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Interesting discussion on the private GymFever2012 Facebook group as to whether Mykayla Skinner was deducted enough for her 1st Vault day 1 at the P&G Championships 2014.

Score: 15.350 (6.4, 8.950)

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Though she doesn’t have equal weight on both hands, nor is the half twist finished, I’d argue this vault is OK.

Skinner Vault 1 day 1 2014 P&G

IF you severely deduct that hand position, what are you going to do with all the Kasumatsu vaults? The first hand pushes, the 2nd hand blocks.

Ellie Black - Kasamatsu
Ellie Black – Kasamatsu

Though Mykayla is inconsistent, and Marta hates inconsistency more than Ebola, I feel Mykayla has a good chance to be selected for Worlds. She’s a medal contender on 2 apparatus.

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