Ashton Locklear 15.850 Bars

Score: 15.850 (6.6, 9.250)

I can’t complain. This routine would certainly go 9.25 internationally. :-)

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Smart routine construction. That’s a very easy routine for her. FIG must devalue stoop Stalder next Code as did the Men some years ago.

Compare Ashton’s tap under the low bar to Komova’s over the low bar.

Komova GymFever

That screen shot came from a discussion on GymFever.

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7 thoughts on “Ashton Locklear 15.850 Bars”

  1. By far the best UB routine in the US. Although Brenna Dowell’s is the most difficult and most interesting, she still makes me nervous on hitting when it matters (even though she did today). Locklear has already hit twice in major competition and makes her routine look effortless. It’s basically on par with many Russian routines. She did a wonderful job today.

  2. Wow, even with US overscore – this is a world-class bars set, without question. This looked better than any hit set Kyla did at the last Worlds where she was scoring in the 15.2+ range – and I agree with poster above, while she is not on Komova level yet, there are some similarities in skill.

    She has some wonky things to work out still, but much improved from Classics – Brenna and maybe even Madison Kocian should be on lookout, IMO.

  3. Wow somebody always has to throw in a Ross stab. Last I check this is better than any Chinese routine from worlds last yr too

  4. I agree with you Coach Rick…that bent leg tap has become one of my pet peeves! I love Ashton and have high hopes for her as a bars/beam specialist for the US. She stated in a Gymnastike feature that the leg events were really difficult for her just because she doesn’t have enough lower body strength. I don’t think Martha would complain about her being a specialist if she keeps hitting like that!

  5. Big fan of Kyla and her gymn, was just using her scoring as a benchmark for what Ashton could possibly score at the world level.

  6. Looks cleaned up from Secret Classic. Very nice routine. I wonder how the international judges would score her? Coach Rick posted a couple routines from the Chinese Nationals that I think are better than this, but they scored lower. From what I understand, the Chinese judges are harsh rather than generous, so that could explain it.

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