Texas Dreams

One of the best Elite gyms in the world.

Trailer for Texas Dreams Beyond the Routine.

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5 thoughts on “Texas Dreams”

  1. While Texas Dreams is fantastic and Bailie has all the potential to be the next breakout star it seems a bit of a stretch to call a gym with 0 world champions, 0 Olympians and only one world championship team member (who got injured and was relegated to alternate) the best in the world.

  2. For as young as this gym is, relatively speaking, I think it qualifies as “One of the best Elite gyms in the world”. They’ve produced quite a few National Team members and gymnasts that went on top NCAA Gymnastics programs. The girls that started at this gym when they 4 are probably just now getting to the elite level. I think we are only going to see greater things from this gym in the next quad.

    Guess I will be forking over money to Gymnastike so I can see this one.

  3. Did I see Bailie doing an Amanar? Has she competed that before? That girl is a beast. I hope she can stay healthy through Rio.

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