Secret Classic start scores

2014 Secret U.S. Classic
Aug. 2, 2014

A qualifier for Nationals in August.


Since 2012 the meet has been sponsored by Secret deodorant.

… I don’t think many would argue with a healthy Simone Biles as the top senior AAer in the country right now. The difficulty only backs that up. But after Biles, it’s a fairly open race. I wouldn’t be surprised by Skinner showing up this summer with the second-highest difficulty total, but I can’t imagine that her execution will keep her ahead of the rest without help. There’s still an AA opening for someone who is capable of nailing four events with a difficulty in the lowish 24s.

Probably the most interesting figure in the AA race this summer/fall will be Ross. People have been predicting the demise of her life as a top AAer for a while now, but this will be the real test of whether she can hang on to that spot. She had been passed by Elizabeth Price, but got a reprieve when Price decided to get her Cardinal on instead. Is she able to squeak by with a DTY and a mid-5s on floor? …

Balance Beam Situation – Pre-Classic Difficulties

Fact is Marta has many, many options for Worlds 2014.

The USA has crazy depth.

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3 thoughts on “Secret Classic start scores”

  1. Never count a healthy Ross out her execution is impeccable. Next yr watch out for ballie key this girl is working on the armarar and cheng with dif and execution who can actually dance I hope she goes to the Tyson cup against biles I believe she’ll beat biles this girl is for real

  2. I believe I read that the Rio-eligible juniors will be competing in the senior session. Should be interesting to see how everyone stacks up.

    I think Ross and her coaches know that her lower start scores might keep her from being competitive in the AA, but it seems that they don’t add anything that is not 100% clean and consistent. It wouldn’t surprise me if she is working upgrades in the gym that won’t make an appearance until next year. Whether she is capable of upgrading enough to stay competitive is the question.

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