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GymCastic episode 86

GymCastic episode 86: British Championships & Doha World Cup

One of the most entertaining to date.

Emma Bailey @MoominWhisky was a treat as special guest.

Speculating on England’s Commonwealth and European Championships teams, consensus was that Louis Smith will make Commonwealth’s, but not Europeans.

Listen to the audiocast.

 British all-around Champions, Rebecca Tunney and Max Whitlock. Why is his cup so much bigger than hers?!

British all-around Champions, Rebecca Tunney and Max Whitlock. Why is his cup so much bigger than hers?!

new FIG web site

Looks good.

FIG site


Normally I’m not a fan of “sliders”, top posts sliding across the page unbidden.

But they’ve done a good job implementing them.

Here’s the official launch announcement:

The designers have opted for simplification and clarification, and they invite us to discover not only a public website, but also the database and administrative tools of an international sports federation. …

Welcome to the FIG’s new virtual world

Swing Big blog

Happy 1st anniversary to Zari Goldmann. Swing Big is a superb resource for WAG coaches.

Zari has been involved with the sport for 18 years, and started Swing Big! as a resource for gyms and gymnastics coaches who want to learn how to take their gymnasts training to the next level.

zari@swingbig.org | Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest

Swing Big

new WOGymnastikA links

Gigi Khazback Farid must track more web pages than anyone else on the Gymternet.

I especially appreciate when she links to Tumblr .gifs like this one from Fran gymnastics fan. tumblr_my6zormjyA1recceco4_r1_250

Ksenia Afanasyeva Doing One Handed Onodi

There has been confusion differentiating Gymnastike.org and WOGymnastike, however. Two entirely different sites.

Gigi has new links that Alleviates that confusion:


WOGymnastika on Facebook

WOGymnastika blog

You need to subscribe/follow those to continue getting her stuff.

new FIG website

The International Gymnastics Federation is testing a new website at this page – fedintgym.com/site

FIG new website

Looks to me like a big improvement.

If you use Feedly, Flipboard or any other RSS reader, follow updates on that new page here — fedintgym.com/site/rss.xml

Gymternet – best of 2013

by site editor Rick McCharles

Gymnastics Coaching is an aggregator. We try to link to the best of the best published online in English. The most interesting ideas, photos and videos.

NEW ideas, in particular.

Artistic Gymnastics, especially WAG, dominates the Gymternet over all other acrobatic disciplines. That’s OK — I guess — since we want every child to start with Artistic & Trampoline before specializing. :)

I’ve blocked recommendations into 3 categories:

INDEPENDENT SITES (blogs, coaches, etc.)
OFFICIAL SITES (magazines, organizations, FIG, NOCs, etc.)

Artistic Gymnastics is the Foundation.


smileThe very best have not changed much since a year ago:

Brigid McCarthy (Australia) and friends – The Couch Gymnast | Facebook | @TheCouchGymnast

Blythe Lawrence (USA) – Gymnastics Examiner | Facebook | @GymExaminer

Albert Minguillón i Colomer, Nora Schuler & Elizabeth Long (Europe) – THE ALL AROUND | Facebook | @THEALLAROUND

Katie (Ireland) – Full Twist | Facebook | @full_twist

• Beautiful Gymnastics had some fantastic posts in 2013.

Every WAG coach should be following Swing Big closely. Since March 2013, Zari has been methodically posting practical drills. The best of what’s out there. I love this new site.

• Triple Twist Gym Blog | Facebook | @tripletwistgym

Tony Retrosi’s Gym MomentumGym Momentum | Facebook | @gym_momentum

Gigi Khazback-FaridWOGymnastikA (new URL late 2013) posts more often than anyone else. Often highlights from Tumblr. Make sure you’ve updated her new social media feeds.

Unorthodox Gymnastics

Gymnast 391


Double Double

GymFever on Facebook is one of my best sources. But I don’t link as it’s Private (460 members).

Other must reads not focused on WAG:

Trampoline Pundit

T&T Coaches Canada on Facebook is a terrific T&T source, too. Invitation only.

Uncle Tim Talks Men’s Gym

Ron NoeStick It Media (MAG) | @StickItMedia


GYMMIN’ MIEL! (all disciplines)

Those sites post prolifically. Each is quite unique. Please subscribe, follow and/or like those as well as others listed here that don’t post quite so often. (A much longer list of sites we follow is listed in the right hand navigation of every page on this site.)

The only site with more content for coaches than this one is GymnasticsZone, a terrific resource. Original content.

John GeddertThe Gymnastics Coach | Facebook | @JohnGGeddert

Ask Al Fong is another superb site for technique.

I’m collaborating with Sara Gill, a coach / consultant for those looking for NCAA scholarships. Her site is GymDynasty.

I follow the NCAA mostly on these sites:

Balance Beam Situation

College Gym Fans

Manual on Handstands

The following sites publish less frequently, but I never miss a post:

Beam Dreams

• Andy ThorntonAmerican Gymnast | Facebook | @americangymnast (company tweets)

handstandKristal Sergent BouldenDouble Front | Facebook | @Double_Front | Tumblr


• the always thoughtful Gymnast Crossing

Confessions of a Gym Fan

Bronwyn & Clara Stoi!

JAO Coaching Gymnastics in the New Millenium

• Tsuk the Pain | @TsukthePain | Tumblr

• Between the Olympics | @BTOgymblog

• E Panel | @TheEpanel

Valentin Uzunov’s The Gym Press | @thegympress.

The best site for recreational gymnastics is another I edit, RecGymnastics.com. We’re looking for contributors.

Sites dedicated to geographic regions:

GymMedia (English & German)
turn-news (German)

• Cris – Gymfever
• Alina – Tare! magazine
• Mihai – FanGymnastics (Romanian)
• Bea – Gymnastics No Ceiling | Facebook
• Carmen – Romanian Gymnastics Fans on Facebook

Blossom, Chinese Gymnastics Flowers
• Chinese Gymnastics Blog

• Rewriting Russian Gymnastics

Australian Gymnastics Blog

GymPower (Dutch)

Gimnasia Latina (Spanish American)

Revista Magnesia | Facebook | @revistamagnesia (Mexico)

Doble en Plancha (Spain)

Tsukahara Tucked (Argentina)

Gymnastikfabriken (Sweden)

GimSpor.pl (Poland)

Gymania (Hebrew)

gymnet.org (French)

Gym-Nast-iique (French)

Gym Blog Brazil (Portuguese)

• Jenn Isbister’s Gymn.ca (Canada) … perhaps the original dedicated National site

Couch Gymnast graphic

The Chrome browser offers automatic Google language Translate, one of the main reasons I use it.


I link a lot to IG. Dwight Normile, Amanda Turner, John Crumlish & team – International Gymnast magazine online News | Facebook@intlgymnast

Last year and again this year I was astonished at the quality of communications out of USA Gymnastics and FIG. Those organizations have media people equal the best bloggers. In the past information from both was whitewashed — no bad news. But both have gotten increasingly open, over time.

• USAG Headlines | Facebook | @USAGym

• FIG News | Facebook | @officialfig

Great Britain did a terrific job too in 2013. Other nations, … not so much. I’m looking at you Canada. :)

I’ve long criticized Inside Gymnastics magazine. But the IG2 posts were better this year, I thought. Especially during LIVE events. And especially on Facebook.

Inside Gymnastics News | Facebook | @InsideGym


Anne Phillips and team are the leaders in VIDEO:

• Gymnastike | @gymnastike

I link only to their free pages, not their Premium content (though I’m told it’s good).

In 2013 Sports2Visuals.com began posting high quality gymnast documentaries in Dutch and English. Everyone knows their The Hard Way To Success videos. (9 episodes & a summary launched only 8 months ago)

But Sports2Visuals.com is doing much more. For example they created videos for the 2013 World Championships Organizing Committee. See ALL their videos on their sports2visuals videos page. Or subscribe to their YouTube channel.

The Gymneo WAG coaching video tutorials (in French) are superb. But cost 259€ / year. ($352) They do post free teasers on their Facebook page.

The best thing that ever happened for gymnastics coaches is YouTube. Thank Google for buying that company and letting us share with the world for free. In 2011 I still link to YouTube over Vimeo and others as YouTube streams quickest over a weak WiFi signal. The worst place to post your videos is Facebook — link to a YouTube video in Facebook, instead.

Some of my favourites this past year:

Arabian Punch Front links to the best montage videos. And more.

• American Gymnast Gymnastics on Demand videos on the JoeLangley YouTube channel (1150+ coaching tutorials)

British Gymnastics TV

JAO Videos on YouTube

• Sargis Siradegyan’s sKT YouTube channel (MAG)

• Coach Sommers – Gymnastic Bodies videos (the #1 MAG strength guru)

Nick Blanton on YouTube

Nick’s recently relocated to Canada. And started up Blanton’s Gymnastics Consultancy. Recommended.

• Tony Retrosi – Gym Momentum YouTube Channel

• Mary Lee Tracy – USAmlt YouTube Channel

• John Geddert – GymnasticsCoachUSA YouTube channel and DVDs $.

Gymnastics Minute YouTube channel. And GymSmarts for DVDs $.

RedNasvw YouTube channel, especially his MAG Code of Points videos

There were fewer gymnastics montages in 2013, me thinks. I link most to AshleyakaFlipper and CSaccullo.

For AUDIO there’s only one superb site. GymCastic. … That’s Spanny, Dvora of Unorthodox Gymnastics, Uncle Tim, Blythe Lawrence and moderator Jessica O’Beirne of Masters Gymnastics.

For PHOTOS, Inside Gymnastics has the photographer I link to most. That’s the terrific Grace Chiu. She uses Facebook perfectly, posting a few of her best shots in order to promote sales from GraceClick.ca.

_____ …

Did I MISS one of your favourite sites? … or links to their content?

I’m reluctant (yet) to start listing too many Tumblr sites or Twitter feeds. Those can be as messy as Facebook. Too much crap interspersed with good content.

But … leave a comment and I’ll update this list in a week or so. I could name many more.


Gymternet – best of 2012
Gymternet – best of 2011
Gymternet – best of 2010

Lastly, a big THANKS and HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone who emailed of messaged me with links in 2013. :-)

Iceland Gymnastics blog

GummiIceland coach Guðmundur (Gummi) Brynjólfsson has an excellent English language blog at …


He just posted a shout out on how the FIG Academy 3 program helped him as a coach. Helped Iceland develop as an international Team.

Seemingly the busiest coach at Worlds 2013, he lists these highlights:

5. British girls on bars.

4. Vanessa Ferrari back on the podium.

3. Mustafina.

2. American women on vault.

… The block these girls get from the table seems impossible. In the warm up gym it was fun to see the other coaches trying to get pointers and ideas listening in on Akopian coaching Maroney. …

1. Men’s all around.

Five Favorite Antwerp moments

Check that site: GUMnastics.blogspot.com

hateful online comments

by site editor Rick McCharles

Perfectly normal people in real life sometimes post nasty comments online. Become trolls.


I have no idea.

The worst site was YouTube. It took until Sept 2013 for Google to finally down rate the “poisonous vitriol”.

On Gymnastics Coaching comments have always been hidden from the default view. I spend time moderating those comments. Deleting SPAM comments.

On the other hand, I rarely ban anyone from making (civil) contrary statements.

TKO is still commenting, for example.

By contrast, Brigid McCarthy encourages discussion on her site:

… I love writing about this sport. I love collaborating with lots of people to produce news, stories, features, analysis of gymnastics. I also love the back-and-forth between writers and readers that goes on in the comments. Those conversations/debates/feedback sessions can be fun and handy as so many people are expert and opinionated in all areas of this sport.

I don’t even mind the arguments when people manage to keep it nice and keep it on the topic. I mean, it’s a subjective sport. Sometimes ya just gotta duke it out. And a lot of people seem to know how to do that in a meaningful, non-combative, fun way. …

She recommends some guidelines for online commenting:

1. Think before you speak.

2. Don’t be nasty when you can be constructive.

3. Don’t be narrow minded.

4. Don’t cast big judgements based on little knowledge.

5. Always remember that these people that you sit back, watch and talk about are working their guts out every single day to do what they do. They are also teenagers. And people. With feelings.

6. And most of all, REMEMBER THE LOVE that brought you here.

see the rest on … The Couch Gymnast’s Handy Guide to Commenting

The best place for “discussion” is on forums. They are set up for exactly that.


• Bills Sands on Online haters

• Spanny – i’m so sorry. i fully understand if you want to beat me up. just avoid my nose.

Brigid McCarthy interview

Gigi Khazback Farid posted a terrific 2-part interview with the wonderful Brigid McCarthy, founder of Couch Gymnast.

Gigi: Tell us about yourself

Brigid: I live in Australia, I am in my mid-thirties and I work in a couple of universities. I am a lecturer in media and communications and in sports media. I love teaching, but I also love my research work. I just finished my PhD on sports journalism and blogging.

Gigi: How did you come up with the blog’s name (The Couch Gymnast)?

Brigid: It was just silly- a play on the idea of the armchair sports fan/expert, as I was never a serious gymnast, but also the fact that every would-be gymnast seemed to be put in classes because they wouldn’t stop flipping off the couch!

Behind The Scenes Of Gymnastics Blogging: Brigid McCarthy, TCG Creator And Editor – PART 1

Gigi: If you had the chance to design a new CoP for gymnastics, what would you do?

Brigid: Fix how artistry and dance elements are awarded. That I know for sure. But then when I ask myself ‘how?’, within five minutes of thinking it out I feel compelled to put my head down on the desk and shut my eyes and moan ‘too hard’.




Masters Gymnastics Survey

You are invited to participate in a research study of participation motivations and online media usage of masters gymnastics participants (Adult gymnasts). The study is being conducted by Andrea N. Eagleman, Ph.D., a Senior Lecturer in the School of Sport and Exercise at Massey University in New Zealand. …


It takes about 15min to complete.

(via Rec Gymnastics)

Carlotta Ferlito’s stupid remarks

… Asked about Biles’ success, Ferlito replied, “I told Vanny (teammate Vanessa Ferrari) that next time we should also paint our skin black, so then we could win too.”

Ferrari was sixth and Ferlito 11th in the all-around. …


If you follow Carlotta’s twitter feed, you know she’s outspoken and controversial on many topics.

I don’t believe she’s any kind of racist, but rather young (age-18), brash and inconsiderate.

Her participation in the reality TV series Ginnaste – Vite Parallele on MTV Italy probably hasn’t helped.

Hopefully she’ll learn from this humiliating bad joke.

She’s been apologizing on twitter. I’m not sure that’s going to be enough. The story has hit the mainstream media all over the world.

I actually feel worse about this guy, David Ciaralli, supposedly a responsible adult speaking on behalf of the Federation:

In a Facebook comment posted under the name “Italian Gymnastics Federation,” which links to the federation’s Facebook page, federation spokesperson David Ciaralli (first) defended Ferlito …

… “Carlotta was referring to a trend in gymnastics at this moment, which is going towards a technique that opens up new chances to athletes of color (well-known for power)” while penalizing the more artistic Eastern European style that allowed Russians and Romanians to dominate the sport for years. …

Those quotes come from a Chicago Tribune article – Italian gymnast, federation spokesman apologize for racial remarks

“USA Gymnastics is disappointed by the recent comments made by Carlotta Ferlito and apparently by the Italian Gymnastics Federation,” Penny said in a statement. “Gymnastics is a global and inclusive sport with talented athletes, and there is no place for racial insensitivity. We are contacting the Italian federation for clarification on its comments.


UPDATE. Full Twist has been following this story. Italy has responded officially, in Italian.

related – Arabian Punch Front is sad that Carlotta blurted out such an inappropriate joke.

(via GymCastic)


Twitter really is the best way to follow a LIVE event. If you have the right hash tag.

Happy Birthday GymCastic

Episode 50, the Worlds preview, also celebrates 1yr since the launch of the GymCastic audiocast.


Listen to episodes on GymCastic.com.

Or subscribe via iTunes.

The founder of GymCastic is Jessica O’Beirne of Masters Gymnastics.

Uncle Tim takes care of their social media.

Blythe Lawrence of Gymnastics Examiner is a voice you can trust.

Spanny Tampson was out for part of the year, birthing a future gymnast. But she’s back now.

Dvora Meyers of Unorthodox Gymnastics is a frequent contributor, too.

Congratulations. And all the BEST in year two.

Who’s going to start the NEXT Gymnastics podcast? :-)