van Gelder, Chen Yibing, Zanetti

The Lords of the Rings video has been updated with 3 more legends, two of them still competing. The NEW section starts at 4min 35sec.

4:35 Yuri van Gelder – the most beloved ring strength man over the internet. He brought new strength standards in the discipline of still rings and a big controversy after being caught with coke. Maybe worked towards his popularity :)

6:51 Chen Yibing – the man with the smoothest transitions and a learning book type performances. His signature routine with high diversity of elements, executes in smoothest flow, brought him dozens of gold medals in the discipline of still rings.

8:52 Arthur Zanetti – the one who changed the meaning of “clean execution”. It is just e great experience editing his videos and seeing the hold time of his strength elements to hit 3 seconds each time. Maybe in the Brazilian translation of the Code of Points they changed “2s” with “3s” and so long does he freezes every time like having a Swiss stopwatch in his ears.

I’d rank Chen Yibing the best all-time. For his era.

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