American Olympic medal sweep

Men’s Rope Climbing

1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles

BassGOLD – Raymond Bass USA
SILVER – William Galbraith USA
BRONZE – Thomas Connolly USA

The event consisted of climbing an 8-meter-high rope, and was contested on time. All competitors were given three tries, with the fastest times determining the placements.

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There were only 5 competitors.

Rope Climbing was discontinued after 1932.

Peter Kormann was the first American to win an Olympic medal in the “modern” Olympics. 1976 Montreal.

It was Peter who alerted me to this USA Olympic medal sweep. We were visiting his Yellow Jackets new gym. The very first day of opening.

Tumbl Trak Yellow Jackets

Yellow Jackets

Movie night for Gym Momentum Camp kids.

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  1. rope climb was competed in the USA into the mid-1950s……if you think “times” were slow, you might reconsider……after WWII, the regs were from sitting position on the floor, climb 20 feet and touch the “pan”……
    world record (Don Holdsworth?…Abie help me out….)
    2.8 seconds
    good luck finding a kid in any gym that can approach that…..
    like Hannah says, I’ve got some VHS footage from the 54 Nationals and those guys look like falcons diving on rabbits (but going up instead of down)…..AMAZING

  2. “i guess i’m wrong…”

    every once in awhile my friend…..every once in awhile…..


    aren’t we all?

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