life is unpredictable

Taylor Lindsay-Noel:

Taylor… almost six years ago. After an unexpected and rare fall from the high bar, I… a Canadian National Gymnast, was instantly paralyzed from the neck down.

Looking back, if you were to ask me at 14 years old, where I saw myself at 20, my answer would probably go something like this….

“I’m currently on a gymnastics scholarship at a nationally recognized University in the US, I’m finishing up my third year of undergrad and my aspiration in life is to become a sports doctor.”

Now… Let’s look at the reality,

“I’m about to enter my third year of my undergrad at Ryerson’s Radio and Television Arts program, I attend therapy multiple times a week, and my aspiration in life is to become an entertainment reporter and a motivational speaker.”


Taylor competed for the Seneca School of Gymnastics.

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