USA Worlds Team

Andy Thornton is back.

Here’s his projected 6-member Worlds Team:

Simone Biles
Kyla Ross
Rachel Gowey
Madison Kocian
MyKayla Skinner
Brenna Dowell

Maggie Nichols
Amelia Hundley

American Gymnast

Good call. But Marta values consistency above all. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had Kyla Ross at the top of her Team list. Kyla is money in the bank. Every time.


MyKayla and Brenna at the Secret looked like gymnasts Marta might move to the alternate positions. USA could win with almost any Team line up. But they could beat themselves if they had a disaster like Brenna’s Bars or MyKayla Floor in the 3-up, 3-count Team Final.

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  1. I don’t completely agree with that team list. Brenna hasn’t shown a lot of consistency lately, especially with that bar routine she competed at the classic. Execution wise, Brenna and Maggie are about the same, but Maggie can definitely hit her routines when it counts.

    As for MyKayla, I think it will be good for her to have more international experience if the US hopes to use her for her two strongest events, but she is going to get absolutely hammered by the judges for her poor execution. I would have replaced her with Lexie if she was healthy. It’s a shame, really. It’ll be interesting to see how the US does not because they have any chance of losing the gold, but because there are 6 people on team instead of 3 like last year.

  2. I don’t know, if Locklear competes at Nationals like she did at Classics I think she will be on the team. She is top on bars and has a pretty beam routine that is prelim worthy. That might be more valuable than an Amanar and inconsistent bar routine from Dowell, which is unfortunate because I really wanted to see her on the team after last year’s incident. Plus I want her to get the piked double front named after her. The same could be said for Skinner if she has another bad competiton.

  3. Maggie Nichols is not one of my favorites, but the fact that Marta has mentioned her in an interview already shows that Marta likes her. She’s usable on any event and can generally hit although her gymnastics isn’t the prettiest. We all know how Marta loves consistency and versatility.

    I’d say she has a pretty good chance of making the team if she has a good nationals and does well at camp even if she’s not at the top of every event.

  4. I think I’d prefer Maggie Nichols over MyKayla Skinner. Maggie has been more consistent and although her form isn’t perfect, I think it’s much better than MyKayla. Plus I can’t stand to see her continue to be rewarded for that vault, which should get a 0 for only blocking off of one arm.

    However, I’m not sure I like Brenna that much either. Her bars routine is very impressive, but not so consistent.

    Is it 6 on the team 5 up 4 count in prelims, and 4 up 4 count in finals at worlds?

    And as mentioned above, I’m interested to see how Ashton Locklear does at nationals. And did we all forget about Peyton Ernst? Hopefully she’ll be back for nationals! She’s another solid AA contributor.

  5. Agree with above poster…that team after the first three does not excite me that much….Nichols is the perfect lead off gymnast and poss floor sub if Skinner is missing in podium for instance, I think Skinner will get it together in time to make the world team and for the 6th spot…its the bars spot..which goes to Kocian. Locklear and Kocian share the same she would be alt #1. Dowell deserves her spot, but she is really not needed now that Gowey has emerged.

  6. As far as I know worlds is 6-4-3 in QF, 6-3-3 in TF, like the Olympics were in 2008.

    Skinner was actually judged pretty leniently in Jesolo, so I don’t think she’s necessarily going to get ‘slammed’ by international judges – everyone said the same thing about Aly and it didn’t happen (except it did with Jordyn in the end …).

  7. Also, thinking about it, if Brenna’s still hitting her Amanar then she’s almost worth taking for that alone: remember that vault typically gets higher E-Scores than other events so she’s likely to score better with a 6.3 VT than, say, Locklear’s 6.5 bars. Also remember that VT carries a much lower risk than the other events – you can only fall once! If you have a choice of high-difficulty routines across the board, it’s smart to invest your difficulty in VT where there’s less risk and higher return.

  8. My predictions is Biles (AA), Ross (AA), Skinner (VT, FX), Koican (UB,BB), Gowey (VT, BB) and Nichols (UB,FX).

    Looking back at 2010 and 2011 the format for qualifications is 6-5-4 and finals is 6-3-3.

    If it is 5 per event in qualifications Nichols or Kocian could vault, Gowey would do bars, Nichols beam and Koicanor Gowey Floor.

  9. my predictions is:


  10. i predict BILES, ROSS and GOWEY in AA positions during World prelims… likely Nichols, Kocian and Dowell brought as the support players. Skinner is too much of a Liability.

  11. Christian – the VT lineup would be the same SV – Biles 6.5, Gowey 6.5, Skinner 6.3 though re: Dowell…I know Gowey missed at Classics, but if she is hitting that vt consistently through Nationals and camps, it may not matter.

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