Stutz on Parallel Bars

At a men’s coaching camp this week we watched plenty of Lee Wools videos. His are some of the best tutorials on the internet.

Here’s Lee’s most recent. He teaches Diamadov progressions first for confidence in maintaining body position and swinging on 1-arm.

Later the Stutz is learned quickly. It’s more difficult than Diamodov due to the flight phase.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Lee’s method results in a “swinging” Stutz for a beginner. Later many boys change to a “hoppy” Stutz with earlier release.

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  1. Good gymnast and nice coaching. I think he was becoming fatigued towards the end. There is an element of strength in doing a swing handstand and swing down on p-bars. Try doing 10 in a row at the end of practice and you feel it.

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