Vault Gold – Fragapane or Black?

Online, many felt that Ellie Black should have won Vault over local star, Claudia Fragapane.

Watching LIVE in real time, I had thought the ranking was OK.

But I went back to check.

Claudia had higher start values. (0.5 over 2 vaults) Ellie was much cleaner.

The judges seemed to be crediting just about anything as layout. Chant and Fragapane both were credited layout. I assume Dipa’s bizarre Kasamatsu was also credited layout.

1. FRAGAPANE 14.766 (14.500 & 14.633)
2. BLACK 14.433 (14.433 & 14.433)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Ellie starts here. Claudia starts here.

OK. I’m convinced.

Ellie Black should have been the Commonwealth Vault Champion. Claudia should have had more than 0.5 execution deduction compared with Ellie over the two vaults. The judges got it wrong.

Somebody call Nellie. :-(

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6 thoughts on “Vault Gold – Fragapane or Black?”

  1. Wow I don’t really understand the judges. Most times, good form and a good landing is not rewarded at all. There were a few nice vaults in this final, but the e-score never really varied… What is happening?

  2. I would also have been more comfortable with Ellie taking this one BUT the result is hardly the most egregious we have seen and totally consistent with how vault has been judged for the past few years. It seems that if you block in a layout shape, you pretty much always get the benefit of the doubt. Steingruber, Chusovitina and many others have been treated the same way.

    Also, there is *never* enough variance between E scores on vault. This is especially clear when you compare a beautiful FTY with a scrappy double or Amanar. Those with harder vaults always seem to get an E score bump too. And again, to be fair, Frag’s DTY is far from being the worst we have seen, technique-wise (or form-wise) for that matter. Love, Iordache, Mustafina etc etc

  3. I belive the Judges could not downgrade FRAGAPANE´s Vault after giving 5,4 D-score to Megan Chant´s first vault. Both should have been devalued to piked but after letting Megan´s vault slip by which was never straight it was impossible to devalue Claudias

  4. I don’t think it’s only a question of layout position; it’s a question of direction, complete twist and stuck landing and Frangapane did not do well on any of those.

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