Gabby leaves Chow again

The gymnastics reunion between Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas and coach Liang Chow lasted less than three months.

Chow confirmed that Douglas has left the gym to search for a new coach. …

“I think we worked hard together,” Chow said. “We achieved our goal. I think Martha (Karolyi, U.S. national team coordinator) was happy at the camp, physically and with her gymnastics skills.

“We made good progress.” …

Des Moines Register

Chow and Gabby

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5 thoughts on “Gabby leaves Chow again”

  1. This girl is something else. She’ll won’t make the team I see her just fizzling out. Kamova should have beaten her Gabby was overscored all year 2012 if jordyn wieber didn’t have a fracture leg it would have been between her and kamova don’t get me wrong team usa not a kamova fan but she should have won.

  2. What a shame. I hope she had a plan, because Chow cannot take her back after this or risk losing credibility in the community. She was amazing in London and the clear AA champion and he was a huge part of that success.

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