Secret Classic start scores

2014 Secret U.S. Classic
Aug. 2, 2014

A qualifier for Nationals in August.


Since 2012 the meet has been sponsored by Secret deodorant.

… I don’t think many would argue with a healthy Simone Biles as the top senior AAer in the country right now. The difficulty only backs that up. But after Biles, it’s a fairly open race. I wouldn’t be surprised by Skinner showing up this summer with the second-highest difficulty total, but I can’t imagine that her execution will keep her ahead of the rest without help. There’s still an AA opening for someone who is capable of nailing four events with a difficulty in the lowish 24s.

Probably the most interesting figure in the AA race this summer/fall will be Ross. People have been predicting the demise of her life as a top AAer for a while now, but this will be the real test of whether she can hang on to that spot. She had been passed by Elizabeth Price, but got a reprieve when Price decided to get her Cardinal on instead. Is she able to squeak by with a DTY and a mid-5s on floor? …

Balance Beam Situation – Pre-Classic Difficulties

Fact is Marta has many, many options for Worlds 2014.

The USA has crazy depth.

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