Eddie Penev interview

Eddie Penev is an American Team member who was born in Bulgaria. He could compete for either nation. GymCastic caught up with him after his 2 Gold medals (FX and Vault) at the last World Cup.

• Eddie suggests that FIG better standardize Floors and Spring Boards. There are too many differences between the “approved” equipment manufacturers

• of the Floor’s Eddie has competed on, he like the Japanese (Senoh) Floor best.

Listen to GymCastic episode 98: Eddie Penev the Bulgarian-American Bullet

Eddie’s Floor is great. (VIDEO)

But he’s working upgrades. He’d like to replace double double layout with this triple double.

An easier way to make the USA A-team would be a consistent 14.500 Pommel routine.

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  1. I really enjoyed his interview! And he did say he would like to improve his PH to contribute more to the US team. I would really like to see him at Worlds this year!

  2. I wish he would go back to Bulgaria! He is such an amazing gymnast and deserves to be on World/Olympic teams, however that will be extremely hard in America. Plus Bulgaria needs him.

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