Gym Momentum Camp Boston

Rockin’ and rolling.

Day 1 was excellent.

Gym Momentum 2014

Camp Director Tony Retrosi was pleased.

James Parent and I are leading the Tumbling sessions.

James Parent

Is that blood?


… Might have been spilled wine. At the coaches “meeting” last night. :-)

Thanks to our hosts at Yellow Jackets. It was great to meet club owner Peter Kormann, the 1st American gymnast to medal at the Olympics. He has some great stories from the good ol’ days.

Update from Jim Holt:

Peter is AWESOME…….that said, Frank Kris, 1924 Gold medalist on vault is first USA medalist

I should have said Peter was the first American medalist in the “modern Olympics”. :-)

Gym Momentum training camp

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8 thoughts on “Gym Momentum Camp Boston”

  1. Peter is AWESOME…….that said, Frank Kris, 1924 OG Gold medalist on vault is first USA OG medalist

  2. Korman’s medal was the first for the US in the modern day Olympics, but also the first gymnastics medal in the Northern Hemisphere. Not many people realize that.

  3. with all due respect to “start value”, if I understand my geography correctly,
    a. all the ancient Olympics were held in Greece, which is in the Northern hemisphere,
    b. the first “modern” Olympics were held in Athens which is in Greece and
    c. the 1924 Olympics were held in France which is also in the northern hemisphere……as far as I know, the first OG gymnastics medals awarded south of the equator were in 1956………….?….
    regardless, Peter Kormann’s 1976 achievement was a profoundly important springboard to the progress of the USA’s MAG program and resonates even today in the expectations and competition results that the USAG MAG program expects/enjoys

    Rick, you forget the 1904 Olympics……..LOTS of US medalists…….

    aaaaand, 1932…….Frank Kris was the first American to win medals outside of USA……

    Peter was second to win outside USA….but there are
    LOTS of USA medals in 1904 and 1932….(OFFICIAL Olympic Games, regardless of circumstances….)

    George Eyser?
    George Gulack?
    Raymond Bass?

    just sayin’

  5. sweep will most likely never be repeated by anybody since FIG in its “wisdom” limits event finalists by country……


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