zero vaults

Osijek Challenge Cup

North Korean 2008 Olympic Vault Champion Hong Un Jong

… Jong decided to show her more difficult second vault in the final. Her Cheng is usually better than her Amanar, in my opinion, but she did not seem to get the necessary block and landed knees first. There was a long wait for her score but the judges decided her score was a zero as her feet did not hit the mat first.

Arabian Punch Front

Click PLAY or watch the zero vault on YouTube. (1min 55sec)

The judges got that one right.

They got this one wrong. In prelims. A Handspring double front.

Fadwa Mohamed went on to win Gold at African Championships in Finals. (VIDEO)

Obviously a 1.0 deduction for a “fall” does not nearly enough penalize those kind of landings. If not a zero vault, a very dangerous landing should be deducted something like 4.0.

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4 thoughts on “zero vaults”

  1. I have a feeling that McKayla’s attempt at a Cheng in competition would look something like Hong’s.
    Did Fadwa land feet first? At this point a fall on vault should just be a ZERO. Athletes really should get a zero if ANYTHING other than their feet touches the mat.

  2. Amazing. I was beginning to think judges were never going to give failed vaults a proper score.

    Regarding Fadwa, how is landing on your bottom only get a 3.2 deduction? If the judges aren’t going to award ZEROs like they should on vaults like that, they should at least be deduction 5 points for execution, on top of downgrading the vault. Two somersaults aren’t being completed, so why award it the 7.0 start value??

    1. Lauren’s question is mine as well. Devaluing a vault is clearly an option because judges have ruled an undertwisted Amanar to be a DTY. If you can get a handspring double front fully rotated to your feet only, deem it a handspring front.

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