USA Worlds Team

Andy Thornton is back.

Here’s his projected 6-member Worlds Team:

Simone Biles
Kyla Ross
Rachel Gowey
Madison Kocian
MyKayla Skinner
Brenna Dowell

Maggie Nichols
Amelia Hundley

American Gymnast

Good call. But Marta values consistency above all. I wouldn’t be surprised if she had Kyla Ross at the top of her Team list. Kyla is money in the bank. Every time.


MyKayla and Brenna at the Secret looked like gymnasts Marta might move to the alternate positions. USA could win with almost any Team line up. But they could beat themselves if they had a disaster like Brenna’s Bars or MyKayla Floor in the 3-up, 3-count Team Final.

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