AMA says Cheer is a Sport

Lucky us.

The American Medical Association is putting its weight behind designating cheerleading as a sport.

The nation’s largest doctors’ group adopted that as policy Monday at its annual meeting in Chicago. AMA members say cheerleading is as rigorous as many other activities that high schools and the NCAA consider sports. Adding it to the list would mean more safety measures for cheerleaders and proper training for their coaches.

The policy echoes one adopted by the American Academy of Pediatrics two years ago. …

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In related news, the AMA finally confirmed that water is wet. :-)

At next year’s AMA meeting they will reconsider whether or not American Football is a sport. :-)

overweight football player

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5 thoughts on “AMA says Cheer is a Sport”

  1. Fat helps them on the line. That player was going out for a linebacker slot. Also, you are comparing college and NFL wannabe (or maybe CFL and NFL). For that matter, what really says that the player in the video is so spectactular?

    It’s not even like we see clear demonstrations of strength (just a bunch of talk and some shots of him working out)…I can’t even tell that it’s that intense of a workout. Watch the Nasty Girls crossfit. That’s intense…you see it when the one girl boinks.

    And in any case, skills matter a lot. It’s not just about training in a gym.

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