Octavian Bellu threatens to quit

After losing the Romanian Olympic Committee presidency elections last Thursday to Rugby Federation president Alin Petrache by more than 100 votes, legendary Romanian coach has announced his resignation from the Olympic committee.

“I wish the new president success in his mandate …

… I don’t think that anyone will be hurt if I quit the gymnastics team. Now I have realized that I lost 30 years in the gym and I went to 7 Olympics, but it doesn’t matter. It seems that what I’ve done for 30 years doesn’t matter. … ”



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4 thoughts on “Octavian Bellu threatens to quit”

  1. National Olympic Committee’s are political organizations in every country… Romania is certainly no different. At that level, it is not about sport or kids or competition. It is about politics.

  2. I don’t feel sorry for him. Quit. It will probably be better for the gymnasts mental and physical health in the long run

  3. What a pity. Seems to be what the modern world is all about these days. Theses great champions of coaching the art of gymnastics are being pushed out all over the world to the lesser of commercial gymnastics.
    Krakow, PL

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