Locklear, Downie, Jinnan

According to the latest update from The All Around, here are the highest BAR scores of the year:

1. Ashton Locklear (USA) 15,600 US Classic (0.1 stick bonus)
2. Rebecca Downie (GBR) 15,500 Europeans EF
3. Yao Jinnan (CHN) 15,500 China Ch AA
4. Larrissa Miller (AUS) 15,475 AUS Ch Day 2
5. Rebecca Tunney (GBR) 15,400 British Ch EF
6. Shang Chunsong (CHN) 15,400 China Ch AA

Ashton is great, but not in the same league as Aliya or these other 5 routines if compared by the same judging panel. The Classics judges got a little too excited.

Still, Marta needs consistent and high scoring Bar routines. Ashton’s got a chance to be selected for Worlds 2014 if consistent enough.

Long term, stoop Stalder elements need to be devalued by FIG. Or the gymnasts deducted correctly 0.1 for flexed feet.

Click PLAY or watch Yao Jinnan on YouTube. D7.0 + E8.434 = 15.634 (+0.2 bonus) … or was the final score actually 15,500?

Click PLAY or watch Rebecca Downie on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch Ashton on YouTube.

6.6 + 9.1 + 0.1 bonus = 15.60

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4 thoughts on “Locklear, Downie, Jinnan”

  1. Aston and downie two best routines of the year by far. Aly might be better but nastia luken. For me the best ub of all time . These two much better than the Chinese this yr. if Aston keep consistent and clean she can win the ub at worlds if she makes the team. And aly many times was overscored too not just the American meets lets keep it real

  2. Rick, you keep saying Ashton is over scored, but I’ve tried to score her routine 3 times and it’s the same. Can you give me her deductions from your view since you think she’s so over scored?

    1. I already did. In the first post.

      The REAL FIG judging goes like this:

      Many are questioning that 9.1 Execution score. Ashton is beautiful. But 9.1 in 2014 means a perfect routine with virtually no obvious errors. We can see many 0.1 deductions. I’d say an 8.4 E-score is what she’d get internationally.

      The overshoot split is either 0.1 or 0.3. The late pirouette before dismount is more likely 0.1 than 0.3. Add the conspicuous 0.1 deductions, that’s about 0.7.

      You are judging as the Code reads. Unfortunately FIG judges do not judge the Code.

      The other big problem is that Ashton’s true difficulty is less than the other top 6 in the World. Not her start score, her true difficulty. When directly compared the judges will rank her lower.

      I hope I’m wrong. I’ll apologies to you and Tdog if Ashton finishes ahead of the Chinese and Russians.

  3. I got 1.2 in deductions but if you take .3 for the split on the overshoot then it would be 1.4 in deductions. She along with Kocian are definitely the best on bars and will really prove that bars is no longer America’s real weakness, that is if they both make the team which I think they should. I don’t think that either of them could medal in EF but top 5 is definitely possible. Both of them have for sure passed Ross even if she gets her 2013 difficulty back so I think we will see these two in event finals.

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