NCAA scholarship in perspective

College Athletics Scolarship athlete Tamara Pridgett – A LETTER TO EVERY COLLEGIATE ATHLETE:

Whatever your reasons may be to signing your life over to your school of choice for the next four or five years, you’ve bought into the mission of the athletic department, the program of your sport, and most importantly the training.

On your recruiting trip they show you the latest million dollar facilities, the weight room, the academic services, the newest dorms, and all the gear you’ll be receiving.

You’re in love.

So was I.

But what they don’t show you is the adversity you’ll more than likely face. The injuries, the team “drama”, the stress of managing school and your sport.


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  1. I was talking to a mom this weekend whose daughter had gotten an athletic scholarship but passed it up because she didn’t like the school. I thought that it was a very wise decision from an 18 year old.

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