add Tricking to FX?

Now that the Air Flare is established as a desirable element on Men’s Floor Exercise, why not one of the Tricking elements?

It was 1985 that Tong Fei competed Butterfly with a 1/1 twist, not so dissimilar to this shown here by Kieran Behan.

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2 thoughts on “add Tricking to FX?”

  1. The difficulty value of these tricking skills is too low, they take up as much time as a full tumble run and they don’t connect well into other skills.

    It’s not like a air flair which only takes a second and fits in with normal fx flairs.

    That said, I have seen the odd one competed. Justin Spring was doing the Tong Fei in his fx Olympic routine.

  2. Kieran Behan is doing a cork with is very different from the b-twist (butterfly with full turn)
    b-twist is rotation toward the back and cork towards the stomach.


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