Gym Blog Brazil excluded from Championships

The best source of news on the sport in the Olympic host is Gym Blog Brazil. (Portuguese) LIKE their Facebook page.

For some reason their media credentials were withdrawn during Brazilian Championships. No freedom of the Press there, it would seem.

We’re still waiting to hear a logical reason from the Federation or organizers.

history of FloGymnastics

Anne Phillips

Anne Phillips started Gymnastike in 2008 with limited resources and limited staff, but a ton of passion, dedication, and hard work. The scope of gymnastics coverage has changed drastically in the past seven years, with Gymnastike at the front of the charge. Hear about how the site has grown over the years culminating in our recent rebrand to FloGymnastics.

Story Of FloGymnastics

If you’ve always wondered why it was originally called Gymnastike, click through. :-)

Anne is now Senior Product Manager at FloSports. An administrator. No longer involved in day-to-day coverage. Without her tireless efforts in those early years, they’d never have come this far.

John Roethlisberger – Drive To Gold™

Via Chris Korotky and Inside Gymnastics by email.

Olympian John Roethlisberger and Inside Publications Team Up for Sports Radio Show, Drive To Gold™

Drive to GOLD

– Weekly Show to Originate on Atlanta AM Station WCFO, Newstalk 1160, The Talk of the Town

– Show Will Focus on the Olympic Movement

– Additional National Distribution through Webcast and Podcast

Drive To Gold™ will debut in December and will air each Tuesday. Advertising opportunities within the show include traditional recorded spots (30 second and 60 second spots), live spots, as well as sponsored segment opportunities. is LIVE

Gymnastike has rebranded with a new website.

Same content, cleaner look. As I did with this site several months ago, FloGymnastics has been optimized for mobile. Continuous scrolling is a win too.

If you are not a paid member no need to click on anything marked PRO.

As before, the price of membership is not posted up front. You need to “join” first, find out the price later. If you get that far, there are different prices for monthly and yearly membership.

One of my big complaints with Gymnastike was their policy of NOT linking back to the page where they found inspiration or information. They wanted visitors to stay on Gymnastike. That seems to have improved. For example this post …

Shawn Johnson Plans Return To Gymnastics With Tour Of Champions

… links to a People magazine article. Kudos to FloGymnastics for that. In the past they sometimes did not link out at all. Or linked to the People magazine home page.

Embed codes are missing. But I’ve been told they will be added to the new platform as soon as possible.

Give a try. Leave a comment if you have an opinion.

gymnastics nicknames

Bee Farm?

Do you know who those people are? :-)

If not, click over to Spotlight Gymnastic’s alphabetical list of frequently used nicknames.


Gymnastike rebranding as FloGymnastics

Becca Pang:

We are thrilled to announce that next week we are rebranding from Gymnastike to FloGymnastics and launching a redesigned website: …


FloGymnastics (the name) will take some time to get used to.

@In2thewildes reads it ‘flog ‘em nastics:-)

However Becca told me that the new web platform really will be a big upgrade. I’m definitely going to check it out. And I’ve started to link to a few of their original posts after boycotting Gymnastike in 2014.

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Correlation is not causation, but … :-)