in defence of CrossFit

Carl Paoli asks good questions. But I’m not convinced by his answers.

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Obviously there are better and worse drills for each individual at a CrossFit gym. Having everyone do the same Workout Of the Day is already a mistake, as far as I’m concerned. Some common easy warm-up could be safe and effective, but after that the program should be individualized.

CrossFit is getting better. The best gyms are excellent. Yet I feel many have a long way to go.

As a competitive sport, the judging is far worse than in Artistic Gymnastics.

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  1. with all due respect that they deserve all sports, one thing to be a fan of artistic gymnastics and other high performance is to practice it can be very hard to do crossfit but I doubt that is much more than a high-performance athlete, according to the video I’ve seen get to see a guy who is an amateur in gym obviously not going to do harder than a person who does crossfit. thank you please do a real comparison of a high-performance athlete; is much more of his training was taken out of the artistic gymnastics.

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