Biles is Uchimura

I’m not sure anyone in the world has a chance to compete in the all-around. This tumbling is so EASY for her. :-)

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WAY over-scored on execution. People are getting swept up in Biles fever.

Score : 15.500 (6.4, 9.1)

At least that panel is being consistent. Over-scoring Ross and Skinner, as well.

“@jaredvgoad: Simone’s D-score is .1 lower, split leap 1.5 was credited as a full #PGChamps”

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17 thoughts on “Biles is Uchimura”

  1. Yes maybe kyla and skinner are getting overscored but it’s not blatant like biles who is getting redicilious overscored Alyssa baumman bb today maybe not as dif as biles but a flawless executed routine and she was only scored a 15.1 that’s now a joke I’m a Ross fan but this was better than her on day 1 and def better than biles the scoring isn’t even close to being the blatant overscoring that biles is getting if jordyn or aly was overscored like this everyone would be crying foul 2 4 yrs back . Closest to ucharmara would be Shawn or nastia in my book

  2. You already know what I’m about to say:

    If you want to state it’s overscored, I want to hear support for that argument. Reference other gymnasts if you like, but Baumann’s beam was not as clean as you’re making it out to be. Her arabian was landed low and she had a wobble, she has flexed feet on a few skills and her dismount is not clean.

  3. Double double – hop .3
    Biles – hop .1
    Wolf turn – precision .1
    Turning split leap – precision .1
    DLO – hop .1
    Switch 1/1 – precision .1
    Full-in – .3


    She got 9.1, hardly WAY overscored in a US competition. She doesn’t have any form errors on FX.

  4. Marcus I’m not sure what you are watching but that bb was about as clean as I’ve seen s why don’t you go back and watch it again she had no balance checks no wobbles her connections were hit. She had a near perfect landing in no way was biles bb in day one better than this plus biles today on floor had a huge step back how can you claim this routine today was only. .1 worse than day one go back and watch it and read what others are saying one ytube biles has been overscored greatly more than anyone else on bb and somewhat on the other routines skinners floor was a lot better today and only got. 15.1 should have been higher . Read and watch before you talk your smack

  5. Read my blog I didn’t say it was way overscored but it wasn’t near as good as day one you can’t tell me that’s only .1 less

  6. Tdog, can you please, like, use proper punctuation?

    “Read my blog I didn’t say it was way overscored but it wasn’t near as good as day one you can’t tell me that’s only .1 less”

    “it’s not blatant like biles who is getting redicilious overscored ”

    Okay, hon.

    Anyway, you can’t tell my Baumann didn’t check her arabian or her switch leap, because she did. And she missed the connection. And her dismount has crossed legs, bent knees, and a leg separation. As well as a hop. That’s not nit-picking, that’s obvious. Like it’s obvious Simone does everything she competes well.

  7. Marcus go back and watch baumans routine this bb was almost perfect. I don’t need to correct any punctuation for you . I don’t know what you watched today but her routine was spot on. Go read the ytube blogs . Next you’re going to say biles deserved a 14.6 for a mistake ridden and a fall on bb today. Anyone else would probably not break 14

  8. Tdog, Biles’ beam got 1.9 in deductions. I just watched it and I counted 1.8, so I think the judges were spot on. But I think people nowadays are WAY too harsh when it comes to judging this sport, so what do I know.

  9. If that was anyone else but biles or even kyla that routine would have not broken 14 let’s keep it real she was more overscored than anyone else

  10. Brava, Marcus! Tkitty, or whatever, always ruins his points by his horrific punctuation. If someone comes for you, first rule: correct their grammar.

    Yes, Biles was over scored. Everyone was. No one should be getting less than 1 point off in execution in any apparatus under this code.

  11. Marcus once again you don’t make a case except that you are a book worm with no educated reasoning; except that you can read the code. Wow that’s nothing. You haven’t given a reasonable reason to why she was overscored. If you went back and watched the meet and read up on what people were saying a normal person could see she was overscored and baumans routine was near perfect. Plus gym queen we don’t need your two cents Marcus give me a ligit reasoning without claiming the code of point word for word. You make no sense

  12. Biles is a fabulous athlete with the heart of a champion.

    She has that certain something that Uchimura has but almost no one else does.

    She is an artist, because real art is an activity of the spirit.

  13. I went and watched the said Alyssa baumman bb routine.

    Starts off with a Arabian landed in a squat. Obviously a deduction for low landing.

    Then there is a switch split leap with the head tilted back. Is that a countable skill? I’m assuming it was supposed to be a split ring – well the back leg was straight and did not get tilted towards the head. A big deduction surely for lack of flexibility and/or devalue of the skill.

    Some minor flexed feet here and there.

    Multiple small deductions with the dismount. There was a knee bend, the feet came apart in the air, she landed with sequential feet and there was a hop forward on landing.

    Overall a fairly clean routine but in absolutely no way was it “near perfect”

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