Simone Biles – Beam

2014 P&G Championships – Sr. Women Day 1
15.700 (6.5, 9.200)

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9.20 does seem a wee bit high to me. Still, she’s the rock star of the meet. I hope she makes Beam Finals at Worlds. :-)

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5 thoughts on “Simone Biles – Beam”

  1. Yeah, it looks like they only took .3 for her flight series wobble. I would’ve taken .5 and given her a 9.0 in execution. Not sure she fully connected her split leap/split/half/back pike combo either, so maybe they gave her an extra .1 in difficulty.

    But then again, in London Komova was about as fluent on her front aerial/back tuck/sheep jump, but the judges gave her credit in all rounds. Maybe they’re lightening up a bit on making the connections.

  2. I agree with you Afri in no way was this at lord ache or ishies level at 15.6 to 15.9 Ross bb was better on day one and was at a 15.2 biles probably get overscored again today I’m not saying she won’t win but let’s keep it real with realistic scores this is what makes me not want to watch American gymnastics. When people were crying foul about aly raismon and wieber it was okay but anybody says anything about biles it’s not okay plus I’ll put wiebers and raismons dif over biles anyday

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