The AA winner from Cuba of the Pan American Olympic Festival 2014 is an incredibly power vaulter. As powerful as the best in the world.

Click PLAY or watch Vault 1 on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch Vault 2 on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch her difficult Beam routines on YouTube.

As you’d expect, her tumbling is HUGE. Surprising, however, is the amplitude of her leaps. Excellent.

Click PLAY or watch Yesenia’s FX on YouTube.

I previously posted her Bars.

Yesenia FERRARA would certainly qualify to the AA Final at Worlds 2014, … IF she competes.

Will Cuba send her?

Thanks for the links Yazaira. :-)

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6 thoughts on “Yesenia FERRARA”

  1. Wow, very impressive. One of the best switch halfs I’ve seen. She has power, flexibility and presence. How old is she? With a little more polish, she could be right up there. Exciting to see new talent like this.

  2. very impressive athlete. she’s got it all. she’s even a good dancer. just seemed a little rushed and unpolished at times, but that will get better soon.

  3. I don’t understand, why does Cuba send their gymnasts to meets like this but not Worlds? They also have a couple of talented men, it would be a huge shame if they don’t go to China because that ends their chances of going to the Olympics.

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