England, Whitlock lead Commonwealths

After 3 of 6 apparatus are completed, team totals are:

England 133.806
Scotland 127.240
Canada 125.380

From that we can predict the Team podium. Something astonishing would have to happen to change the top 3. Or to change the medal ranking.

Whitlock is the favourite to win the AA.

More interesting is seeing which competitors will qualify for Apparatus Finals. Maximum 2 / nation.

Some of the top medal contenders qualifying scores.

Whitlock 15.600
Oldham 15.325
Keatings 14.966
Morgan 14.933

Whitlock 15.733
Smith 15.700
Keatings 14.533

Morgan 15.200
Lytwin 14.866
Purvis 14.700
Oldham 14.533

Canada top 2 on Rings, so far. :-)

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