Mykayla Skinner – Cheng

Interesting discussion on the private GymFever2012 Facebook group as to whether Mykayla Skinner was deducted enough for her 1st Vault day 1 at the P&G Championships 2014.

Score: 15.350 (6.4, 8.950)

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Though she doesn’t have equal weight on both hands, nor is the half twist finished, I’d argue this vault is OK.

Skinner Vault 1 day 1 2014 P&G

IF you severely deduct that hand position, what are you going to do with all the Kasumatsu vaults? The first hand pushes, the 2nd hand blocks.

Ellie Black - Kasamatsu
Ellie Black – Kasamatsu

Though Mykayla is inconsistent, and Marta hates inconsistency more than Ebola, I feel Mykayla has a good chance to be selected for Worlds. She’s a medal contender on 2 apparatus.

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5 thoughts on “Mykayla Skinner – Cheng”

  1. Skinner’s gymnastics really knows how to bring outrage and divide fans lol. I don’t get so worked up over her, though I have to admit I wish she and her coaches would concentrate more on fixing the rough bits of her gymnastics rather than trying to throw big skills left and right. However, I think she’s going to have a big wake up call once she starts NCAA and realizes her style won’t fly.

  2. Her Cheng still looks wayy too much like a Scherbo vault….she really needs to fix that “almost” one arm action she’s got going on, in addition to finishing the half before twisting.

  3. I agree, Nico. She’s going to get destroyed in college if she doesn’t get her form up to snuff. And I don’t think that Martha would put her on an Olympic team with her form the way it is now, even with outrageous difficulty. I do think she’s got a good shot at the World’s team this year with all the others injured right now, though.

  4. Ha ha come on guys. The untrained human eye is good to about 30 FPS. They Judge college gymnastics with one eye closed so 15 FPS. High level sports happens at double that rate so they are only seeing 1/4 of the skill!

  5. Well, I don’t think she’ll be throwing a Cheng in college, but have we ever seen her throw any JO level skills? She does really difficult gymnastics that won’t be necessary in NCAA. They’ll want her to perform cleanly executed level 10 gymnastics, and even her 2.5 on floor isn’t great form. I hope she does well in NCAA, but it will take some work.

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