Christy Ann Linder – Jr Secret photos

There are many, many talented American Juniors. You know some of them, but not all, will end up excellent Seniors. Much will depend on how each handles their own growth and development. Some of these kids will weight twice as much by the time they are age-15.

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5 thoughts on “Christy Ann Linder – Jr Secret photos”

  1. Im sorry but what does how much a gymnast weighs have to do with these beautiful photos. I highly doubt a jr gymnast will weigh twice as much when they are 15 and still be a sr gymnast.

    1. Some of those girls are 60 pounds as Juniors. They could be 120 pounds at age-15 when they finish growing. Many Seniors are 5ft 2in and about 120 pounds. Bones and muscle are heavy.

  2. Sam, he’s not having a go at the girls – he’s making a totally honest statement about gymnasts and gymnastics. I’ve had wonderful little juniors in my teams over the past 15 years who I’d hoped would progress to the senior ranks but have, through no fault of their own (or anyone’s!), not been able to carry forward that success into their mid-late teens because of their growth.

  3. The thing is, some who grow to full adult height/weight still do very well and some don’t. It makes it harder, but not impossible to do very well in elite gymnastics. It would be nice to know how some manage to handle it and thrive anyway and some don’t. I think good technique and conditioning is huge.

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