Pro Gymnastics Cup replay

The Professional Gymnastics Cup will be a three-skill format with two gymnasts competing head-to-head and skill-for-skill on three different apparatus. The event will be held for one night only at International Gymnastics, the premier gymnastics training camp in the world, before an enthusiastic crowd of more than 400 gymnasts.

In case you missed it LIVE on YouTube, here’s what happened.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

official website – Professional Gymnastics Cup Series

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6 thoughts on “Pro Gymnastics Cup replay”

  1. I guess I don’t really understand, why was it all on one event? Will there be more videos with other events?

  2. Why was the judging so bloody slow. They had to judge 1 or 2 skills FFS. If they want to improve the presentation of gymnastics they need to get rid of all the waiting around.

  3. This is supposed to be a series leading up to the one on T.V.

    Louis Smith needs to find his way into this.

  4. I’m not sure about the TV part. It was supposed to be on T.V. and IGC put it out that ESPN picked it up for a second year, but that might have fallen through. I heard (unconfirmed) rumors that the the advert time on the show didn’t sell so IGC had to buy it themselves.

    I won’t be surprised if the PCG final doesn’t end up being televised in the end.

    Regardless, Louis Smith still needs to be in it.

  5. I was disappointing by the relatively easy skills being thrown. It’s more interesting to see new skills that they don’t do in competition

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