Oklahoma’s Unforgettable Season

Over on the open-to-the-public NCAA MEN’S GYMNASTICS ALUMNI Facebook page, there’s some good discussion on how the Championships could be be improved in future.

Coach Sommer feels Men’s teams could do a better job online. Using social media.

I agree.

There are some GREAT stories in Men’s Gymnastics. The 2015 season for OU, for example.

The Sooners completed one of the greatest seasons in NCAA history with their ninth NCAA Team Championship, two NCAA Individual Event Champions and 14 All-Americans.


Mark jumping


Click through. That photo diary of the Championships is a MUST SEE.

NCAA LIVE video improving

In the past I’ve been disappointed. Slow streaming Flash feeds. (Why don’t Collegiate teams use YouTube? USAG, FIG and GBR all use YouTube.)

But the Morgantown Regional had multiple panes of different size open in their LIVE stream. At times with all 4 apparatus. Other times with results showing.

Morgantown Regional pane

It was excellent.


We have standardized rules for everything but NOT live coverage of the 1st round of NCAAs?! So far only @WVUGymnastics is doing it right.

That feed would not work on wifi. But as soon as I plugged into ethernet, every pane was sharp and clear. It was free. And I was watching in Canada so not geo-blocked.

The host team was happy too.

“This whole day was incredible,” said fourth-year coach Jason Butts. “We ended the season as well as we could end a season. I’m thrilled with today’s overall effort and the way the 2015 year as a whole went. I’m glad this program is back on track.” …

West Virgina University Sports

I’d watch more LIVE streaming if everyone did it as well as West Virgina University Sports. :-)

ChalkUP gymnastics app

A FREE gymnastics-only social video sharing and virtual competition app available for iOS and Android devices.

I’m a beta tester. It looks FUN, so far.

Click PLAY or watch a promo on YouTube.

Press Release:

… the ChalkUP app brings a world of gymnastics to the fingertips of iPhone and Android phone users everywhere. It provides gymnasts and coaches a unique platform to share and compare gymnastics skill videos and connect with the global gymnastics community right from their smartphones.

A first of its kind, ChalkUP brings together gymnasts of all ages from all over the world with their friends, family, fans, teammates and coaches and creates a gymnastics-centered, social sharing community. Rather than endlessly sifting through Facebook and Instagram news feeds only to gather bits and pieces of gymnastics- related content, ChalkUP is ‘All Gymnastics, All the Time.”

ChalkUP users will have the ability to upload, share and comment on gymnastics skill videos, follow their friends and favorite users, enter and vote for videos in gymnastics-themed challenges, win virtual awards, create a customized profile and track their personal skill progress within the app.

“With millions of gymnasts worldwide, we wanted to create a unique platform to bring them all together. One of the greatest elements of ChalkUP is the virtual challenge, which allow gymnasts from anywhere in the world to compete with other gymnasts with just a few touches of their screen. It brings the competition right to their smartphones,” said Randy Sikora, founder of ChalkUP.

ChalkUP will be available as a free download in both the Apple App Store and Google Play for iOS and Android devices beginning in February 2015.

Please visit www.chalkup.net for more information on ChalkUP, including screen shots, video and the opportunity to participate in an exclusive “pre-launch download.”

The ChalkUP app was created by Randy Sikora, owner and founder of USA Competitions in partnership with developers MSI Mobile Solutions in 2014.

If you would like further information on ChalkUP, or you would like to schedule an interview, please contact:

Lindsay LoBue, Project Development, ChalkUP Phone: +1 (954) 303-5124
Email: llobue (a) chalkup.net

I downloaded ChalkUP from the iTunes store as I couldn’t find it in the App Store. Click ChalkUP sports, not Chalkup – Class Collaboration. It’s free if you’d like to try it yourself.

new look for Gymnastics Coaching

This is it.

The previous “theme” was ancient. I’m surprised it lasted as long as it did.

GymnasticsCoaching.com had to have some kind of an upgrade. I moved it to the highly popular Twenty Fifteen theme:

… clean, blog-focused, and designed for clarity. Twenty Fifteen’s simple, straightforward typography is readable on a wide variety of screen sizes, and suitable for multiple languages. We designed it using a mobile-first approach, meaning your content takes center-stage, regardless of whether your visitors arrive by smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

I’m a laptop guy. But in 2015 laptops are the minority. Mobile (phone and tablet) use surpassed personal computer use in the USA in 2014.


The font is larger to be more readable on smaller screens.

It now has infinite scroll that works more often than not. Responsive design so that the site changes depending on your device. No header image, starting the new content closer to the top of the home page. Quotes and links to other pages are more conspicuous than the post font.

Links are more obvious. Old school. The traditional blue colour, underlined.

Twitter more prominently displayed. I’m using it more and more these days.

The biggest problem in 2015 is embed codes. Facebook doesn’t want you to leave Facebook, so they make it difficult to embed their posts elsewhere. You can do it, but results are mixed. They often look crappy hoping you’ll go back to Facebook.

Posts from this site are automatically cross-posted to my Facebook page. That’s working better than in the past.

Tumblr was added in this site revision. But Tumblr is a mess in many ways, the worst of the major social media platforms. Embed codes from Tumblr may or may not work depending on where you try to watch them.

The new theme is not perfect, but better overall. I’m starting to get used to it.

Leave a comment if you have other suggestions for improvement.

Yale Gymnastics

These girls are not only super smart.

They set the team record on Bars at the “Don Tonry Invitational” 2015.

It sounds like the “Don Tonry” might become an annual event. A nice legacy for Don.

The girls want to get the news out that Yale is for sports as well as academics. LIKE the Yale team page on Facebook. :-)

Thanks Anna.

Elite Canada schedule

Update – Information is being posted on the Gymnastics Canada Facebook.

___original post:

Gymnastics Canada is notoriously poor at communicating their stories. One of the poorest of the top Gymnastics nations.

If you go to their home page right now, you’ll see no indication that one of the biggest competitions of the seasons is happening.

If you click through to NEWS, there’s no news about Elite Canada. :-(

Trois-Rivières, Quebec

There’s no competition today Thursday, only men’s physical ability testing.

MEN’S Thursday schedule
MEN Thursday

Olympic gymnast Ellie Black begins her 2015 season this weekend at Elite Canada in Trois-Rivieres, Que. …

With a World Cup event in Texas in early March, and an international team competition in Italy later in March, Black, a two-time Canadian all-around champion, will limit herself to competing on the balance beam this week. …


Tori Ellie

We’re hoping to see these two Olympians back together again. :-)

WOMEN’S Thursday schedule
WAT Thursday

I’m getting the schedule from Gymnastics BC who posted the Technical document here.

GymnasticsCoaching.com on Tumblr

We’ll be cross posting to Tumblr into the future. There’s a new link in the right hand navigation.

GymnasticsCoaching on Tumblr

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