Gymnastics covers all the basics of coaching and gymnastics in a concise style that is customized for entry-level gymnastics coaches. Techniques and skills for bars, floor, balance beam, and vault are presented …

Chapter 01: Stepping Into Coaching
Chapter 02: Communicating as a Coach
Chapter 03: Understanding Rules, Apparatus, and Equipment
Chapter 04: Providing for Gymnasts’ Safety
Chapter 05: Making Practices Fun and Practical
Chapter 06: Teaching and Shaping Skills
Chapter 07: Gymnastics Basics
Chapter 08: Floor Skills
Chapter 09: Vault Skills
Chapter 10: Bar Skills
Chapter 11: Balance Beam Skills
Chapter 12: Coaching on Meet Day
Chapter 13: Developing Season and Practice Plans

272 pages © 2011Book or eBook – $19.95

I’ve not read this one. Leave a comment if you have an opinion.

Vanessa Atler – Let the River Flow

A children’s Gymnastics book.

River Flow

“Just remember this: Let the river flow.
Sometimes a river will be rough and bumpy.
Other times it will be calm and smooth – just like gymnastics.
All you can control is your attitude and effort. So put a smile on your face and enjoy the ride.”

Click PLAY or watch an interview with the author on YouTube.


Simone Biles – upgrades

… After the world championships, coach Aimee Boorman mentioned in a tweet that now that her shoulder is healed, Biles will be looking to upgrade her second vault to a Cheng.

In the interview this morning, Biles confirmed that she will be working toward the Cheng. She also shared that since her Amanar vault is so consistent, Marta Karolyi has encouraged her to try for the triple-twisting yurchenko. If successful, Biles would be the first woman in history to compete this vault.

As for other upgrades, Biles said she would also be looking to get bars back to her former level of difficulty by adding the shaposh half back in. She said she also might work the double-double layout on floor …

Beam Dreams – Simone Biles Looks to the Future


Dvora Meyers was at Worlds in Nanning researching a book on women’s Artistic Gymnastics.

Check Dvora’s new article in Slate:

Biles is nowhere near the edge of her abilities. All four of her routines are easy for her. …

The Best Gymnast in the World

How Simone Biles dominates the competition.

With all this success comes the inevitable backlash – Susan Swarbrick – Lost art: Powerhouse physiques winning out over spellbinding grace

Australia adopts Championship Gymnastics

Good news from one of our advertisers:

Championship Gymnastics: Biomechanical Techniques for Shaping Winners has been adopted by Gymnastics Australia …, as the compulsory textbook for their course accreditation programs throughout the country. This applies specifically to the Advanced, Advanced Silver, and High Performance Courses (Course Levels 3-5).

more information

related – Australian WAG Levels Program revision DRAFT

Over & Above: Trampoline Gymnastics

August 15, 2014
by Jack Kelly

In this book, he outlines a process for developing world class skills. His methods have helped remodel the technique of numerous advanced performers, enabling them to break through to the next level. …


Over and Above

Eileen Langsley – Commonwealth photos

Eileen Langsley:

I am pleased to announce the publication of my latest book:-

A Family Affair – The Gymnastics Competitions of the 2014 Glasgow World Championships

Book cover

This commemorative, souvenir photographic celebratory book is available in print form and as an e book for iPad …

Where Sport Meets Art

Dan Millman – Swing Time

The legend is still bouncing at age-68.

Dan Millman was 1964 Trampoline World Champion. The author of Way of the Peaceful Warrior.

new book – High Performance Gymnastics

Thomas Heinen from Germany is the principle editor. He’s on the FIG Sport Science Committee.

248 pages

English language

ISBN 978-3-942468-30-5

Google Translate:

The book “High Performance Gymnastics” is of a German-Brazilian cooperation …

It contains the very latest sports science work on device and Gymnastics and Rhythmic Gymnastics. The contributions revolve around sport psychology topics such as the role of the coach or the perception of assets in advance of the Olympic Games, but also movement analytical and biomechanical considerations. …

High Performance Gymnastics


20 EUR


new book – Grip

Has anyone see this book?


Born and raised in Plainview, Texas, Adex’s experiences with growing up The Bible Belt have left him high invaluable material to share with the world. While his writing can deal with heavy subject matters such as eating disorders, sexual harassment, identity crisis, and the like, his ultimate goal is always to raise awareness or being to light certain aspects of the human spirit regardless of how dark they may be in a manner that inspires others to be the best versions of themselves possible.

details on iauthor or iTunes. ($9.99)

A 500lb gymnast?

Now that’s a story.

new British Gymnastics Book

British Gymnasts

The Face of the Future

By Eileen Langsley (2014)

… a tribute to the new generation of young British Gymnasts who are following on from the London 2012 generation of seniors. With 84 pages and over 240 images and text supplied by the gymnasts and their coaches, this book is a must …

British Gymnastics book

Preview 38 pages of the book.

Cost £6.99 – £34.18 depending on format.

“Winning Gymnastics” archive

Here’s a page to bookmark. Dr. Gerald S. George’s eNewsletter archive. Just a few of the topics covered already:

Mastery of Body Shape
Body-Extension Twist
On-Ground Twisting
Somersault Rotation
A Closer Look at the Stalder
The Tangent Release Principle
Giant Swing Efficiency
Developing Handstand Tension
Shape Up Your Handstand
10 Concepts of Impact
Leg Impact and Landing
Late Sighting
Early Sighting
3 Phases of a Handspring Vault
Hurdle Trajectory
Pre-flight Trajectory
Pst-flight Trajectory
Trajectory-Rotation Relationship

Part 4 – Gymnastics Technique – Factors Affecting Success
Sureness of Execution
Psychological Readiness–The Ultimate Domain

Part 3 – Gymnastics Technique – Factors Affecting Success
Learning vs. Performance
Skill Sequencing
Compensatory Skills–the Achilles Heel

Part 2 – Gymnastics Technique – Factors Affecting Success
Mastery of Basic Skills (continued from Part 1)
Persistent Use of Repetitions
Use of Appropriate Skill Progressions
Gymnastics Technique – Factors Affecting Success
A Long and Winding Road
All Systems GO
Mastery of Basic Skills
It All Starts in Your Mind’s Eye
The Ideal Model Concept
The Secret to McKayla Maroney’s Vaulting Success
The Staircase Effect
Concepts of Uneven Bars
Dancing with the Bars
Concepts of Vaulting
Fundamental Vaulting Concepts
Minimizing the Board Setting
Concepts of Balance Beam
In-Line Space
Mastering Skills at Ground Level
Concepts of Floor Exercise
Three Dimensional Space
Concepts of Gymnastics Training
The Gymnast’s Physical Readiness
The Mechanics of Rotation and Twisting
Three types of rotary movement

See MORE on the Archive.

winning gymnastics

Thanks again to Championships Gymnastics, the book, for advertising on this site.

Dvora Meyers – End of the 10


DvoraAfter five months of research, interviews, writing, and rewriting, I’m so excited to announce that I’ll be writing a book about gymnastics ….

Here’s the official announcement …

Freelance journalist and frequent Deadspin and Jezebel contributor Dvora Meyers’s THE END OF THE TEN: The Fall of Perfection in Modern Gymnastics, analyzing how various factors including the elimination of the “Perfect 10″ have changed women’s gymnastics in the last few decades, allowing the U.S. to become a dominant power in the sport, to Michelle Howry at Touchstone, for publication in Summer 2016, to coincide with the Olympics, by Allison Hunter at Inkwell Management (World).

Dvora Meyers’s THE END OF THE TEN: The Fall of Perfection in Modern Gymnastics

Dvora is planning on attending Worlds. Planning to interview as many people as possible who were connected or affected by the end of the perfect 10.0 in Artistic scoring in 2006.