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the gymternet is thankful

I use gymternet as the generic term, Gymternet for the excellent new website.


From all of us at The Gymternet, we’ve only just celebrated our four month anniversary but our loyal readers make us feel like we’ve been here since the beginning. Thank you for trusting in our coverage, for sharing with friends, for offering to help out with articles and website maintenance, and for everything else you do that makes us stand out.

We started this site with a “for fans, by fans” mission and love bringing you the kind of content only other obsessive fans can produce. …

We are SO THANKFUL for each and every single one of you. You guys make us great. You make all the hard work seem like nothing and we are out of our minds with gratitude for you all.

the Gymternet gives thanks


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hey coach – put the phone away

Tony Retrosi:

When you are in the gym, DON’T BRING YOUR CELL PHONE IN WITH YOU.

I know you “just want to video that skill”.

Don’t just put down your smartphone, put it away. Once it is out of sight, it’s less likely to distract you and shows your gymnasts that they are priority. …

Kids Learn from our examples

I’m with Tony on this one.

Certainly some coaches manage their smart phones well in the gym. But most don’t. Especially the addicts.

That goes for the gymnasts, too, of course.

Jordan Jovtchev phone

media at Worlds

Shout out for the media at 2014 World Championships in Nanning.

Crazy about gymnastics, the keenest got very little sleep.

40min bus ride from Gym to Hotel

40min bus ride from Gym to Hotel

Photographers lug heavy equipment up and down concrete steps all day. Shooting angles were not ideal. I don’t envy them.

Most of the bloggers were paying their own costs, including me. The flight was expensive, of course. But I saved money by staying in a small hostel for about $25 / night / single private room. Air con. Reasonably good wifi. The media hotel was about $80 / night.

Organizers provided media food … though some round eyes preferred to live on McFlurries, instead.

Getting a Chinese visa was a hassle for many. Some were unable to get one. I made 4 trips to the Chinese Embassy paper pushers before actually having the essential stamp in my passport.

Hardest working media in 2014?

LIVE bloggers International Gymnast on Facebook and The All Around on Facebook. It’s nearly impossible to watch Worlds never mind trying to simultaneously record what’s happening.

We missed Blythe Lawrence, the Gymnastics Examiner. She went and got a real job. Working for the FIG. :-)


Our Olympic H Bar champion has a new website.


GymCastic has a cute new look, as well.

impressive Nanning

Media does not get access to the World Championships venue until September 28th, but we’re already anticipating a fantastic competition.

The airport is ultramodern, upgraded 2012.

Nanning Air

Advertising for the competition is everywhere throughout the city. The budget, like this mascot, must be HUGE.

Rick Nanning

October 1st is National Day, celebrating the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949. It’s the start of a week long festival. Flags decorate the streets.

National Day

Facebook, YouTube, Google and Twitter are blocked but my websites are working. I’ll get a VPN unless the media centre provides open internet. I’m assuming they will.

gymternet plagerism? – Gymnastike responds

Check the comments for additional information on whether or not this kind of cut and pasting is illegal. Seems it is.

Gymnastike got back to me with this response:

That article from British Gymnastics is a press release. Below is a screenshot of the email that came to me from British Gymnastics and you will see it’s clearly branded as a press release. We get press releases from media sources every day. They want to get their message out, and encourage us to post it. It is in no way illegal. …

BG press release

Apologies to Gymnastike.

Perhaps this is common practice. I still don’t like it. Some are calling it lazy journalism.

Gymnastike does not often link to other sites. They should not be surprised if that policy is reciprocated.

___ original post:

This site is an aggregator. We link to good content wherever we find it — and try to send interested readers to other websites.

While not perfect, I don’t think there’s any other gymnastics site that tries harder to credit and promote the source of original content. With a lot of traffic, a link from Gymnastics Coaching gives increased PageRank to the sites we link.

On September 15th British Gymnastics put up a great post – 2014 World Championship team announced.

Soon after Gymnastike cut and pasted the entire textBritish Gymnastics Officially Announces Worlds Team.

They changed a few words. With this credit – Release via British Gymnastics. (with no link because they don’t actually want their readers to leave Gymnastike)

Worse, they went through the British Gymnastics replacing the BG links with links to Gymnastike pages. Some BG links were left, so someone at Gymnastike went to the trouble of removing those links.

I checked, not a single link to British Gymnastics remained in the end. It might have been faster to simply write their own story.

This may not be illegal, but it’s certainly unethical. I’ll continue my boycott of Gymnastike and recommend you do the same.

I feel badly for Anne and the other ethical people at Flocasts Gymnastike. But everyone I’ve spoken with feels you should work from within to address the many complaints.

boycott Gymnastike?

Early September 2014 Flocasts, parent company of Gymnastike, put up a very controversial post. They admitted the mistake, but a proper apology was slow in coming.

Gymnastike.org has been, over recent years, charged with plagiarism. Here’s one example.

I find the practice of editing a press release and changing ALL the links lazy at best, unethical at worse.

I don’t trust Flocasts. And will only rarely link to Gymnastike in future until I believe the corporate culture changes for the better.

Flocasts CEO apology

Read the statement from Martin Floreani on Gymnastike. Sept 9th, 2014.

A personal apology to McKayla, her family and fans.

It’s far more credible than that of Joe Battaglia on Sept 3rd.

Gymnastike on wikipedia

The entry, including 2014 McKayla Maroney controversy, has recently been updated.

Feel free to improve the page, if you wish. There could be more detail on content, contributors, etc.

Linked from that page is the Alexa rank of Gymnastike:

330,219 most popular site in the world
93,446 most popular site in the USA

For the first time I checked this site on Alexa, to compare:

715,841 most popular site in the world
185,885 most popular site in the USA

via @theworldgymnast

Joe Battaglia apologizes

Joe Battaglia finally apologized. And Flocasts did finally remove the controversial post, 4-days later.

Better late than never. Thanks Joe. I trust it’s sincere.

If you are wondering what some guy you’ve never heard of is apologizing for, it’s laid out here.

I’ll continue the boycott, for now, waiting on response from USAG.

Best Joe let the Gymnastics experts handle Gymnastike.

McKayla Skinner wins Floor

Will be applying for her Chinese visa soon. :-)

#PanAmGym FX
1. Skinner (USA) 14.750
2. Lopez (VEN) 14.475
3. Ferrera (CUB) 14.400

Click PLAY or watch it on Gymnastike.

This might be her best Moors, yet.

Watch more videos on Gymnastike

As you can see, this site is not boycotting Gymnastike.

I don’t blame Becca from Gymnastike for the stupid post approved by Joe Battaglia from Flocasts.

I’ll be very surprised if Becca’s not mortified over that decision.

Gymnastike’s doing a great job at Pan Ams. THANKS. :-)

… On the other hand, Tsuk the Pain lays out the argument for boycotting Gymnastike altogether.

Gymnastike responds. Finally.

And the response was the wrong one. :-(

If you missed the twitter gymternet blowing up last night, MANY are very upset with Gymnastike for this post, reprinted by Bekah so as not to give Gymnastike any additional page views:

McKayla Maroney Victim of Nude Photo Leak

Bekah is as angry as anyone. Here’s her take on the issue, so far.

Joe Battaglia is an ass, that’s clear.

The leadership at Gymnastike should show him the door.

Don’t blame everyone at Gymnastike for the one A-hole. That would be unethical.

Update. @Region5Insider clarifies that nobody at Gymnastike can override Joe Battaglia. He’s a non-gymnastics overlord from Flocasts responsible for Wrestling, Track and Gymnastics.

Track & Field blogger Chris Chavez @Chris_J_Chavez seems to have actually authored that post. It was then published by Battaglia.

Perhaps Gymnastike should quit Flocasts.

Otherwise, we need people to step up and launch a Gymnastike competitor. Something like sports2visuals.com THWTS.

I’d be happy to contribute.

This site condemns Joe Battaglia’s decision but will not boycott Gymnastike posts by those we respect. For now.

the Gymternet answers

I don’t spend much time on message boards or Tumblr. I see too many simple questions (try Google.com first) and too many repeated questions.

Instead of answering questions one at a time on her Tumblr, Lauren Hopkins plans to collect the most popular questions and answer them on The Gymternet.

Good idea. :-)

Has there been anymore information coming out from Canada about what the heck is going on with Victoria Moors? …

Who do you think USA is going to send to Worlds this year?

How do you think Russia will do compared to the U.S. at Worlds based on how the Russian Cup is going?

At what point do you think kids trying to make the national team should just go back to level 10? A certain age? Progression of skills?

To read the answers to those and more, click over to Gymternet – YOU ASKED, THE GYMTERNET ANSWERED!


The latest Gymnastics Canada post does not even mention Victoria Moors, by the way. Not a good sign. Without Tori, Canada’s team at World’s will not be a lock for Team Finals.