Biles, Ross, Baumann, Skinner, Kocian, Locklear

Andy Thornton’s projected Women’s Worlds Team:

Simone Biles
Kyla Ross
Alyssa Baumann
MyKayla Skinner
Madison Kocian
Ashton Locklear

Maggie Nichols
Brenna Dowell

Here would be a possible team finals lineup with this team:

Baumman or Ross



Baumann or Ross

I know I may get some backlash for not putting Maggie Nichols on this team, so I wanted to explain why. I’ll say first that in a fair world, she WOULD be on this team. I think she totally earned it. She has hit every single routine at both the Secret U.S. Classic and the P&G Championships, placed 3rd in the all-around at both competitions, and has improved her all-around totals with each one (57.6, 58.65, 59.25). She is a rock solid competitor, could be put up on any of the four events, and would likely hit under pressure. But her greatest strength is as a very solid all-arounder. …

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top 3 AA

Andy is very astute. But Marta loves consistency. I could see her finding a way to put Maggie on the competition Floor if anyone is slightly injured or inconsistent in training. :-)

The only team that can defeat USA in Team … is USA.

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13 thoughts on “Biles, Ross, Baumann, Skinner, Kocian, Locklear”

  1. great team but i do feel like marta may swap baumann for nichols just for having a solid start in the qualifications rounds. i do not feel, however, that nichols has that something extra that someone like an aly raisman did in the last quad (aly was super consistent but had standout floor and then beam) so that may factor in & she may indeed choose baumann or dowell over nichols. marta would never choose baumann over ross for vault in team finals unless ross was injured. i agree with all other selects and super excited to see how locklear performs at pan ams. v disappointed in dowell and hope she is healthy enough to fight the good fight for a spot on the team. cant even imagine if she was named an alternate again!

  2. I agree with this projection. As much as I like Maggie Nichols, she doesn’t put up enough 15s and under the 3-up/3-count team final system, it’s not about all-arounders. This is why the Chinese men are able to dominate without many all-arounders. With Biles, Ross, Kocian, Baumann, Skinner and Locklear, we can put up 15s almost everywhere, something that no other country can even fathom doing at this point in the quadrennium.

    Barring injury, Biles and Ross are going to be the two Americans who make the all-around regardless with the 2-per-country rule, and they’re both incredibly likely to medal in the all-around. Adding another all-arounder makes less sense both from a team final perspective and also from the perspective of winning medals in event finals. This team projection could set the US up to win multiple medals in EVERY event final, and Marta cares about seeing that American flag all over the medals table.

  3. Even though at US championship everyone was overscored, the overscoring was be more evident with Skinner’s routines. She throws a lot of diffciulty but the exceution is bad. For starters her “layout” double double could easily be de-valued to tuck or pike. She’s awwful on UB and BB. Her vault is rotated correctly but has no height no distance no form. If she is included in the team she could be a HUGE liability.

  4. I agree. I don’t see Maggie as a lock for this team, but I think the final team will depend on how Baumann and Kocian look at camp. I think if either of them aren’t able to compete on all 4 events in qualification, Maggie will replace them. Martha is going to be looking at medal possibilities and Maggie doesn’t have the individual medal capabilities as the others do. I think she would be great on the world cup circuit, like Ebee was, as a solid AAer.

  5. Isn’t Baumann out with an elbow hyperextension injury? Is that something that is likely to be rested/healed by the time Worlds rolls around?

    Re Skinner: Is anyone else concerned that she’s going to get some serious deductions for her form on floor, and for her one-handed Cheng vault (if she’s still doing it that way)? I can’t imagine the international judges taking kindly to that sort of thing, and I have read that the Cheng could be seriously deducted or even completely discounted if she does it one-handed. I don’t know, I think it’s kind of a risk putting her on the team.

    I feel badly for Maggie Nichols if she doesn’t get to compete at Worlds. I really feel that she’s earned it. But I understand that they are looking for the highest possible scores on individual events and Maggie is more of an all-arounder. Will be interested to see what happens – I’m kind of hoping Maggie gets to compete.

  6. It would be cool for Skinner to get a Worlds and the USA to have a chance to show off someone who is essentially a big tricks floor specialist. I think gym fans would enjoy seeing the DTDLO. Heck, it would give the Nastia loverz something to get all catty about! 😉

  7. I wouldn’t count Dowell out either. She brings a consistent Amanar, and even if she doesn’t compete anything else, an Amanar prob adds more value than Nichols or even Baumann can. They’re both good alternates, but it’s ultimately all about the E score

  8. If you think Maggie should be on this team in a fair world, then be fair and put her on your team. Are medals really more important than integrity? The medalists from Nationals should always automatically earn a spot to worlds.

    And the longer we keep putting gymnasts like Skinner on teams purely for their difficulty, the longer we will get gymnasts like Skinner. If Martha would send a message that chucking skills, bad basics and total lack of aesthetics will keep you off teams, the gymnasts might start paying attention.

    There will be many more Skinners four years from now if they keep making teams like this.

  9. I agree with the team as it does bring in the highest scores on each events and give us the greatest chance to bring home medals if everyone hits. It will be interesting to see how the girls score on the international scene, while yes..Skinner has the skills and the difficulty but I’m interested to see how her execution scores will fare with the judges. I’m hoping Baumann is not out and can still be considered as she really should be that 3rd beamer. Dowell is too risky to let compete on bars, at least at this point…but things could be different in 1 months time. Kocian can hopefully be a good back-up on vault/floor in the prelims, if needed as she will hopefully have these events back by then. Next week will definitely be interesting!

  10. Skinner actually fared pretty well at Jesolo with her horrible execution. The only way the US will keep her off of their international teams is if she gets hammered with execution deductions, and, so far, she hasn’t really. I’m not a big Skinner fan, but I understand why they would send her.
    Re:Maggie…Going to Worlds isn’t about being “fair.” It’s about putting together the best TEAM. I agree with Andy Thornton that this is the best team. It fills all the holes on the team and has major medal potential on every single event. That’s what you want when you pick a World’s team, right?

  11. For people asking about Skinner de-valued as a risk, sure it’s definitely there. That being said, after researching and speaking with reliable sources I’ve found out the following info.
    Re: Cheng, she doesn’t need to block with both hands. She just needs to touch the table with both hands. If she doesn’t touch with both hands it’s an automatic 2 point deduction. The judges have been looking specifically for this with her. She is getting other deductions due to the form and height issues that result from only blocking w/one hand, but not the full 2 points since she she does brush the table with the otherwise unused hand.
    Re: Moors, in order for it to be devalued, she would need to have a 45 degree pike in the hips. Since she has stayed more open than that, it has not been devalued. It should receive deductions for piking and bent legs though, but the skill still is counted.

    I’m not commenting on whether this is right or not, simply that these are the technical rules.

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