best Pommel bucket

I’ve always bragged that the Pommel bucket at my home gym (Altadore) was the best I’d ever seen. It’s was built and is maintained by Ed Vincent.

But the one at Unigym in Gatineau, Quebec is even better.

Twist belt. Hung from a swivel. Padded inside and outside. Very durable.

pommel bucket twist belt

pommel bucket padding

Leave a comment if you’ve seen one better.

Unigym has “over 3,000 members”. It’s in a huge multi-sport complex.

WAG, MAG, Trampoline Sports and more.


#1 best Pommel bucket | Gymnastics News Network. on 06.23.14 at 7:03 am

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#2 Colin Davey on 06.23.14 at 2:57 pm

I’ve come up with the easiest pommel-bucket solution, if not the best: a plant-moving dolly, ie on wheels, rather than hanging.

#3 yuya on 06.25.14 at 8:29 am

There is an interesting paper on training method using a bucket of Pommel.
This paper was written by Toshiyuki Fujihara, who is a my teacher.

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