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Larry Cruz proposes to make a movie promoting men’s gymnastics, motivated by the need to SAVE Men’s NCAA Gymnastics.

His fundraising goal is $500,000.


The story of ten gymnast ranging from intermediate to collegiate levels give all they have physically and mentally to stand on top of the podium every competition.

We are saving the dreams of our gymnastic kids, while saving men’s gymnastics in the NCAA.

Details via that link.

Great cause. Personally I feel the budget is too high. And Larry’s promo video does not fill me with confidence that he’s the right guy to put together an inspirational movie.

(via Gymnast Crossing)

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3 thoughts on “indiegogo – Men’s Gymnastics movie”

  1. I can’t argue with the sentiment or the cause, just the timing.

    At this point it’s like making a movie to save Ebola victims.

    The NCAA just passed new governance rules which will allow some schools to spend more money on certain athletes, namely football, men’s basketball, and whatever proportion of female athletes need to get it to comply with Title lX.

    That will start very soon. Don’t think there is time for a movie, if you know what I’m sayin’.

    Unless we can get Kim Kardashian to make another one of hers and donate all the profits to the men’s NCAA.

  2. Ono has HIT on the arguably one tactic that might work……”Kardashian involvement….”….brilliant….
    (Ono, thanks for the laugh!!!)

    re: 500K for a movie to “promote” sponsorship for NCAA men’s gym?

    cause and effect? let’s ask ourselves (for example) how many men’s teams have been added to the NCAA since, say….1972?
    why is this?
    can (and if so how) might this be changed?
    a half-million dollar movie? i must admit, that (and the Kimmie suggestion above) are new ones for me….

  3. The Kartrashians and the NCAA have plenty of money, they just don’t want to spend it on men’s gymnastics.

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